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  1. if we were in a tourney that was affected but already out refund?
  2. Hello, Thank you for your email. Players are experiencing difficulties which are currently being overlooked by our technical staff. Our hardiest laughter for all your inconvenience. We know you were affected by this issue, and dont really give a rats assbut if you want to try to get your money: Simply type an email titled im a sucker to this money grubbbing whore of a company. We appreciate your understanding. Regards, Paula PokerStars Support Team
  3. they should cancel an refund all players
  4. Full refunds for any tourneys currently running if registered out or not?
  5. Looking at all the tables its only the americans that are disconnected (anyone verify? Germans have a plot against us/>
  6. can i get refund for everything i played today :)
  7. I dont tilt i just try to imagine that everyone is playing there ICM range
  8. 9:31amAmir Vahedi hey jason 9:37amJason hello 9:42amJason your a pokerstars player why does pokerstars torture me so 9:42amAmir I am looking for PS $ can you sell me 400 I have BOA funds
  9. http://www.pokerlistings.com/poker-strategy-articles/texas-holdem-beginner
  10. I wanna say at this level even though Xas is a bigger loser that Udon is the under by 10 to 1
  11. Qoute of the year I dont care who you are.
  12. All i can say about episode 5 Top pair and calls all in??? Are you effin kidding me.
  13. I feel retarded for reading this and all the replys.
  14. you live with your parents and go to school hmmm now i relize where i went wrong in life
  15. ok that one isnt actually mine this is mine
  16. Ahh so everyone should just expect that there gonna get cheated and there money taken either by a player circumventing the system or by the actual company running the software or the creator of the software. So in that case every player in the TLB's should really be said cheaters
  17. With all the multi acocunters AP now UB, before thta it was sites just closing up shop taking everyones money. How can anyone a player or a senator look at this and go well my money will be fine. Eveything is on the up and up. This doesnt apply to me because Ive had a life time losing streak online.
  18. i have never been able to use boa card feel lucky
  19. I play 2 or 3 free tourneys a week. Because I have yet found a way to deposit. Currently have 4recommended bank accounts all failed chase wachovia wells Fargo and bank of America. Gonna try compass next week.
  20. I've been through all the p5 podcasts andwas just wondering if there are any good training podcasts out there.

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