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  1. Yes I called and I feel correct call just like different viewpoints. Thanks
  2. Top 30 pay , field of 240. About 60 left you have 80 BB with AK off ( 9th in chips if you win this hand you are chip leader). If you lose end up like 18th in chips. You min raise UTG plus 1 and villain shoves half you stack from mid position. Not many reads on villain recently moved to the table. Do you fold and look for better spot or is this too strong to fold? Thanks.
  3. absolute shove can't wait with only 4 bb
  4. ***** WSOP.com-NJ Hand History for Game 486006143 ***** $1,400/$2,800 Blinds No Limit Holdem - *** 27 04 2017 22:21:37 Tournament #994541 $27.30 + $2.70 - Table #10 9 Max (Real Money) Seat 6 is the button Total number of players : 6 Seat 2: johnnygolf78 ( $118,596 ) Seat 4: chewbroccoli ( $67,537 ) Seat 5: Excencia ( $76,449 ) Seat 6: KINGDONK99 ( $23,164 ) Seat 9: OoopsMyBad ( $87,696 ) Seat 10: speechdoc ( $20,658 ) OoopsMyBad posts ante [$350] chewbroccoli posts ante [$350] speechdoc posts ante [$350] johnnygolf78 posts ante [$350] Excencia posts ante [$350] KINGDONK99 posts ante [$350] OoopsMyBad posts small blind [$1,400] speechdoc posts big blind [$2,800] ** Dealing down cards ** Dealt to chewbroccoli [ Kd, Qh ] johnnygolf78 folds chewbroccoli raises [$7,350] Excencia folds KINGDONK99 raises [$22,814] OoopsMyBad folds speechdoc calls [$17,508] chewbroccoli folds ** Dealing flop ** [ 2h, 5c, 2s ] ** Dealing turn ** [ 8h ] ** Dealing river ** [ Ks ] ** Summary ** KINGDONK99 shows [ 7s, 7d ] speechdoc shows [ Jh, Kh ] speechdoc collected [ $51,466 ]
  5. What do you do in this spot ? Wsop 10k about 18 left . You raise mid position kq off and get the button all in and bb. Will cost you half your stack but getting 3-1 on your money . You lose end up with 20bb. Obviously you win knock out 2 and top 3 chip.I am not concerned with laddering up want to know if the math justifies me calling. I really don't have any reads just that when bubbles break a lot of shoving goes on until around final table then it seems to calm down. I really don't have any reads on the players. Thanks. Posted 40 minutes ago
  6. I shove as well. I want to get into the money with chips not barely alive, that's just me. Since you are near bubble it is also likely he is playing on the fear and just stealing away.
  7. I have to think I am best on this flop and want to make any 2 over cards or ragged Ace pay to continue
  8. I am def c betting this flop, and the way hand played def have to call this river bet it is so small.
  9. I'll take a stab at this also due to family and my job I am giving my outline below which I will try to follow as close as possible (A very good chance I can do following schedule). There is an off chance I may be able to squeeze some events in other days but as rule of thumb I can not handle back to back days of no sleep. I will pretty much be playing Sundays, Weds and Fridays. Also nothing over 215 unless I can Satty in. So about 25 of them. Here are my events : Feb 28th: 1,2 3, 4 5 March 2: 13, 14 , 15 March 4: 19, 22, 23 March 6: 29, 30, 32, 33, 34 March 9: 42, 43, 44 March 11: 49, 50 March 13: 55, 57 , 59, 60
  10. 3% here can you resend me the info again thanks and do you take chase quick pay?
  11. Ill use quick pay can you PM me info again thanks and good luck.
  12. Ill take 5% will send me the info where to send the money. Good luck.
  13. Lol actually Chewbroccoli from a Grocery Wars video my little guy used to love. Its a Star Wars spoof. Still I do like my BROCCOLI
  14. FYI for those who don't know, I am Chewbroccoli, I'll make payment early next week thanks.
  15. I'll take 2% thanks, I'll pay Quick pay
  16. Sent you a PM can you send me Quick pay and Pay pal info thanks. Good luck.

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