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  1. I can’t think of a worse business model than telling 40% of the public that they aren’t welcome somewhere so that the 15% of fringe lunatics feel “safe”
  2. They work the same way that chain link fences work to stop mosquitoes. Another A++ Special Ed post… would read again.
  3. $100 says he resigns or is impeached before his next re-election. Quote to bet
  4. You wouldn’t know logic if it fucked you in the ass
  5. So you STILL don’t have a fucking clue what the difference is between the small pox vaccine and an mRNA vaccine? How? How can you be so fucking retarded?
  6. Imagine wasting your whole life obsessing over non existent racist dog whistles and then thinking everyone else living in reality is stupid. Complete waste
  7. Like, the fact that the show was located in Chicago? LOL Ed sees the shadows of racist dog whistles hiding behind every corner. Stupid mother fucker.
  8. Special Ed so fucking triggered by the word “Chicago”… fucking hilarious
  9. Rockville and it’s not close On Lollapalooza I only recognized 9
  10. WaPo shitting all over Fauci and defending Rand Paul. Oooof, hate to see it!
  11. It is literally impossible for them to know that. How do you not understand that?
  12. One of Pelosi’s fully vaccinated staffers tested positive for Covid on the same day that Biden claimed if you’re vaccinated then you can’t get Covid LOL 🤡🌎
  13. Watching the pro abortion crowd demand that people be inoculated by force is fucking precious beyond words.
  14. So it’s 10x more lethal than Covid?! Intradesting!

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