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  1. Now the Packers repeat. Deal.
  2. From talking to a couple of hsmtt regs over the years, Slimshaggy is the pitts. But that's just what i've heard.
  3. Breaking Bad is probably the best show on TV. Seriously, season 4 might be the best yet too.
  4. LOL @ people who still play at FTP. That site has always been the pitts.
  5. Are you clowns serious about Olive Garden not being the nuts? Really? The Olive Garden is HOF don't let anyone tell you different.
  6. PokerStars Game #58779639081: Tournament #409020010, $200+$15 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level VIII (300/600) - 2011/03/06 17:33:49 CT [2011/03/06 18:33:49 ET] Table '409020010 5321' 9-max Seat #6 is the button Seat 1: marcelopoh38 (7410 in chips) Seat 2: Matthew6110 (26565 in chips) Seat 3: Hub Dub 04 (9160 in chips) Seat 4: Sarig (25504 in chips) Seat 5: Pharfar (12100 in chips) Seat 6: SpecialAnger (18318 in chips) Seat 7: glennerz (6034 in chips) Seat 8: m0nkfi5h (11507 in chips) Seat 9: alamkars (7950 in chips) marcelopoh38: posts the ante 25 Matthew6110: posts the ante 25 Hub Dub 04: posts the ante 25 Sarig: posts the ante 25 Pharfar: posts the ante 25 SpecialAnger: posts the ante 25 glennerz: posts the ante 25 m0nkfi5h: posts the ante 25 alamkars: posts the ante 25 glennerz: posts small blind 300 m0nkfi5h: posts big blind 600 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to Hub Dub 04 [Jh Jc] alamkars: folds marcelopoh38: calls 600 Matthew6110: folds Hub Dub 04: raises 2390 to 2990 Sarig: raises 22489 to 25479 and is all-in Pharfar: folds SpecialAnger: folds glennerz: folds m0nkfi5h: folds marcelopoh38: folds Hub Dub 04:? He's been showing down pretty much solid hands when he's won. I guess the best i'm hoping for is AK with the utg +1 limp pre? I don't know how I can call as played but I also don't think it's bad math wise. IDK lol
  7. Just registered for the Million. OMFG JUAN TIME FOR THE KIDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  8. Yea i'm in two tourneys and can't connect to the client. LOL So gay.
  9. Act like you've been there before. The Packers have, and so have their fans. Thread
  10. We now know 4 things 1) Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in the NFL 2) Aaron Rodgers will continue to be an elite quarterback for a while 3) If the Packers stay healthy, they could realistically win 1 or 2 more Super Bowls in the next 5 years or so 4) The Lombardi trophy is back home where it belongs Go Packers! World Champions
  11. No you cannot, as long as it's prescribed by a board licensed physician.
  12. Just remember how good Rodgers plays in dome games. Think the line is gonna be 1 or 2 max.
  13. God you're a fucking cock. Seriously sweat my nuts harder.
  14. The Bears were DEFINITELY playing to beat the Packers and keep them out of the playoffs ( they knew then how dangerous/solid the Packers are and didn't want to face them in the playoffs) and another point, the Bears beat the worst team in history to ever make the playoffs last week, wow, impressive. The Packers smoked the #1 seed in the Georgiadome. The Packers are simply a much better overall team than the Bears are. I mean if you disagree then you either haven't watched any of the playoffs or are just a completely delusional retard.
  15. Just make sure my $100 is shipped promply to Hub Dub 04 (Racine) after the Packers advance Sunday evening. Brah.
  16. Bdubz is a retard along with 98% of other Bears homers. Anyone who thinks the Bears have even a remote chance in this one is a delusional retard. Also, saying "Bear down" is for fags as well.
  17. I have a 35% ROI over almost 3600 games but I also have a career and only play 2-3 days a week, not sure where I would be if I played 5 days a week like some regs.
  18. I mean I don't have to be a young gun to tell you that I got the WAAAAY good side of this bet I mean, i'd like to bet more actually, but whatever not gonna tap the glass ldo. This is the last post i'm making about this bet until Sunday. Deal.
  19. don't know what ur talking about with banning rocky or whatever but...... cool story bruh LOL @ you thinking the Bears have a chance. LOL.
  20. You have to win the bet first, and that isn't happening.
  21. I'm obv good for the $50 bet LOL I offered to escrow $200 yea i'm gonna roll someone for $50, plus I have a decent amt of respected players in the MTT community who could vouch but then again this is only for $50. Shipped to jbkaytel on Stars GL
  22. Booked Hub Dub 04 on Stars u can ship after the game.
  23. Sooners we can bet up to $200 that the Packers beat the Bears this weekend in the NFC Championship game. Let's get someone to escrow.

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