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  1. ESPN probably had to give her a lot of money. She would have won if they went to court.
  2. The CDC, WHO, And Biden didn’t go around downplaying it and making people think it wasn’t a threat because they only cared about a thriving stock market. Everybody knows people are and we’re going to get things wrong. It’s a new virus. We were learning new things constantly. Trump ignored the warning signs that this was going to get bad and instead of taking an easy PC approach he acted like a blowhard ass and was constantly saying things which made people believe the virus wasn’t a big deal. Shit, it was a dem hoax for months. Only meant to tank his stock market and ruin his re-election bid. But now you want to do this revisionist history shit. That’s what the right went to forever. “HE DID A TRAVEL BAN!!!” Yeah, fucking after he had been running around for about a month telling everybody it would just disappear and every chance he got he downplayed it. And his mouth breather followers who took in every thing he said as if it were the word of God started calling it a dem hoax and that’s how we got this right wing narrative that the virus isn’t serious and all that. I mean I don’t get it. Have you completely forgotten the right wing narrative that corona was the sniffles and a dem hoax? How do you think that was invented? It all stems from Trumps early approach to the virus and him downplaying it. Then his dipshit followers championing that narrative.
  3. This is February of 2020 before the virus had overtaken the United States but was spreading in other parts of the world.
  4. All you have to do is go read the early pages of the corona thread. Go read an Aaron Hacker post in that thread from February of 2020. You can see the narrative Trump was pushing.
  5. In January and February of 2020 when the virus was spreading but hadn’t reached the US yet and we were still in this crazy fantasy world where for 3 years Trump could just lie whenever he wanted and like half the country didn’t even care. They liked it. he was running around literally acting like corona was nothing and being an ass. And all he was worried about was the economy. The stock market really. And all he cared about was keeping the markets booming because he thought that would win him the election in 2020. And he was worried Corona would hurt his stock market. So he was constantly downplaying it instead of doing the easy thing and taking a PC approach to it. Then weeks to months later after it hit the US and lots of people were dying he started taking it seriously. But before that we were still in this dream world where Trump was untouchable and for a couple years he was just saying whatever he wanted. And it didn’t even fucking matter if there was any truth to it whatsoever. Half the country was numb to it and the other half ate it up. That’s why Trump lost the election and people are blaming him for corona deaths. He could have helped prevent a lot of deaths if he had not been downplaying the virus because it was hurting his precious little stock market and he had taken a cautious approach and properly warned people of what was possible. But instead for weeks he acted like his usual blowhard self and downplayed it. I know you low IQ dipshits want desperately to pretend that this didn’t happen, but it did. And Joe Biden being the president is proof.
  6. “If I’m racist then why does Candace Owens agree with me?”
  7. Am I wrong? Did you not come on here and tell us the civil rights act was unnecessary and essentially does nothing but coddle black people? You also found the like one black guy in America who has the same views as you and hid behind him so you could avoid the “racist” label. I think it was Thomas Sowell.
  8. Willywoo is opposed to the Civil rights Act which ended Jim Crow. Interpret that how you want.
  9. You can say things like that when your base is all white people. Telling black people america was great when JIm Crow existed doesn’t work. When your base consists of Willywoo clones it doesn’t really matter.
  10. I think Russia sees the breakup of the Soviet Union and all the small little counties that were created after the fall as theirs still really. I think they see the Ukraine as Russia. They’re going to try and take back a chunk of that lost land. It may take a really long time. But I think that’s the ultimate goal. When a proud country (or any country I guess really) is embarrassed on the world stage like they were during the fall of the Soviet Union it creates the need for revenge or restoration. I’ve said this in the past, but I feel that the Russians are in a similar situation to the Germans post WW1. That’s an extremely vulnerable nation right now. You’ve got proud people in a powerful nation embarrassed and angry. And a polarizing nationalistic leader. It’s a bad combo.
  11. Obviously that post by PLUV is so dumb that it was always going to get trounced on immediately. It would have been nice though if no normal people were around to jump on it. Because all the mouth breathers would have immediately started blindly believing it and we’d have some funny content to read. But now that it’s been debunked (it hasn’t. I’m sure the really really dumb people like 7headshots and littleze will still believe it.) they’ll be scared to comment. Because obviously only an idiot wouldn’t immediately get that 45K deaths couldn’t just be swept under the rug. and of course wantagolf believes it. Lol.
  12. Imagine having to work for this man. At his fathers company.
  13. Finally now that the good guys are running things we can get to that whole taking your firearms thing going. Have the Biden people come by your house to confiscate your guns yet buddy?
  14. Are you seriously attempting to argue that the outbreak in Florida is New Yorkers (liberals. Let’s be real. That’s what you’re attempting to imply here) bringing the virus down and infecting good god fearing Floridians? You know the saying that you’re better off keeping quiet and making people think you’re dumb than opening your mouth and revealing it it to be true. Or however it goes. That applies to you. I always sort of knew you were dull just based on when you occasionally decided to throw your opinion out there. But over the last few years you’ve left no doubt. Tell us more about how the liberal Jew Yorkers are ruining Florida.
  15. Lol “I STILL HAVE THE SCAR!!!” you must have forgotten you had the scar when 5 years ago you came on here and said you are for schools requiring vaccines. You must’ve forgotten the horror story that scarred you for life in the moment you said that. Then you remembered your stance was the exact opposite immediately afterwards. Yeah, that’s it.
  16. How crazy. 5 years ago when we had a specific discussion on schools mandating vaccines you were for it. You specifically state you are for schools mandating vaccines. Now in 2021 with the right being anti vax and you being a loyal team member you tell us you are against schools mandating vaccines. You even have a horror story from a vaccine gone wrong that drove you to your current anti vax position. But 5 years ago you were for schools mandating vaccines. Conveniently before the right turned anti vax and it became political. 5 years ago you didn’t even tell the anti vax horror story from your childhood. Did you forget you were anti vax when you posted that 5 years ago. I’m just confused. You have supposedly been against schools mandating vaccines your whole life. But I have a post of you saying in the past that your for school mandated vaccines. Which is it? I’d recommend not being a man who pathetically lies and makes up stories on the Internet in order to avoid situations like this in the future. Good luck.
  17. And if you really want to go back to the genesis of the Fauci hate it’s when Trump was only concerned about the economy because he thought that was his golden ticket. He would just keep pumping that to a win in 2020. And Fauci wasn’t on board with his “pretend corona isn’t a problem and ignore it because it’s hurting my economy. And my economy is my ticket to a win in 2020. And you’re on here scaring people and not just blindly saying what I tell you to say so you’re bad.” You people are such lowlifes. Could you imagine if Fauci downplayed the virus and all these people died? Can you imagine the backlash that would have come from the director of the CDC downplaying a virus that is killing millions? And he dismisses it? The republicans are mad he didn’t do that. If he did that though the right would just accuse him of downplaying the deaths of millions or whatever bullshit they wanted to push. They would just flip their disdain to the complete opposite end of the argument. They’d go from “Fauci is scaring people” to Fauci is killing people.”
  18. I mean look at how ginwilly straight up lied about his opinion on schools mandating vaccines. He made up a story about a traumatic event as a child while being vaccinated that scarred him. But miraculously I have a post from 5 years ago where he states he is for schools mandating vaccines. How crazy is that? A grown man straight up just making up stories so he can push a political narrative. It’s really sad that a man in his 60’s would lie pathetically like that. But it happens and he’s proof. Merry Christmas!!!
  19. Imagine in like 50 years when we’re having to convince people that a political party made the director of the CDC public enemy number 1 because he didn’t bow to their cult leader and push their anti vax narrative. And that anti vax narrative only exists because they’re scared that because the vaccine rolled out on a Dems watch that they’ll get credit for it. You realize if they had just called it the Trump vaccine none of these mouth breather anti vaxxers conservatives would exist. (Like obviously america is huge so there would be some, but it wouldn’t be an actual thing like it is now where like 40% of the country is pretending to be anti vax because their political party told them to be)
  20. I’m glad you got a history lesson from Facebook though. Good for you. You’re a historian lol.
  21. I like how the guy who posts doctored memes and articles all day is now a history buff.
  22. I’m not going to even attempt to make an argument as to why americas health care system is better without universal health care. I’m literally just going to argue that we do things different in America. Who cares that the people are getting screwed while big pharma takes in record profits year after year because the system is flawed. It’s a thing lefties are for so I have to pretend I’m against it. But I’m not smart enough to actually know how to formulate solid arguments. I just know how to regurgitate taking points and I haven’t read up on the right wing anti universal health care talking points memo yet. But I have come up with “we do things differently in America.” And I’m rolling with that for now. It’s solid. We’ll see how it goes.
  23. It’s funny how tennis bum has nothing because he doesn’t really even know what he’s talking about so he clearly just googles some shit quickly that he thinks will be a counter argument and posts it like it’s his own thoughts. Then pluv who has no clue what’s going on thinks he’s found some profound argument with “we’re not like other countries.” Oh, okay thanks. Great point pluv!!!
  24. The article I read was from July so I assume there have been more. It said the only deaths that had been attributed to the vaccine were from blood clots from the J and J. I’d also assume they figured this out and aren’t giving the J and J vaccine to people with clotting issues. But yeah, if I found out the number 5 months later is higher than 3 I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s obviously going to still be nothing compared to the actual virus though. Maybe it’s DOUBLED!!!! 6 deaths total. Or maybe even TRIPLED!!! Or maybe even QUADRUPULED to 12!!!!! OMMMGGGGGGGGG!!!!!! and lol at littleze asking for clarification. The dimwit who spends all day in here posting fake shit from Facebook.
  25. Yes, and you’re clearly trying to use this fact as some anti vax thing. You can’t achieve natural immunity without becoming infected. So why the fuck would it matter that it works better than a vaccine? million of people are dying from the virus. Like 3 people have died from thr vaccine. So when you’re like “natural immunity works better than the vaccine” and you’re a conservative like you are. and you spout anti vax shit incessantly I know your end game by posting this is bigger than “I’m just pointing out natural immunity works better” There is a bigger message you’re try to feed people that revolves around being a good little conservative who spouts anti vax narratives. But whatever. You keep playing stupid and posting hero stories about PTA meetings or whatever. I’m glad your life in Bumfuckville Indiana is going great

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