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  1. interested at $25 or $50 if we get at least 6-8 of us.
  2. i'll be playing under the name xTRICKx and not trickster3261. i'll PM you in a day or two when i'm ready to ship. thanks!
  3. nice job bro, knew it'd only be a matter of time before you caught him. that was an interesting FT to say the least lol. congrats on the score, you pretty much own that tourney huh?
  4. I came in here to bitch about my family, but this post is pretty spot on imo. All you can do is go with it and try to surround yourself with good people. Also, if your significant other supports you it makes it sooooo much better. I can't begin to imagine how difficult it'd be if my gf was totally against poker.
  5. I was locked out of my account today as well. They said I should gain access again tomorrow at noon. So frustrating to lose a Sunday for no good reason.
  6. throw me in the low too plz. undecided on the open bracket atm, but i'll let you know will.
  7. i like the idea of a team comp, maybe i'd actually get some volume in lol
  8. alright since i don't want to be the only one left out i'll join the high as well. gl to everyone playing tomorrow.

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