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  1. they cant rig it, there site would go under. its just that is mainly a luck game. variance is another term for luck. if you think yur gonna make a boatload of money out here without getting lucky then your fool. online mtts are luck not rigged, case closed
  2. how can you be pro at a game that's mainly luck. I know a guy who hit the lotto once, is he a pro lottery player?
  3. how can you be pro at a game that's mainly luck. I know a guy who hit the lotto once, is he a pro lottery player?
  4. variance used to be called something else 10 years ago....luck. So ya its a great idea to put your familys future on a HIGH VARIANCE game. fucking "moms b asement grinders" . Keep up the good work grinding for weed and fast food money lol
  5. ya skill game, you should quit your job and make 10k a year
  6. nah online poker is dying. to many random players doing random shit and getting paid. every play is justifiable nowadays. t.hen you got huds and software making decisions for you. everybody that plays has to be a pro. so many standard plays too. it aint what it used to be.
  7. i would try switching to a skill game if you wanna make money
  8. woah, take it easy bro. don't tilt out. I don't really think yur a rihard. I was kidding man. I'm sure you got a brain in ya. youll be aiight. just remember... don't press on the burgers with a spatula to cook em faster....your getting paid hourly... you be aiight
  9. bragged? you told me I don't accomplish anything in poker. your a lying sack of shit, you don't make 60k a year, you didn't even do 60k in total earnings in 2016. get outta your moms basement and get a job loser
  10. lol, I have 5 sunday major final table pal. are you for real. I made more money in one game than your total mtt profits. now I know your a rihard
  11. don't be a rihard, u think cuz you made 60 k one year its gonna be like that for life. hahhahahah. you better get your resume together. goon bap.goon bap.....goon bap goon bap..goon bap. I'm talking online mtts for a living, its a rare thing, your not the one percent
  12. obv I call your lying ass bluff, you have 266k over immense amount of games, do you really think anyone believes your making a living off online mtts. hahahhahahaa lol
  13. lol, so you make 60k a year for a consistent amount of years off online mtts. hhhahahhaaha. I doubt it. do you have hidden winnings I'm not seeing lol. don't be a joke
  14. mcds is paying 20k a year, and you only gotta work 40 hrs a week. luck doesn't even matter there either, you get paid just by showing up....cool eh
  15. come on man, its not rigged. its a luck game. wake up people, If you think your gonna just make a bunch of money of this game,then get real. this is mainly luck. you are not the one percent who somehow wins on this game like a lotto winner. just play for fun or quit. your not gonna have a good life trying to win at online video poker
  16. I think it's luck, and it doesn't really matter. Stop acting like it's up to you
  17. frick


    oh ok if his blog says that he makes that kinda money then It must be true
  18. frick


    your completely delusional if you think this video poker is gonna provide you with a high quality life. its way outta your control
  19. frick


    hahahah, are you playing for a living? bet your making a killing. probly pulling down a cool 10k a year for sitting in front of a computer for 15 hours a day. that's a high quality life. mcdonalds is hiring you make about 16 k a year and only work 40 hrs a week. keep up the good work
  20. frick


    online mtts are not skill. does anyone disagree with this?
  21. its just a luck game is all, its not rigged. online poker is just mainly luck. just play for fun. if your trying to make a living playing online poker than your a fool. you could make more flipping burgers at mcdonalds. just play for fun and know that winning is pretty much beyond your control

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