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  1. it's funny you say that. ben was my first poker "buddy" in the online world, he PMed me here on P5s i think when i was still playing microstakes SNGs like 3-4 years ago, he recommended me to stick with 180s to build a BR. looking back, it was a very good advice. i actually remember talking about how cool it would be to be ranked in the top1000 on here. guess we made it, ben!
  2. one for the good guys! or actually like 10 for them.
  3. First off it depends on your position. In a FR Game you Can fold from EP/MP. LP it depends on your table, it's alright to minraise/fold when you got a bunch of tight players behind. Openfold against aggressive players. The button you can just open jam for 15bb with A2-A8 and raise/call better. In general I would advise you to be more observant at the tables and try to make the best decision given the individual scenario. Don't get too caught up playing the very same ranges on every table.
  4. since you filtered them out, how did the turbos/hypers go for you this year?
  5. Other than Americans, from which country are the people complaing the most?
  6. sick to bink it twice, and had a 5th place finish in it too. just unreal. congrats mate.
  7. RhoNin


    no, def not possible. some of the hardest grinders i know at those games are very happy when they reach 200k vpp
  8. when are you planning on going to vegas? during the WSOP or before/after? considering going as well, not for the wsop itself though
  9. Yeah, back when any tournament was harder due to the Americans, because none of the good one plays the WCOOP from Canada/Mexico/CR etc, right?
  10. im very disappointed. how come theres still no wcoop bink itt?
  11. sorry to hear about your bad month. i hope september will turn it around for you.
  12. just coach me on coming in as a cl to a final table, ill take it from there
  13. stop worrying about ivey. he can go broke 100 times and he'll still find a way back to the millionaires club. hes fucking ivey.
  14. I could just ask him myself if I see him I online guess. Yeah, might see you around in Prague man.
  15. congrats on the hotter 22, ben. i wish i could play that, the b27.5 and the h109 everyday. such sick value.
  16. The tournaments are English only. There's def no "cantonese only" anywhere.
  17. I'm down like 400$ in cash games, how do they keep track of those though? It's not like I really want to lose more money, but if they're gonna withhold it either way, I guess I won't have to give a damn.
  18. AMA = Ask Me Anything I was in Macau myself a week ago, but I didn't really see the sky high stakes cash games in neither the Venetian, nor the city of Dreams (obviously). Are they just not public, or are they held in other casinos?
  19. meh, sounds like a drag. thanks for your response, though.
  20. Yeah, this is my online SN and I assume I was right saying you wouldn't know me online. :) Thanks for the info. I'm very positive that Germany does have a tax treaty with the USA. I was told by Seminole to get in contact with the IRS. That and the 90 minutes I had to wait at the payout cashier were the only bad things about the events. How long do the Canadians have to wait for the IRS to re-fund the money?
  21. fuck my life. im also running deep in the seminole main event, only 100 players left. gonna be a lot more than 2k that ill have to chase from them i guess.

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