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  1. It’s a shame that poker has always had such a negative connotation because of cheaters. Just take a look at movies like Rounders and TV shows like Tilt. That’s not poker. Yeah your not getting your ass kicked over an over
  2. 215 weekly 525quartly 1050monthly i belive thats right
  3. Daniel is the nicest guy in RL ive never met anyone with the graciousness he has. When he flew me an the wife to vegas partied at his house and invited over all his friends stormed lindgrens pad and got drunk at the wynn night club nothing could have been better. He let me live a dream of a pro an ill never forget it. copy the link for the photos http://jasonbo.smugmug.com/gallery/700434
  4. JasonBo


    His name is Bob i wont go any further then that
  5. but if you read it no matter what he said they still worked him for 15 dollars even though I mean what kinda organization would make someone who cant speak english verbally agree to 15 dollar payment osunds like the person on the phone was pretty slimey
  6. BIG LICK always been a favorite of mine
  7. apestyles lives here in austin how about some free mentoring for a local homie
  8. http://www.tournamentreporter.com/ cool little tool
  9. http://www.pokerschool.com not much but reading but to play an learn an not lose a buttload of money is nice
  10. Well watching him on cardrunners an how his thought process goes during hands has helped me alot in my game. i play 500 sng's an cashed my last 7
  11. my average on stars for following hand AKs 2 in 9 win AKos 5 in 10 this is average over 300 hands with ak from poker office on stars cheers
  12. Actually since the money is in an account not kept in the US wouldnt that be non taxable until transfered into the US
  13. http://loveandcasinowar.com/ used to be my favorite but he slowed down alot in posting
  14. JasonBo

    My Statement

    I smell a book deal How i lost 100k in one day!
  15. Questioning the Sites Part I PokerStars.com (Part I) (UltimateBet and FullTilt will be parts II and III, if and when I ever get emails back from them) Email sent 2/20/06: To Whom It May Concern, As I'm sure you're support department is aware, a well known online player named JJProdigy has admitted guilt to cheating in the 2/12/06 PartyPoker 500K guaranteed by playing multiple accounts, and has had his accounts closed and has been banned by Party Poker. Therefore, my question to PokerStars is: What are your policies on this form of cheating and do you plan on banning this player
  16. you could just ask him on his site he will usaaly divulge if the person lets them
  17. i follow around good players to make me feel better about my own poker game I never played Daniel Negreanu yet i spent 2 days with him at his house ended up play golden tee. Jennifer harmon gives me wood
  18. I played a live game where a married couple were literally sharing hole cards during hands to each other and I didn't say anything because they were still losing (so I won 2x faster lol) thats so funny I dont touch rings i will lose anything make compared to a tourney wait i only have won 2 dolalrs
  19. question is if they knew about this already why did they let it happen over an over again, and wait till someone asked about it?
  20. total of six accounts, all with different biographical information, were making multiple entries into the same tournament from the same IP/system. (why tell him how many accounts were flagged) This is in direct violation of our Terms and Conditions and the six accounts have been permanently closed and the player barred from our site. We have placed a substantial amount of money, from all the accounts, on hold. Any of the confiscated money found to be directly related to a particular player or tournament through means of cheating, will be redistributed accordingly. Why say this its stup
  21. Stars makes bad players worse and worse players Eukre Champions

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