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  1. this is a good one so had to share. So I have western union w/d option and I know why unlike the others who have it... the secret is lots of reach-a-rounds for carbon staff. Anyway.. requested 2 w/d via WU for 1k/each sometime early march. Both processed and sent prob within 3 days. Go to pick them up and the fella told me "Sender had requested funds back." I didn't think that was possible with WU, but I assume there is some way to cancel a transaction before it's picked up. So I contact the live chat machine at Carbon and I tell them what has happened. He says needs a few min to look into it and when he comes back his first question is, "Did you tell them it was for gambling?" And that was the end of my WU w/d days BUT they were kind enough to offer withdrawal via check. It's possible that carbon requested the funds back after they sent, but seems more likely the "sender" was flagged and WU's policy not to tell the receiver or w/e.. not sure and not sure why option was taken away from me. Morale of the story... Carbon thinks highly of its players because I obviously shot the shit with the WU fella about how sick some of my FT lines were on the way to the bink. on a serious note, it sounds like some checks are being processed which is good to hear.
  2. have: 1k BCP (checkbomburmom) want: 1k stars (rvca42)
  3. I only have one simple question. What is a bit coin worth if it ceases to be "money"? Shoot, at the very least I can start a fire with dollars. You know what.... screw it I'm quitting my job to mine bit coin.
  4. going.. im the one with stache, hoodie, glasses......also double fisted with ice cold pops. glglgl
  5. It can be profitable... lots of other factors are involved though. As far as advice, try it from EP.
  6. LOLOL @ noanswer. Lets rewind all the way to your first post and PRETEND. "Yes you're correct. Dixie misplayed hand..." WTF did you just gain? Pleasure? Self-esteem? I mean honestly, what's your objective? Being correct? I have a tip for you... be wrong.
  7. I like only Maximus also, but it doesn't matter to me. As for all the other issues, most of us wager $100-$1k+/day so let's simplify this. I like the survey Diamond. Once its over, set the rules where this is as fair as we can get it and whoever doesn't want to play can drop out. After all, it's a friendly competition for some bragging rights and a little smack talking where we're throwing up $100 to get a little rush.

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