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  1. Requested BTC payouts on Thurs./True Poker and Friday/BCP. Received on Sunday. Addicted rec player so back to playing on Merge since these DDOS attacks started cpl weeks ago.
  2. AND AJ....I miss playing with you! I can't play Bovada....I need my player notes...got to note the whiners! ; )
  3. Now that is a PodCast I would watch!!! Know it would be hilarious! Please someone PM and let me know when it's scheduled! AND if you would make it your mantra to just 'fold to me' .... at least I would be perceived as scarey! LOLLL
  4. Generous of you to share your knowledge and insight. I always enjoy, learn when playing with you and sit up when you are at my table. Now...what do I do if I don't use/don't want to learn to use any software program but pray 'voice/women's intuition' is with me? Agree, I always check to see what country the player is from and observe. ROW players encourage my 'wtf' play. Presto -- I'm serious! LOL
  5. Love this thread! Very funny challenge! Most WPN Regs ARE former Merge Regs or now play on both sites. If you play on both sites, do you consider yourself a Reg for both sites? ROFLMAO
  6. ACR RepACR Rep is offline Posts: 105 Joined: Nov 11 Jun 23rd, 2015 (6/23/2015 11:47am) in reply to CharlieMiwa Yes agree chat fonts need to be change sometimes is hard to read specially when multi tabling.. We have several similar stuuf that are on cue for development. They will be address but it will take a few months, if you guys have more things that you will like to be change for better let us know and we will submitted them.
  7. OMG! "Voice" would go on strike! As it is...sometimes I'm just sitting there waiting for "voice" to say do it...it'll work out. LOL
  8. I am in awe of your ability to stay focused and not get stressed. I can only handle 1-2 tables at a time and play 2-3 mtts on any day (Sundays included). Realistically can only handle 2 tables at a time and half the time will sacrifice my 2nd table if at a FT and feel I need better focus. 3-4 yrs. ago I often had 3-4 tables open but unlike most do not think my game improved so had to cut back. Addicted Rec Player -- this satisfies my addiction and I think/hope I learn faster/improve.
  9. Hilarious! Confirmation mental midgets in charge. Wish WPN's software was as user friendly as Merge's.
  10. Glad to hear Poker Host took less than 5 business days -- that has always been my Poker Host experience...payouts directly deposited into my accounts within 3-5 business days. Now you need to hassle your credit card issuing bank for that $15 fee! GL!!!
  11. Started playing on Poker Host when it was part of Merge. I have never had problems or issues depositing or cashing out. I believe I have all available deposit and cash out options -- including bank wires deposited into my checking account and direct deposit into my checking account. I am allowed to do maximum cash outs for each available cash out option simultaneously and receive my monies within 3-5 business days. Poker Host also calls me after each cash out to make sure I received my monies. I have been banned by Poker Host at the direction of Merge. I then spoke to Poker Host and they were successful in getting me reinstated within 48 hours. Told them to tell Merge I was the rec player they were catering to. Whenever I have questions or issues I call Poker Host and they have always tried and in most cases were successful in assisting me. I am just starting to play on WPN via Poker Host and again -- have had no issues or concerns. When I first signed up for Poker Host as part of WPN -- my deposit and cash out options were very limited. I called them and they were able to provide me with all my former deposit and cash out options available to me when they were part of Merge. My experience with Poker Host has always been very positive, which has not been true with most of the other Merge sites. BTW: I call and whine about almost anything...call them enough that we are now on a first name basis! LOL
  12. ROFLMAO!!! AJ....I do enjoy you! :D
  13. Have always and will continue to rely on woman's intuition and luck.
  14. When does WPN plan to incorporate the suggested changes and improvements, ie: larger fonts for chat, chip stacks, pot, etc., which makes multi-tabling easier and keeping " individual" players' chats turned off after disabling their chat, etc.? Hope this is done before your next Milly in Sept. and your Millys in Oct. Thank you.
  15. "No matter what cards are dealt in life or at the poker table keep a positive mindset. Both are tough enough as it is without handicapping yourself. " +1 "It's easy to chalk it up to running bad or bitching about bad beats but this is no different from what every poker player out there experiences." +1 Dislike whining...period! In fact, after my first couple of weeks playing on Merge... turned off chat for about a year since these whiners were interfering with my fun/rec player. Turned it back on and was telling a very scarey player who was surprised I responded to his question, that I recently turned chat on. He advised me to keep chat on - note the whiners - THEN turn off their chat. Best advice!!! Always enjoy playing with you AJ and happy to see you at tables! Best of luck to you in WPT/Choctaw! :D
  16. I would like to permanently turn off specific players' chats. I do not want to turn off all players' chats. When WPN fixes the feature where individual/specific player's chats are turned off and stays off....will make the site much more enjoyable. If you could also work on making the 'chat' fonts larger (in chat box) and numbers larger (pot size, how much chips each player has) -- would make it easier for players that play more than 2-3 tables. Your assistance is much appreciated.
  17. Have not received response from WPN/ACR re my inquiry: PLEASE can WPN keep a players' chat turned off after a player turns off their chat? I play the higher entries hoping to minimize playing with the nasty whiny clueless/classless player. IMO WPN seems to attract them and these mental midgets believe such behavior is positive vs. giving info. that they are exploitable. I note these players as I hope to adjust to play them, then turn off their chat -- AGAIN -- prefer not wasting time and would appreciate WPN fixing this glitch. Thank you.
  18. For ACR Rep: When I turn off player's chat...it is only temporary. Possible for ACR/WPN to adjust so when players' chats are turned off...it stays turned off unless/until I turn it back on? Much appreciated.
  19. Hi, is it possible to make the font for names and in chat larger also the numbers for Pot and chip stacks. Would be much appreciated. Asked Poker Host to pass this message along as well.
  20. Yes. Me playing in WSOP ME would just be putting the $$ into the shredder! Plus I hate live.
  21. Now playing on PokerHost (WPN)..have been receiving.cash outs within a few days via bank wire/direct deposit. Got amazingly lucky and won a WSOP ME satty and can receive up to $10k via 3 transactions done simultaneously: bankwire/direct deposit $5k, direct deposit into ckg. acct. $2000 and check $3k. What is wrong with Merge? However, I hate WPN's software...so boring ,,,so end up shopping online to stay awake. :(

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