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  1. "the second i started this i been running horrible i guess i just fucked myself by doing this i was playing way better before i started the challenge feel like every thing i do i get screwed fucken 9 buyin downswing" its not how bad youre running, its how good gags runs... you made the bet with the wrong person
  2. i didn't think i would play much GSSS but recently found out that im now going to play most of the series. Im in if im a captain. Otherwise no because I don't want my feelings to get hurt being picked last.
  3. if it is based off of the 10 biggest scores, the team with more players will obv have more chances at bigger scores rich. who let this guy in charge?
  4. I agree that it does happen way more often than youd think. My dads old friend who was a cop broke up with his wife who he lived with and also had a daughter. First they tried to get money from him to remain silent, like bribe black mail situation. He denied to since they asked for HEAPS like wanted the whole house everything basically. They got back at him after by accusing him of raping the daughter and making his life hell until he finally could prove it all in court. He lost his job and all of his integrity until he proved him self-innocent.... which usually it goes innocent til proven guilty. In those extreme cases things are handled differently. He thankfully got off and hes been dating a new girl for years, too paranoid of ever trying to marry or be in that situation again. Pretty scary how people change or manipulate things, while also having actual psychos out there who do this vulgar stuff.
  5. use some of that bitcoin to hire a computer repair man RICH
  6. hi i also tried to get a code couldnt even get registered, your site seems to be down or having issues. If you could please mail me a code to stevenmadarapoker@gmail.com i would appreciate it. http://i59.tinypic.com/fequ87.jpg
  7. ill take 2 shares paypal or some other method you can accept
  8. i was gonna give cash there but idk what days you are playing or when ill come up so dm me ur paypal ill ship it over now boss man
  9. lol at posting 1% = $50 and then making 5 % min :) ill take 5 ball
  10. would love to participate in this but cant put in that kinda schedule to compete since i have to play cash mostly, gl to both ill be following this thread
  11. Bovada Down?

    any updates or help from bovada support plz message me
  12. Bovada Down?

    ^^^ I am wondering this as well since I won the $109 15k gtd outright AFTER it disconnects me with aces. I was chip leader with 5 left, get aces utg and it just freezes.... I restarted my wifi thinking it was on my end at first. When I got back on my whole table was playing with out me. I ended up winning it for $3473 and at 4am this morning they decided to take about 1k from my account. Reason being because they said the disconnect made it not play out right. I'm obviously fighting this since my whole table was there and it indeed played out. We shouldn't have to pay for their technical difficulties.
  13. run better? run bettor! keep it up bro
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