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  1. Could someone point me in the right direction where this has been discussed? Thanks.
  2. I feel like this is a very basic question with a potentially very simple answer but also can have a complex layers to it. I see lots of regs table change a lot and I understand it for the most part. Typically when im starting a session very rarely do I divert from the table and go to another. My question is how do you know when you should change tables and when to stay where you are? Is this question just easily answered by the table being tight and nitty versus loose and gambling? At 1/3 live I feel as if I have an edge on any table I sit at so why change tables as much as I see other regs, but am I missing out on value by sticking at the wrong ones too long? I hope I put this together clearly enough to understand and thanks to all the opinions and feedback!
  3. appreciate the prospective phil thought I was going to get ghosted
  4. This has probably been asked before somewhere and a little weird but want thoughts on the topic. I play a small local game with a group of older guys, all recreationals and they obviously are there just to play some cards and have a good time. We always play a small tourny and then some holdem/plo cash after it. My question is I always get 1st-3rd in the tourny and then always make money in the cash game. Everyone still seems to enjoy having me around because im the young crazy kid that brings a little action but I almost feel as if I need to purposely lose sometimes and give a little back or maybe not push the action and extract max value at times. Is that a normal feeling to have or maybe a bit silly? Curious to see if others have been in this spot and how you dealt with it.
  5. Is there a way to figure out how much rakeback can be made per 1000 hands at a certain stake? for example. 1000 hands at 25NL would convert to ____$ in rakeback. Assuming rakeback is about 27% on ACR I believe? and a normal VPIP of about 15% I think thats about normal too?
  6. can you let me know if this is an easy reshove? https://gyazo.com/3b5591dfd345fedd75acc5b9e37acd42
  7. I find it very difficult to ask for help, but right now it's necessary. My father passed away suddenly with no life insurance protection and my sister and I are struggling to come up with the funds needed to put him to rest. Any donations of any amount are extremely welcome and appreciated. I have set up this page in honor of my father, James Nolan who passed away suddenly last week. Throughout my life, my father was a devoted sports coach with a passion for teaching kids the game of soccer. He donated thousands of hours of his time to Fredericksburg Parks and Recreation's youth sports programs. Growing up, he would take my brother Josh and I to the Rappahannock River every day for tubing and swimming, or on a bike ride that would ultimately end up with the three of us at Carl's. It is with a heavy heart that I have set up this page in hopes of donations to help alleviate the financial strain of laying my father to rest. Any donations received would be greatly appreciated and not soon forgotten. Thank you. https://www.gofundme.com/remembering-jimmy-nolan?fbclid=IwAR1I2_u_0vny3RmACnqkpL9cOkvp3CuHIbmJHZ2O6jwc2q7T6ONMykImi9I
  8. what do you expect on a site full of bots cheating players =/
  9. in a vacuum, dont really have any info to post. https://gyazo.com/ac9a2c8055111ce9fa1e60ad5829e6c1
  10. I feel like I know the answer to the question but would like to hear some discussion/thoughts etc.. I'm an above average live player at these smaller stakes (not that it says very much) so I definitely have an edge at the tables and I know as long as you are staying level headed and have an edge you should play as much as you can. I feel like every time im up a decent profit ($300-1k) etc I always lose a bit/all of it back from silly coolers because I stayed to play more. This question can probably only be answered by myself, but how bad is it to lock up a profit in my range and leave even if it only took an hour? The casino is only a 50 mile drive so its not too terrible.
  11. How does this happen? He says he has acr, you paypal him $400 and then he blocks you?
  12. I can never understand them on the phone
  13. Will anyone take cowboys -3 for $100 with me? less is fine too.
  14. IMO you can get good free coaching just watching twitch. normally the top 3ish streamers on there have a pretty good grasp on my game. I typically watch and ask myself what I would do in their spot and see if they do something same or similar.
  15. Just curious how you got back with low number of games and profit, not bashing just didn't think they would do that.
  16. call your bank and report fraud and have your deposits sent back to you
  17. Anyone ever get too much back from the cage when cashing out? what happened/what did you do? happened to me tonight..

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