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  1. Have $100 on Pokerstars (ItsInUrHead) Want $100 email money transfer in Canada Will send first to reputable member. PM me if interested. Thank you.
  2. Going to maratik my way there from 10fpp. I wont million
  3. Anything connected to a sportsbooking site is usually pretty profitable. Betfair is pretty nice...
  4. O.M.F.G. Next Dwan. I called it. Remember me, your first loyal fan, when you're famous man...remember...
  5. A lot of personal info probably means id, utility bill, and cc statement right? Not really that much for peace of mind and easy dealings later on... It most likely doesn't have anything to do with the losing/winning thing.
  6. Mini brag. I donked off the $10 cash, but donked my way to 1st in the $8k tourney for $2k. Thanks Richard and StanJames! GG to other P5ers. Lol to the angry Brit donks...
  7. If this is actually about sabbath, and nothing more serious, he doesn't even deserve the 50K he got... Must have been fun to be at his table though!
  8. dean23price is ETERNALLY crushing on PS. I don't even understand how guys like this have no cash IRL and swamped in makeup etc. Makes me sad...
  9. Obviously you need to start playing 78o and Q10s instead of garbage like Aces and queens...
  10. If you want to earn more $$, play worse.
  11. Nearly every woman in that article sounds like a petty bitch. Equality is a two-way street... I don't understand all these men getting their proverbial panties in a bunch over other men playing this event? Hoping for a BJ for being some girls white knight or some shit? Why? Seriously, the reasons given by the women in that article just show why there shouldn't even be a ladies event.
  12. Yea someone please recap the AK... Dung is a funny name, Gomer isn't much better...
  13. Ask dealer for a count of pot. Bet pot + $1. He'll talk himself into calling your busted flush draw bluff...
  14. Not to shit on their parade, but that was a hilarious tardfest of a tourney. I watched for the final 100 or so, and seriously couldn't believe some of the stuff that people where doing. There were people with like $0.50 ABIs and like $100 in cashes in the top 18. When they made the deal there were at least 3 very short stacks, and 3 pretty big ones. Whatever though...GG short stacks.
  15. Must suck to be at the 109 turbo FT right now... edit
  16. I can login fine. The place is really empty though... Any guesses to why certain people seem to be unaffected?
  17. I usually just lurk here, but... What...The...Fuck. Pure, unfiltered insanity. This guy and his brainwashed wife need help. They sound like the type to kill themselves and their kids to escape the reptilians or whatever...

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