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  1. I know a few dudes here in NOLA that do rhis exact thing to people, that look and act just like shrubbery, during Marbi Gras EVERY YEAR. All have the same reasoning: "if you dumb enough to buy drugs from random people you deservr what youre getting" Kinda fucked up, but true
  2. Id bet $1,000 to a bucket of shit this is along the lines of what has really happened. The very first Bender he had, he still on it. With the strippers and the black dude with pink hair or whatever he said. They played Shrubbery like a fiddle probably took his money and borrowed his car to go get more drugs while one of the strippers stayed in the room with him and drugged him up and he still looking for his car a week later
  3. RUST1D

    Mind = Blown

    This dude is a cracka???? Lol is all of YouTube trolling??? Yea I'm getting old but wtf lmao. Had not the slightest clue this cat was white......wow http://vevo.ly/zMBE75
  4. And that girl had you eating out of her palm OP, that's how they do it. If it was "mainly for you to begin with" why didn't she make the post directed at you? Please don't turn into one of these nutjob holy rollers tho cooker,
  5. My god you are such a insufferable fucking dweeb. The fact you think you know so much about every sport while not playing a single fucking one (I would bet 1k to a bucket of shit this is true)is and will always be fucking comical.
  6. Lol my thoughts exactly. Edit:to paki on the not eating point You blew the "common name" off but the "common numbers" had significance? Not knocking you OP, do whatever it is that helps you cope with the shit. And was "god" just trolling you the second day when you woke up in pain again? Cause the prayer healed you the day before right?
  7. B. Kenny J. Shindler R. Kempe F. Holz B. Adams Edit: Kempe autocorrected to lemme lol
  8. But the numbers arent correct on SS either, so take it with a grain of salt. They will have u -10.50 in a $3r etc They divide the prizepool by entrants. So say you're in on a single bullet, no add-on (Lol @ the 10bb or less add-on btw) and you bust before the money, you only lost 3.30 but SS will say you lost 10.50 or w/e the avg is. So dumb lol There was a 2r I got 12th in on a single bullet with the add-on and it showed on SS I lost like 1.81 or some dumb shit lol
  9. This is so fucked up, on many dif levels. How you guys continue to play there is insane to me.
  10. So u "look up" to bots and say they are your heros? Thinks WPN is a great site? #shillharder or #seekprofhelp #imoobv
  11. He's a lonely washed-up/has-been pos drunk. He has to TRY and feel important somehow. It's pretty sad and comical
  12. Kind of like EVERY FUCKING ONE of your posts ITT? You're a true piece of work Doug.
  13. Oh the fucking irony. Res trying to act all important to a bunch of ppl on the internet again? #bigfuckingshock Hey Doug, you're not single by choice btw, you're a drunk POS, that's why both previous wives left your ass. #staywoke #lifesizeironingboard
  14. The pos never did work for me, back 3-4 months ago. Would always get that fkn snakes pre-recorded msg. Wpn has always been sfshady, they are going to fade away slowly until they are gone. Then they can blame lack of traffic as the reason instead of the real reason. They got everyone good, some better than others. Fuck PN, pos cumbubble.
  15. Goddam son, 20k downswing? On WPN?
  16. Being a pro bettor and all, he used ot and the trust of the niave people to make easy $ to bet bigger in other places, as a pro bettor. Its not his fault hes a pro bettor and ppl just blindly bet with someone they didnt know eas a pro bettor. Pro bettors prey on fish, and this pro bettor even said he enjoyed beating the fish here. Pro bettors that take advantage of avg joes are fucking pieces of shit, as is this particular pro bettor. Did you guys know he was a pro bettor???
  17. WPN sure is doing a lot about bots playing i see....mr1button is 100% a bot....im sure his other account thx4dapepmom or w/e is still playimg too....such a joke
  18. Yo shrubs u do any coaching? And are you on Global as the same name here?
  19. Let me preface this by saying I admit I wasn't paying nearly enough attn to the table as i should have been. My guess is i had a TAG image, but this is a .55/$25 gnt so not sure how much that matters, if at all lol. We are at the FT and the orbit before this, when Invert was in SB, I opened UTG to 4378 @ 1k/2k w/88 and a shorty in the CO made it 6756 w/9700 behind (lol?) Invert flatted and i did as well. I chkd the 4c Th Td flop and shorty jams and invert tanks and calls. I fold and its AA(s) vs QT(I) and shorty busts. On to the hand: I'm 2/6 w/50.8k Blinds still 1k/2k/200 UTG limps w/32.5k behind (first time i recall him doing this but he has been pretty active, doing pretty straight foward stuff, from what i remember. I make it 9999 w/QQ, next to act puts his last 8226 in and Invert tanks and flats again. Then UTG tanks.......and jams with like 2 sec left.... After you puke, what do you do here?

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