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  1. hi Doug, its a pity FTP doesnt focus more on us European players. I like FTP as a site, but face it , there are NO good tourneys for European players.. We could do with a few nice tourneys that air sometime between 6Pm and 9PM European time ( GMT+1) also the guaranteed for the European tournaments are a bit low.. eg: the 26$ buyins have 11K, 7,5K and I think 14K guaranteed.. whereas the ones starting 20pm US time and later have 19K, 22K, ... guaranteed.. I dont understand the strategy behind.. at least stars is making some efforts to make more attractive tournaments for european players available.. I whish FT would do the same...( same goes btw for the Sunday tournaments.. you typically start them around midnight European time.. which basically is a big disappointment for any european player. kr,
  2. hi all, I have been playing MTT's exclusively for over 5 months now and doing ok. However I want to find so +ev tourneys that will enable me to quickly boost my BR. the only ones I know off are the satellites on stars the 39's and 11r's into the million/sunday warmup.. any others I could try? other tips?
  3. mid position , but watch the video if you want to know exactly.. its the last hand.. (btw you have to register , but its free to do so)
  4. Thank you, any more, I would appreciate to get some more input from you guys
  5. hi all. situation; blinds 3000/6000 +antes 300 904 entrants in tourney.. atm 25 left. big prizes as usual for top 5 hand: 99 action EP who has been overly active and at a previous table ran his stack from deadzone (8K) to 90K in four hands going all-in every time raises to 18K tables folds to me and I find pocket 9's. stack size 75K. in a couple of minutes blinds go up to 4K/8K +antes 2 questions : what would you do ? what do you think of my play ? ( play+ results in white below) I pushed all-in which in knowing I was either up against AX or against a pair AA/KK/QQ not included. he called with AK, flop J 7 2 10 Q I would also appreciate if you guys would comment on in total 15hands I struggled with in the tourney. thanks in advance. link; http://www.pokerxfactor.com/HH60474/9944_20070509_191105

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