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  1. hopefully I can get an "acting" gig around there. hit me up if you come to Beijing
  2. Traffic is super aggro ... you cross the street and have to gauge oncoming traffic and not hesitate or else you get smushed... I have not seen a single accident though ... everyone is just so alert. Also if you've ever played "crazy taxi" at the arcade, you'll have a real accurate idea of riding a Chinese taxi. The crossing guards by my area all have rasta flags so even though they probably don't know what that means... I'll just continue assuming they're peaceful and not going to hammer attack me.
  3. Hahahah it was so fucking surreal. So many people came up to me and asked for pictures, autographs, small talk (I got "what is your favorite color?" twice and "do you like me?") The place we went was about 8 hours out of Beijing by train in "Zheng Zhou" . The singer was a freelance Ukraine model/singer ect and he added me to a bunch of his modeling/ acting / freelance chat groups and wants to do publicity photos of me so I can pursue the professional white person business... which is going to happen. I was pretty drunk in the video from drinking bai jiu with the band the night before on the train Theres some pics in the video comments... chinese internet sucks so I'll try and upload some other pics later I wanted to get a video during the show... There was a camera crew and a crane that was flying around so somewhere out there is a super high quality video of it. I hope it surfaces one day
  4. LOLOLOLOLLOL wow... 1505 yolodrive --- > China ... think about it.
  5. Bozeman is a cool town. Super mountainy folk. Went outside for a second and two guys come up to me and we bs for a little before I mention I'm from nj on a road trip and the one guy completely goes into hater mode in my face yelling about jersey and what I'm wearing ect. I told him there's nice guys everywhere and assholes everywhere and he's obviously a fucking asshole and the other dude he was with reached into his pocket and gave me a hand full of weed and said "Montanas a cool place" and they stumbled off.
  6. FFS, Zep we get it. Your act is getting so old, help us out with some recommendations or pointers since your the greatest world traveler ever or stfu already.
  7. Yeah I sawaplace called camp land in PB. It's like $50 tho, so I'm down for just finding a cheap hotel. Our standards couldn't be lower lol.
  8. Phone is lost forever now since we just left vegas. On our way to San Diego now. Still haven't bought a phone so I cant get a hold of any of you guys out there. Not sure where we are staying yet either, so if anyone has any suggestion, I'm all ears. Saw camping place last night when I was looking around in PB. Might not be a bad deal. If anyone in SD reads this shoot one of us a PM so I'll have your numbers again. -jaybone
  9. thanks man! thanks for hooking it up - next time your in AC, give me a call
  10. All of us got flagged from Tap at MGM. I woke up on a toilet with no phone. Walked around vegas until I somehow found sweetness and gonzo at Trop. Played blackjack until 8am. Won like $700 on the day. So basically I won enough to buy a new phone. My life hurts so much right now, but I think we're stayin in Vegas for another day now. -jaybone
  11. Oh nice you made it! Bathroom might be worse than gravel behind cactus... My bank account is at $27... I'll be over in a sec
  12. How is whataburger pronounced? Wut-a-burger or waht-a-burger?
  13. Nah driving through Tennessee. No Waffle House so we stopped at a Hardee's. I had the fried bologna with velveeta cheese on a biscuit and I gotta say it was just really not good at all. 2/10 would not remake purchase.
  14. Yep and its 530am which means it's pancake time.
  15. I'm frugal as fuck. If we have any extra time I'll attempt to flip shit on ebay/amazon along the way for extra cash. If I go broke, I'm planning on getting dropped off in North Dakota to get on some of that black gold for a few months. Hopefully it doesn't come to that... I'm still expecting about $1500 per person (first unemployment check hit today). Jay's good - he has cashed for 6th in every single online NJ tourney since the beginning of NJ poker.
  16. This is the updated map - There's a newer version with better roads we're taking but making these takes like 4 minutes and we got better things to do like collect unemployment checks.

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