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  1. I bought a bunch of Solana when it was around $25 in like March. Sold a bunch at like $44. Bought some more at around $40. Now it won’t stop running. I think I’m up 500% the last 2-3 weeks.
  2. Lol at how the fellow mouth breathers immediately jump on board and start using the lie to yell at some more clouds. Doesn't get much more on par. who would have ever guessed they didn’t read the article either?
  3. You really are about as pathetic as it gets.
  4. The article doesn’t say this it all. Are you dumb or just hoping people won’t read the article?
  5. how many innocent people has this dumb asshole killed over the years? Thank goodness for Pluv.
  6. When this surgeon and his surgical mask inevitably gets his spittle inside the body of the person he’s supposed to be helping because surgical masks are useless will the person die from some sort of infection as a result?
  7. It says medical masks work. You’ve been claiming for weeks only N95 masks work and that everything else is useless.
  8. See. you can’t even keep up with your own bullshit. on one side of your mouth when it’s convenient and you’re in masks don’t work fear mongering mode you start going into shit about how easily it spreads. “You’ll get it in 20 minutes. Blah blah blah.” “Your stupid non n95 doesn’t work and you’ll get Covid and get sick.” but when I point out how that doesn’t make any sense to me and start giving anecdotal examples I’m positive others on here could do the same thing for you start backtracking and talking about how nobody is saying it spreads that easily. You’ll just say whatver fits for that moment even if it contradicts something you were saying earlier. Obviously consistency in your beliefs doesn’t matter to you. It’s just whatever works best for team red in that moment.
  9. What’s even funnier is the video I’m referencing mupp or Pluv posted about how only n95s work and how if you’re in a room with somebody and they’re not wearing an n95 you’ll get it in 20 minutes. I posted a comment about how that didn’t make sense to me. And how did they come up with the 20 minutes number. And you championed the guy and started arguing with me. And we’re all like “everybody already knew this. Like it was this well known thing everybody knew except for me.” And now all of a sudden you’re like “nobody is saying that” lol what? You were literally saying it arguing with me.
  10. Yes they are. Mupp and Pluv are posting videos of talking heads saying if you’re in room with someone who has Covid and you’re not wearing an N95 you will catch it in 20 minutes. I’d say they’re claiming it spreads really easily.
  11. I would be too embarrassed to say something so pathetic. You have no shame. Lol at this. Let’s say there is a tiny bit of validity to this. There probably is. Kernel sized, but whatever. I’m sure you’ve read something from some right wing publication that’s blown it into this big thing. But I’ll play the game and pretend there is some validity to it. You still have to weigh the negatives and positives. Does the downside of masks outweigh the positives? The answer is unequivocally no. So that ends the whole thing right there. Why would you then start trying to preach about the downside of masks? sometimes toilet paper chafes my ass. But I’d rather use it than not wiping at all. Is that a good analogy? Idk. I just came up with it all on my own.
  12. It just posted a link to an article that gives the results of a gold star clinical trial. Masks work. Quit trying to deny science because it doesn’t fit into your right wing narrative. Quit trying to deny facts.
  13. ITS SCIENCE!!! https://www.livescience.com/randomized-trial-shows-surgical-masks-work-curbing-covid.html Gold standard clinical trial. Guess that settles it. Sorry Pluv and Mupp. Science disagrees with you.
  14. But pluv has a video of a guy in a lab coat who says that only N95’s work so it must be true.
  15. I was going to work for days or maybe even weeks without knowing I had Covid. Wore a cloth mask. Was in close contact with probably hundreds of people for hours on end indoors. Why didn’t everybody I work with have Covid in a week? Nobody wears N95 masks either. Why didn’t all my co workers get sick? After all cloth masks don’t work at all. And all it takes is 20 minutes and you are spreading it to everybody. Yet this isn’t happening at all in the real world.
  16. You have been indoors and in close contact with people who had Covid. I guarantee it. They probably weren’t wearing N95’s either. And neither were you probably. For long periods of time. And miraculously you didn’t get infected. Even though you guys are claiming it’s a scientific fact that you would catch it in that scenario. Like I said, I know the “cloth masks don’t work.” narrative fits nicely into the rights anti mask campaign. So people like pluv and Mupp are holding onto it for dear life. I think it’s bullshit though. I get that masks aren’t 100% effective. Not even close. There is a difference between something not being 100% effective though and not working at all. If it doesn’t work at all like they claim and Covid spreads as easily as we’re led to believe it does then the spread would be way greater and faster. There is no doubt. The actual facts about how Covid is spreading doesn’t correlate at all with cloth masks being ineffective. They don’t jibe.
  17. Mupp you’ve potentially been spreading disease to your patients for years. You probably should start a campaign at work to get rid of any masks that aren’t N95. You took an oath. It’s your duty. You can save lives. I guess there is no “potentially” to it. Now that we know what we do about the ineffectiveness of anything that isn’t an N95 mask. We can safely say that your ‘doctors’ mask probably killed people. You will have to live with that. How many little old ladies came to your hospital compromised only to be cared for by a doctor wearing a fucking useless cloth mask with a slight cold who couldn’t miss his shift? You guys might have well just taken her out back and shot her.
  18. Should doctors no longer wear surgical masks anymore? Has the medical community been wrong for decades? It just took pluv and the right to point it out. They should require doctors to only wear N95’s. When Mupp is at work does he put in his cloth mask and go on some rant about how it isn’t even working? Do you think he even gave a fuck either way until it became something he could cry about politically?
  19. And obviously people don’t even know they have Covid for days or weeks before symptoms hit. So mother fuckers would be spreading that shit like wildfire if only N95 masks prevented it. But that’s not happening at all. If what you claim is true the spread would be a million times what it has been.
  20. Let’s say somebody did have Covid and what you say about cloth masks were true. Then they went to work in a factory with a disposable mask on. The whole fucking factory would have Covid in a week. Days maybe. Why hasn’t this happened? The would have spread throughout the whole country in weeks. Actual facts don’t support you claims. I know the whole “cloth masks don’t work” fits nicely into your little right wing “maks suck. We have to fight them” narrative. I know this is anecdotal evidence. I’d bet you all can think of similar situations you were in where if this whole “cloth masks don’t work” thing we’re true everybody you were around would have caught it. I mean fuck, everybody that stepped into a wal mart would catch it. If what you claimed was true you wouldn’t even be able to go into public. I mean you would now, because we would have achieved herd immunity last year but you get what I’m saying.
  21. I don’t believe that cloth masks don’t work. I think you guys insist on playing word games. I’m not saying they’re perfect. Not even close. They work better than you guys give them credit for. And you look for any piece of evidence claiming they’re not useful and you spread it like gospel. If what you guys say is true about their ineffectiveness then I would have caught it way before I did. Fuck, everybody would already have it. We wouldn’t even need a vaccine because herd immunity would have been achieved a year ago. I know I was around multiple people with Covid who were wearing those fucking shitty disposable masks. People who had Covid who wouldn’t wear their mask right. In close proximity to them for hours on end and somehow I never caught it. Bur somehow you claim unless I am in an N95 I definitely will catch it within 20 minutes of being around somebody who does. Bullshit. Like I said, I’ve been around multiple people multiple times in closed quarters for hours and never caught it. Everybody at work would have it. It would have spread within days. The whole place would have had it. Nobody wears an N95. I would bet anything a majority of the people in here know they’ve been around others who had it for long periods in closed quarters and they never caught it. And they weren’t wearing N95’s. But you just think claiming something over and over and combing the Internet to find support for your position makes you correct. It really doesn’t though. You can find any position on anything you want on the Internet.
  22. Does anybody else think they had Biden’s dog killed? I bet it was old and pissing and shitting all over stuff at the White House and they put it down. What a fucking coincidence the thing dies like right after he gets in. You know somebody was like “we can’t have this fuckin dog running around pissing everywhere.” And they had some low end person take it to the vet to get euthanized.
  23. You can either put the masks on your kids before bringing them into the classroom or we’ll put it on them for you.

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