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  1. Pretty bad river card. Id fold unless You put him on a bluff, plus his river sizing looks like a value bet.
  2. Well, the way You played the hand (raised top two on a pretty dry board), KT on a turn is the hand You definetly can rep. So if he s not affraid of turn card and is raising You that big Id say he most likely has it (straight w KT). So the way its played I could find a fold vs OPP with no info.
  3. As You said SB will shove very wide so Id be happy inducing a shove by raise/calling with a range like AT+, 88+, unless every dollar counts and you are playing with your last money. Then we better jam and r/c like JJ+ :) But we all know in MTTs You make money mostly from top3 unless its some tourney w very big field. So wp, ul, keep strong.

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