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  1. The 2021 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas is here and that means there’s simply no time to waste. So, without further ado, let’s get star--- DON’T GO OUT THE NIGHT BEFORE YOUR FIRST TOURNAMENT AND PLAY BEER PONG AT O’SHEA’S WHILE DRINKING SIX IRISH CAR BOMBS THEN THINK IT’S A GOOD IDEA TO STAY UP UNTIL 7 AM AND LOSE 10 BUY-INS ON A $1/$2 TABLE AT THE FLAMINGO. Go out, by all means. Just don’t do that. Have you ever been so hungover that you completely forget what it’s like to not be hungover? Over-partying is easily done in Las Vegas, but a throbbing head and overwhelming nausea is the last thing you want when you’re heading to the Rio to play your first ever WSOP event. Save that for your final night in town. DO GET EXCITED. You’re at the WSOP! You made it! Don’t let some moaning, jaded veteran at your table dampen your spirits. If you feel anxious beforehand, that’s completely normal. Playing for a bracelet is a big deal and you don’t know what will happen. But while anxiety suggests you should fear the uncertainty, excitement views the uncertainly as something to look forward to. So, get excited and enjoy the action. DON’T OVERLOAD ON CAFFEINE. Any anxiety you do feel pre-tournament will only be made worse if you chug four coffees before making your way to the Rio. Instead, find different ways to wake yourself up and save the healing power of coffee for later in the day, like bracelet winner and former #1-ranked online pro Ari Engel does. “I try and go to the gym most mornings and limit caffeine in the morning so it’s more effective in the evening when I’m playing tournaments,” says Engel. DO REGISTER THE NIGHT BEFORE. On the night before your first event, why not stop by the Rio before heading out for dinner? That way, not only will you know what to expect, you can also take care of something that first-timers often overlook: “Make sure you register the day before the tournament, especially if it's a big weekend event,” says WSOP czar Kevin “Kevmath” Mathers. “No one wants to be stuck in a long line when the tournament starts.” Registration is available 24/7. DON’T STRESS YOURSELF OUT. Keep your mornings stress-free by limiting your obligations to others and planning your food/travel the night before. That way you can just relax pre-poker. “I like to give myself time before I go play so that my brain is actually awake and functioning,” says three-time WSOP bracelet winner Benny “RunGodlike” Glaser. “I'll meditate a bit if I have time, so my mind isn’t cluttered with unnecessary things. I also try not to eat huge meals that will slow me down mentally or give me an insulin crash after.” To help matters further when playing, Mathers suggests downloading the Bravo Poker Live app on your phone. “It shows you when tournament breaks are coming, the status of the dinner break, and how close you are to reaching the money.” At the Rio the food options can be limited and expensive, so Kevmath also suggests packing snacks and drinks in your bag, along with other items you consider essential. DO WEAR LAYERS. “The Rio is notorious for keeping the tournament rooms cooler than you're used to,” says Kevmath. “Be sure to bring a hoodie or wear layers that you can add or remove as needed.” And if you have to wear something warm, why not have some fun with it? “When people see me in a stupid bear suit, it's not just because the Rio is an ice cube,” says two-time bracelet winner Brandon Shack-Harris. “I'm from Chicago, so what do I care? I do it because there's a point in the Series where I've bricked infinite tournaments and I'm too mentally fried to read enough Stoic Philosophies to get through tomorrow's $1,500 Limit Hold ‘Em Event.” DON’T RUSH. Break times in big WSOP tournaments can get hectic. Don’t feel obliged to rush. Remember, there are two outcomes when you’re sprinting back to the table trying not to miss a hand: 1. You’re going to be flustered and your heart racing, so chances you probably won’t play the hand to the best of your ability anyway. 2. You’re probably going to be dealt seven-deuce-offsuit. “I try not to race back to the table,” says Shack-Harris. “If I miss a hand, that's fine. Unless running is going to make me happy for some reason, I'm walking, and I'll get there when I get there.” DO AVOID BAD BEAT STORIES. Talk strategy with friends on breaks, sure, but if you catch yourself beginning to tell a bad beat story--or being forced to listen to one--get out of there. “Forget about beats,” says Shack-Harris. “While it's important to acknowledge hands you could've played better, do it once and let them go.” Instead, on breaks, Shack-Harris likes to get outside and find some peace. “I find it helpful to shut my brain off, so I don’t bother looking at my phone,” he says. “Find a quiet spot and think about adjustments you’ll make in the next level. “There have been times where I've grabbed my skateboard mid-tournament and taken it outside for 10 minutes to calm my brain down and get some air. Sometimes you've got to leave the table and reset!” DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP OVER BUSTING. OK, so you busted the tournament. That sucks. But you know what? You’re still in Las Vegas. “I care less about busting tournaments in Vegas than I do other places because there are so many things to do there,” says Glaser. “There are lots of good bars and clubs, shows, and restaurants to choose from. Or you can even get away from the strip and see some nature, maybe go on a hike somewhere like Red Rock. It can be really nice for resetting and calming the mind.” Just do what your body and mind want to do. “It's such an intense grind and it's so cognitively taxing that it's important to give yourself a rest sometimes,” says Glaser. DO BE KIND TO YOURSELF. Playing at the WSOP is special, whether you’re ticking it off the bucket list or back for the tenth time. But it can be a long grind, so whatever happens, be gentle with yourself. “Throughout the Series, there are ebbs and flows and I’ll make adjustments to stay sane,” says Shack-Harris. “It's important to be kind to yourself and allow yourself to eat shit food if it's going to be convenient or if it will bring your spirits up. Just be aware that you might have to bail in the middle of Level 9 to handle some...extra business.”
  2. Dalton Hobold was just 21 when he won $106,000 in an $11 buy-in tournament. It was 2017 and the sixth anniversary of the PokerStars Sunday Storm - a gargantuan MTT with 131,715 entries - and the prize he pocketed for his runner-up finish remains his largest cash to date. By any measure, it was an incredible start to a poker career which today sees the 25-year-old Brazilian rank 14th in the world with $3.53 million in career winnings. The fact that Hobold--known as 'daltonhb' on PokerStars and 'morgota' on GGPoker--is now a consistent crusher in high stakes tournaments is even more admirable when you know the many hardships he endured immediately after that score; enough to drive many players away from poker for good. ***** Hobold was a teenager when his older brother taught him poker at their family home in Itapiranga, Santa Catarina. He played more intently while at college studying civil engineering and soon won an online tournament for $1,000. “I kept winning more and more tournaments and was making more money than in my job,” he says. “I decided to stop working but continue with my studies. For the next few years of college, I was a professional poker player. I made enough to pay all the bills.” It was during his third and final college year that Hobold enjoyed his breakout six-figure score in the Sunday Storm. “I couldn’t believe it,” he says. “It was so much money that I didn’t know what to do with it.” Hobold had no experience managing such large sums of money. He was only 21, after all, and ultimately the win led to the worst experiences of his young life. “I had so many problems with that money,” he says. “I think it would be better if I hadn’t won it.” With $106,000 in his PokerStars bankroll, Hobold transferred $20,000 to his Neteller account. Not long after, his email was hacked and the perpetrator was able to break into both his partypoker and Neteller accounts, amongst others. “That was my first lesson: never use a single email address for all of your accounts,” he says. “Luckily, my PokerStars account couldn’t be hacked, but I lost all of the money I had on Neteller. I contacted their support team several times so they could track the guy and get the money back, but it didn’t happen.” It’s one thing to be robbed by a faceless villain. It’s another thing entirely to have your money stolen by someone you trusted and admired. But that’s exactly what happened next. ***** The first poker book Hobold ever read was by a Brazilian named Leo Bello. For much of the 21st century, Bello was considered a pioneer of poker in Brazil. A former doctor, he co-founded the São Paulo Hold'em Circuit, won the inaugural Main Event in 2006, and subsequently found fame as a poker personality. He wrote two books (2007’s Learning to Play Poker and 2009’s Dominating the Art of Poker), commentated on poker for Brazilian TV, and even appeared as a guest on Brazil’s most popular late-night talk show, Programa do Jô. According to a post by user ‘VinnyCout’ on twoplustwo, Bello also ran a successful poker stable with more than 40 horses. Hobold was close with Bello, exchanging dollars on online sites whenever the other needed funds. After the hacking incident, Hobold reached out to his old friend. “I asked him to help me get my money back,” says Hobold. “We called some lawyers for help, but it didn’t work. We then made a deal where I’d invest in his stable.” Hobold sent Bello $56,000 in a PokerStars transfer. “I trusted him a lot. He was famous in Brazil at the time, after all,” he says. But according to Hobold: “He was behind the biggest Ponzi scheme in the history of Brazilian poker that I know of.” According to Hobold and VinnyCout, Bello began asking friends and fellow poker players to invest in his stable, and for two years everything ran smoothly, with investors receiving money back. But somewhere along the line, the payments to investors stopped, despite the stable supposedly being in profit. VinnyCout claims Bello “oversold shares” of the stable while living a “luxury lifestyle in one of the most expensive points in Rio, doing (sic) many travels to Europe.” To this day, Hobold hasn’t received a penny of his money back from Bello. “He disappeared after that and my money was robbed...again,” he says. “This time it was even worse. Not only did I lose my money, I also lost my belief in poker and that was so hard to conquer.” These experiences resulted in Hobold entering a period he describes as “near to a depression”. He became “really fat” and lost all of his self-esteem. “It was hard to play poker thinking about what had happened,” he says. ********* Everything turned around for Hobold when he joined the BitB Brazil team at the beginning of 2019. “I learned a lot of poker stuff,” he says, including bankroll management and GTO strategies, plus he now had a big network of poker-playing friends. “This is all stuff that I never had before.” These days Hobold plays in a ‘pool’ with two good friends and fellow poker pros, sharing all wins and losses between the three of them. It’s going so well they’re considering expanding the pool to start playing high stakes live tournaments. In May 2021, Hobold was named the PocketFives Online Player of the Month after cashing for more than $331,000 across roughly 140 in-the-money finishes. The highlight? Taking down the $1,050 GGPoker WSOP Circuit Super Tuesday event for a $55,880 score, the fourth largest cash of his career. He now battles against the best in the world every session he plays. “It’s really hard,” he admits. “And it’s important I know every one of them.” As the current #14-ranked online poker player in the world and #5-ranked player in all of Brazil, you can bet they all know him too.
  3. Not sure I was talking too big, I didn't say I wanted to win a Sunday Major or anything... Cheers though! Very happy :-).
  4. Currently: 2% - Private 3% - Private 3% - Private 5% - Private 17% left
  5. Hey guys, Last night I won a seat in the UKIPT Marbella for €1,100, which means in a couple of weeks (on June 17th) I’m going to Spain to for what could potentially be a 1st place of around €150,000 (last year was €136,000). I’ve also been told by my friends who work for PokerStars that it’s the softest UKIPT. Does anyone want to punt on a bit of my action? References include Boobcfc, JDoug and Pandick. June 18th: UKIPT Marbella Main Event - €1,100 - €750,000 Gtd June 20th: PokerStars Marbella Festival Poker Cup - Day 1B - €330 Total = €1,430 MU 1.08 = €1,550 ($1,695.56 / £1,107.52) 2% = €31 ($33.91 / £22.15) 3% = €46.50 ($50.87 / £33.22) 5% = €77.50 ($84.78 / £55.37) 10% = €155 ($169.56 / £110.76) If I’m doing well in the main event obviously I won’t play the Marbella Cup and the €330 will be added to the prize pool/refunded. I’m putting a little mark-up on the price as, to be honest, I need spending money! Will be selling around 20-30%. If anyone is interested you can send to supafuz on PokerStars. Thanks for reading!! ---------------- Currently: 3% - Private 3% - Private 5% - Private 19% left
  6. SOLD OUT Boobcfc 20% mjamja 10% Kissemiss1 10% Private 20% Cheers GL us.
  7. Hey guys, I'm looking to sell 50% of the following package for tomorrow (Sunday 24th May). Any tournaments skipped (due to too many tables) will be refunded. All money will be sent straight after the final tournament. I've run several packages before with no problems, and the majority of the time I make a return for my investors. Been studying a lot recently and am feeling confident about my play. References include Boobcfc, Pandick and JDoug. 16:00 SCOOP $27 $250K Gtd 16:00 Bigger $8.80 $60K Gtd 17:30 Hotter $11 $70K Gtd 18:30 Hotter $16.50 $80K Gtd 18:30 Sunday Storm $11 $300K Gtd 19.00 Bigger $11 $130K Gtd 19:30 SCOOP MAIN EVENT $109 $1M Gtd Total = $194.30 50% for sale = $97.15 5% = $9.72 10% = $19.44 15% = $29.14 20% = $38.86 25% = $48.60 If I don't sell 50% I'll rearrange the package somehow. Please send to supafuz on pokerstars. Thanks guys!
  8. Busted $16.50 35/1,883 for $90.38 18:30 Hot $16.50 $50k gtd 18:45 $2.20 turbo $6k gtd - cash for $3.64 19.00 Big $11 $65k gtd 19.15 $8.80 6-max $8k gtd - $17.46 19:30 $13.75 knockout $10k gtd 19:45 $4.40 $7k gtd 20:00 $5.50 turbo $10k gtd - skipped - $5.50 20:15 $5.40 knockout $12.5k gtd - $27.43 21:30 $16.50 $20k gtd - $90.38 Total cashes = $144.41 Boobcfc - $28.88 Kissemiss1 - $14.44 Johna - $14.44 nzlking - $14.44 All money sent. As you can see above, few bad beats tonight. Sucks to get so close to a big score like in the $16.50 but just wasn't meant to be tonight. Next time! Thanks for investing.
  9. Bust $5.40 in disgusting fashion 86/3134 - $19.43, plus 8x $1 bounties = $27.43 AA < JJ http://www.boomplayer.com/en/poker-hands/Boom/13288249_F47D98CBF7 Just $16.50 left.
  10. Bust $13.50 455/1229 - AK < 88, no bounties
  11. GAAAAAHHHHHHHH http://www.boomplayer.com/en/poker-hands/Boom/13287029_8CFA3FA80D Bust Big $11 - AJ < A8
  12. Bust $4.40 KK < JJ - gross http://www.boomplayer.com/en/poker-hands/Boom/13286838_B8D5AC5E4C
  13. Skipped $5.50 (too many tables open) - $5.50 Bust $8.80 175/1746 - $17.46 Bust $2.20 364/3963 - $3.64
  14. Boobcfc - 20% Kissemiss1 - 10% nzlking - 10% johna92 - 10% (5% to be paid) supafuz 50% Bust $16.50 1592/3966
  15. Ah shit, well spotted! Well I'm playing right now haha
  16. Ok Johna92, can ship later. Boobcfc - 20% Kissemiss1 - 10% nzlking - 10% johna92 - 10% (5% to be paid) 10% left = $8.41 - any takers? Early days in the tournaments so still in everything.
  17. Boobcfc - 20% Kissemiss1 - 10% nzlking - 10% johna92 - 5% 15% left = $12.61
  18. Thanks mate, 45% sold, 15% left at $12.61 - starting shortly!!
  19. Hey guys, I'm looking to sell 60% of the following package for tonight (Tuesday 3rd March) Any bounties won will be added to the prize fund, and any tournaments skipped (due to too many tables) will be refunded. All money was sent back straight after the final tournament. References include Boobcfc, Linupsia, Lenail and Lucian198306. 18:30 Hot $16.50 $50k gtd 18:45 $2.20 turbo $6k gtd 19.00 Big $11 $65k gtd 19.15 $8.80 6-max $8k gtd 19:30 $13.75 knockout $10k gtd 19:45 $4.40 $7k gtd 20:00 $5.50 turbo $10k gtd 20:15 $5.40 knockout $12.5k gtd 21:30 $16.50 $20k gtd Total = $84.05 60% for sale = $50.43 10% = $8.41 20% = $16.82 30% = $25.22 60% = $50.43 If I don't sell 60% I'll rearrange the package somehow. Please send to supafuz on pokerstars. Thanks guys!
  20. Total cashes = $43.43 Boobcfc - $8.68 JDoug - $4.34 Ted_Smith - $4.34 Lenail - $4.34 Mjamja - $4.34 Quite a few bad beats tonight, better luck for us next time. Cheers all.

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