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  1. I finally got my lock check after 120 some odd days. Finally glad to be off that site.
  2. shove pre, he started with 13 bb
  3. pretty easy flop chk back. as played fold flop maybe, but definately fold turn. you should be behind most sb flatting ranges anyway
  4. He sent us back the original deposit that we sent him, and the amount of money isn't really the issue, its only a couple hundred, and its the backers money anyway so the apologies are unnecessary. I just wanted to get the word out for those other potential backers
  5. I recently had a bad experience with huge.fishh (murg danut alexandru). I entered into a year coaching/ staking contract with murg. Obviously with any staking deal, the player must be straight forward and honest with the coach or backer. Before we even sent him any money, he asked me if he could withdrawal some money because he was broke. I told him that I would talk to the backers about it but that the answer would almost certainly be no. This, of course, gave me some concern right away about the trustworthiness of this player. It should be been a red flag to me not to stake this player. I told him to give me his word that he would NOT cash out without letting me or the backer know about it. He agreed. In addition, he signed a written contract stating some of the following excerpts: "This Agreement is in effect for the twelve months and will be renewed for additional twelve month periods at expiration. Either party may end this agreement at anytime as long as the player is out of makeup and all monies due to backer have been returned: All Stake provided by the backer will be used for the buy-in to these tournaments, and none shall be used for cash games, nor for any additional expenses including travel or meals. The Player agrees to perform in good faith and with full intent on maximizing return for both the Backer and the Player. Any and all profits from play covered by this Agreement will be split as follows: 55% for the backer and 45% for the Player. The backer will cover the cost of coaching. Profits are defined as any prize money won by the Player in excess of the tournament buy-ins at time of cashout. Any prize money that is not profit is wholly apportioned to the Backer. Termination This agreement can be terminated by backer at any time and by player at anytime assuming all monies belonging to backer held by player have been returned and player is out of makeup or has agreed to terms with backer to clear the makeup." He received the money and began to play. The first session he had 2 final tables and with a few hundred dollar profit. Of course we are able to check his exact profit on sharkscope +/- rebuys. We asked him to send us a screen shot of his account total and the transaction for sending the money back. There was signifcantly less in his account than what should have been. (although he did send back the original deposit, but not our portion of his profits). I asked him where the rest of the money is and he said he cashed it out because he needed money. I told him that he lied to me because I asked him to ask me first before cashing anything out which he didnt. Not only that, but he cashed out some money that wasn't his portion of the profit. I told him to please cancel the withdrawal and he responded that it was too late. I then told him that we would give him one week to transfer back the money that he owed. He said he needed the money for living expenses etc and could not send it back. He said he was going to make a small deposit and try to win money playing 180 mans so he could pay us back. I told him he had one week. Within 3-4 hours after this conversation I got two different messages on p5s and on skype from backers saying that Murg wanted them to back him, in which I obviously replied with similar information that is in this post and advised against it. My guess is that he was trying to get an initial deposit from one of them to pay us back. It has now been over the time period that we gave him to return the money, which is the reason why I'm posting this. I would strongly advise not entering into any staking agreement with this player. Obviously the amount of money is not the issue here, its the principal, and the deception involved. I will post again if he does, indeed, return the money. TitanTom32
  6. i think it's true that losing a pot in a live game is much more embarassing, especially if you run out of money, or get busted from a tourney. You have to get up from the table, have everyone from the other tables look at your while you take the walk of shame down the hall and online you just get to x out the table and say F it. That being said, i dont see examples too often of people blowing up on other people live if the person who won the hand wasn't reacting to and stirring the other guy up and making him more mad. I know I tend to be a quieter player at the table and I don't instigate any kind of discrepancy or argument with other players because if someone is honestly mad enough at you over the way you played a poker hand to swear at you or try to start a fight, its just purely because they have extremely low self esteem (which in some cases is shown by supreme over-confidence). So they either get mad because poker is all they have to be positive about - as mentioned previously in the post - or they get mad because they think well this kid can't beat me in a pot because I'm way better than him etc etc. Another reason people get mad in live games, generally lower stakes live games in local casinos is because they simply don't understand poker well enough, either strategically or ethically. They don't know that someone has made a standard play and sucked out , or the more economic idea which is the fact that anyone is allowed to play their cards however they want to, poker decisions for winning players are based on long term edges, or they just don't know that poker is a card game and not a ufc match. i think it's easier and more convenient for online players to start fights* and so i think you see that much more often. People don't have to worry about their rudeness online because usually only the table and a couple observers can see the language theyre using and the things they are saying to be rude and only embarrass themselves. It's easier to live with yourself when one table knows how you are and can't see your face, as opposed to live where* a whole room of people could potentially see you, and youd have to show your face back in the casino if you ever want to play there again, possibly to a smaller group of regulars at that casino, where as online theres thousands of tournaments and millions of players. The actual reasons that people berate others online are very similar to those live, its just that you have the power of words without people seeing your face or how much of a degenerate you are.
  7. 1)What seperates the great tournament players from the good ones today? 2)What are the differences between the great players of today and the great players from a year ago, two years ago, three years ago?
  8. read the whole dialogue and know the situation before you make idiotic comments with no information and butt your head in and pretend you know what the hell your talking about.
  9. i whole heartedly agree with this and i've seen 2 posts by him -TT
  10. As I sought out more information and had the following conversation with james on skype I have come to the conclusions following this conversation: [4:03:56 PM] Thomas Braband: explain to me about the new 20k makeup number and what was the situation when u left them [4:04:26 PM] james page: well as you knew, i wanted my 12k before i left because i was due that from the beginning [4:04:47 PM] james page: so i grinded for them for approx 1-2 months including live in vegas [4:04:51 PM] james page: and btw [4:05:11 PM] james page: i never used any of their money for anyting other than poker, never busted any live tourney to blow their moeny [4:05:28 PM] james page: all i wanted was my 12k why would i blow shit that would give me my 12k and be doen w/them [4:05:48 PM] james page: so when i made the 12k score i was approx 20k in makeup w/ jd and swiss [4:05:54 PM] james page: the way i looked at it [4:06:06 PM] james page: 12 of that 20 was mine to start off and shouldnt' be included in the makeup [4:06:12 PM] james page: so 8 [4:06:23 PM] james page: i sent 2k so now 6k [4:06:33 PM] james page: i take a 2k loss fromt eh 12k that i was owed by giving it to them [4:06:44 PM] james page: and they take a 3k loss each for stealing 12k from me in the beginnning [4:07:22 PM] james page: guess it turns out some of my thinking was flawed but i dont' see how there beign makeup after the fact of him stealing from me results in me owing him all taht [4:07:23 PM] Thomas Braband: y did they owe u that 12k again? [4:07:55 PM] james page: because from my understanding and everything they gave me prior to starting backing was 8.2k ish that they paid that debt to my previous backers [4:09:10 PM] james page: so 49k-8k =41k/2 = 20500 for profit split [4:09:24 PM] james page: i only received 8.5k ish fromt eh schor so 12k more was owed to me [4:09:38 PM] Thomas Braband: why did they keep that 12k? [4:09:41 PM] james page: ah [4:10:03 PM] james page: because tehy said that instead of 8k i owed them it was 33k, wich was the amount of makeup i had w/ my previous backers [4:10:13 PM] james page: but we had owrked out the 9k figure that i was to pay them [4:10:21 PM] james page: couple weeks or so before jd entered picture [4:10:40 PM] james page: so when he said he paid them 8k i assumed and it was in teh contract that was the new figure i owed them [4:10:44 PM] Thomas Braband: so they never told you about the 33k figure until after your 50k score and splitting profits correct? [4:10:54 PM] james page: correct [4:11:08 PM] james page: and when i asked why i need to ship the whole 50 they said so they could do the math and it was in our contract [4:11:25 PM] james page: i suggested sendign 20k and then they do the math and i send the rest [4:11:29 PM] james page: so we dont' have to transfer so much [4:11:33 PM] Thomas Braband: so basically there was a 6k outstanding MU number when you left? [4:11:43 PM] james page: yes [4:11:53 PM] Thomas Braband: did u get all the money back that was rightfully yours? [4:11:57 PM] james page: yes [4:12:35 PM] Thomas Braband: it might be reasonable to split that 6k number with him, i think you should pay him that at maximum, zero at minimum [4:12:48 PM] Thomas Braband: but if u could get rid of all this for 3k i think u might have to [4:13:23 PM] Thomas Braband: just cuz u left with makeup still and went to another backer [4:13:33 PM] james page: i mean fml, giving them another 3k is still leaving me w/ 7k out of the 12, but if tahts what you think is right/i should do i will [4:14:10 PM] Thomas Braband: ya, i mean you left with 6k makeup and they didnt cut you right? [4:14:43 PM] Thomas Braband: or did they? [4:15:06 PM] james page: well technically i told them i would still grind the makeup off for them but jd said fuck you im not putting any money into you, you can give me the 12k and we will be done [4:15:19 PM] Thomas Braband: hmm [4:15:29 PM] james page: i never actually quit, just said i couldnt' send them the 12k cause that was money they had stolen from me [4:16:20 PM] james page: and it was left at that for a few days then swiss called trying to convince me to send 20k, then 15, 12k and i sent 2k at this point and said thats all i could do unles sthey wante dto put me in more tourneys [4:17:15 PM] james page: althoguht clearly i was more than happy to not deal w/ them anymore [4:18:34 PM] Thomas Braband: in my opinion you shouldnt have to pay them anything, but i think just the way you handled it, in that you just kinda took the money, even though they took it from you first, was still wrong. having said that, his contract was bad and him claiming that after you got your score, now all of a sudden your makeup number jumped up to 33k was also very wrong. [4:19:29 PM] Thomas Braband: and for him to just keep that 12k was clearly just as bad as you taking it back so those penalties offset imo [4:20:13 PM] james page: yeah i know what i did wasn't right, but it wasn't like i just took 12k from them and left while in makeup, they fucking stole from me bro [4:20:24 PM] Thomas Braband: i know [4:21:19 PM] james page: seems almost tho now he should just take that loss for stating all those lies about my character publicly, before he posted that he was at my 25k table talkign all kinds of shit [4:21:25 PM] james page: says he knows who my new backer is [4:22:00 PM] Thomas Braband: was he threatning you or what [4:22:02 PM] Thomas Braband: Thomas Braband [4:22:03 PM] james page: if he wante dthe moeny could he not have approached you and i, w/ otehr people in backing business and negotiated something out w/out making me out to be a degenerate, thats broke and lives at home w/ momy [4:22:13 PM] james page: said he hopes i play live sometimes soon [4:22:25 PM] james page: over phone said he wouldl come to my house if i didin't pay [4:22:56 PM] james page: idk how to take "hope you play live soon" other than im gonna try to cause you physical harm [4:23:05 PM] Thomas Braband: right [4:24:05 PM] Thomas Braband: what were the nature of the conversations when you left him? he definitely wasn't going to back you anymore and wouldn't send you money? [4:24:20 PM] james page: w/out question [4:24:54 PM] Thomas Braband: that would seem to violate the terms of the contract on his side wouldn't it? [4:25:05 PM] Thomas Braband: deeming you free of any makeup number? I understand what james did to take the money he thought was rightfully his was wrong. But it's tough to argue that announcing a new makeup number unknown to him AFTER he got a big score and just taking the money wasn't wrong.( staking deals with jdpc involve the horse sending them all money after a score and then them paying out horses afterwords, which is a bit shady to me to begin with) Since jdpc refused to back him after this situation occurred, I do understand that he thought james was stealing from him and thats why he didn't want to back him anymore, I still think that james is free of makeup because of the violation of contact by jdpc to back him for tournaments during a staking deal. For those of you who say that both sides have to give and both sides won't be happy consider this: jdpc can apologize all he wants for the OP and stating the words he did but the fact is that they are written and are public and it has damaged james' reputation unnecessarily. To me, that is reason alone enough for james not to have to pay an additional monetary sum of the 6k makeup number that was left when jdpc stopped backing him. jdpc bites the 6k in makeup because he stopped backing him and for publicly damaging james' reputation and james must now live with that but doesn't deserve to pay him anymore money -TT
  11. James didn't know enough about how backing situations work to question this. But how can someone make the claim that the number was just assumed when the agreement between former backer and future backer was not made known to the horse himself?
  12. Whatever the case may be, the fact is that the situation was not communicated well at all and all parties are responsible for that. That much cannot be argued. There is no assumed number of makeup as far as im concerned if the backers weren't smart enough to include the number in an official written contract.
  13. I told you not to post again in this post and I meant it. Find me one person in this thread who has respect for anything you are saying. You keep making claims that just because jdpc said james "stole" money from him, (which is a completely outlandish term to even use in this situation), you make assumptions about james' character and all of the people who have backed up what type of person he is. And yes, I have bought horses before and I made damn well sure they knew what their makeup was going to be to start out each and every time, as well as continually communicated with them where their makeup number is at. In situations where the number was unclear I was in responsibility and I forfeited that money.
  14. The thing is, is that this wasn't an interim period like he was waiting for his old backer to get money so he could back him again. James was on his own and their deal was done. You can't sit there and tell me that the makeup number was set in stone in this situation and that it was agreed upon by all parties first. Each of the backers decided to make a deal selling his makeup without informing james of the situation and that his makeup remains the same. Why would he ever want to start a deal 33k deep in makeup when he can just play on his own makeup free? I will continue to stand by my opinion that in this special situation that if the number was not agreed upon at all then it's in the backers responsibility and not the horse.
  15. I don't think any amount of time is ever enough time to make the kind of comments that you did abouut him. "You not sending people my way for backing is your choice, and it is things like that (that i am hearing from other people) that made me make this post in the first place. I mean him running around painting himself as the victim is just lol." He never once came to me with the situation and told me how he thought you were in the wrong or how he was the victim. He came to me with concern about the lack of communication after the fact, and asked me how he should handle the situation. It seemed to me during this "special deal" regarding the the added incentives was a tough deal for him to not agree to and it seemed like he was being forced into a corner to play for you. What other options did he have at the time? I think james made some passive mistakes in not confronting the situation earlier in part because he did not know how to handle the situation and didn't realize the amount of power in his argument at the time. I believe thats why he just kept playing for you although he didn't feel like it was fair. I also believe that him being put in a tough financial decision, based on the type of person he is, had nothing to do with him trying to steal money from you at that point in time and I dont think there was a concious thought about "conveiniently" wanting money after he hit a score. -TT I disagree with what you said about his makeup number being ASSUMED at 33k. Had james been backed and then sold and played under a new backer right away I would agree. However with james playing on his own for a month and then going into a situation with no makeup number set was a lack of communication on all parties but with those circumstances I feel the backer is under full responsibility. Why would anyone playing on their own agree to enter a new deal starting with 33k in makeup. The only reason he entered the deal at all is he felt that 8k makeup was decent enough to try to play some ftops events. -TT
  16. If you buy out somone (who wasn't even with the old backers anymore mind you) you better damn well make sure that it is written in the contract what number his makeup starts at, or atleast verbally agreed upon. Why was there no such number in the original deal contract and nothing talked about. That would be something pretty confusing about the situation considering he was on his own for a month before they entered the staking deal. p.s. WEC, please don't post in this thread when you are gonna call all of the people who know james and say he is a trustworthy stand up guy POS's, and calling james a low life when you've never even met him. You already have no respect from me and anyone else in this thread so shut your mouth.
  17. I'd like to make a number of comments about this situation and about your post jdpc. I've known james for quite some time now and I currently back him. I was friends with him during this discrepancy with you and his old backer. There's a number of fallacies in your arguement as well as ludicrous facts about the situation that have nothing to do with your arguement. You have posted several peices of information in this, a public thread, about james that are not only completely irrelevant, but also violate james' personal life and business. "After two weeks with horrible results live (not one cash) and hearing too many stories about him spending more time playing craps then sleeping or playing poker we cut off his live action as his mu had dbled in those two weeks and was quickly getting out of control..unknown to me at the time, he had lost his entire live roll and all of his savings. he had to leave in the middle of the trip to deal with roommate issues...people tell me that he actually got thrown out by said rooomate for stiffing him on bills." First of all, I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you just misspoke and aren't actually stupid enough to judge james' live results based on 2 weeks of "horrible" results without a cash. If you have a problem with his makeup doubling in 2 weeks then you, the backer should be taking responsibility for his buy in amounts before hand. Stating that he lost all of his savings and that he had to deal with some roomate issues in the middle of his trip is also completely unncessary and publicly stating this is slander. It has nothing to do with your backing deal, getting the money back that you claim he owes you or should be considered in any results based opinions. Also, people told you that he got thrown out by his roomate for stiffing him on bills?? Not only is it completely untrue but including this in a public post for the sole purpose to bash him and take shots at his character because of your extremely reliable source is completely ridiculous. "I mean here i am busting out of a wsop event, then busting my ass to get over to the venetian in time, and then sometimes coming back and playing online sessions..here i am with this massive work ethic and my horse is spending most of his time fucking around??? it was at that point that we had enough, had a talk with him, and developed an online plan to grind him back out of mu." So you are now questioning his work ethic and emphasizing how hard you work at poker for what reason? To make yourself look like an unbelievable person and saying that he is playing craps all night every night? To my knowledge, its perfectly ok for a guy out in vegas to go have some fun once in awhile and hit the craps tables and have a few beers during the grind of the summer. James is one of, if not the hardest working person in poker that I've ever been around. He has shown me nothing but a strong mentality to always learn and improve, regardless of whos helping him. I don't know where you get the idea of him out partying all the time. If you had a real problem with the type of person he was and thought he was a nonstop degenerate gambler and that he had a problem, thats on you to know the type of person he is and not enter into a staking deal with him. I think we all know, including james, that the summer in vegas is so you can be there to win money in live tournaments. But you wont find many people in the poker community who never go out to the casinos and don't get drunk once a week while they're there. Now let's get into the details of the actual arrangement... "After many attempts he finally sends us 2k and promises to repay the rest...my guess this was just an attempt to buy him more time, hoping we would just let it go or he could find another backer before we outted him....in any event he never paid back the rest.." From my understanding, from reading lots and lots of aim and skype conversations between you and james, he paid you 2k because he felt bad of the MISCOMMUNICATION that you had with him regarding the contract of your stake with him. James and his backers parted ways and he had been playing on his own for almost a month. He was grinding low stakes tournaments in hopes to build a bankroll and stay on his own. The only reason he wanted backing was so that he could play some of the upcoming ftops events. The information he got from his old backers and from you was that he could enter into a staking deal with you(you having bought his makeup for 8.25k) and that was the number james perceived his makeup to be at. At this point in time, he figured that 8k makeup was good enough to enter a backing deal to play ftops. Had he known that he had to be staked under you with his full 33k in makeup, he 100% would have not entered the staking deal with you. (Direct quote from james) At no point was he ever informed that his 33k makeup number was to be the number that he started out with. Here is an exact copy of the contract that you wrote up for him regarding his new staking deal: General Deal info ================= You get a $30k roll to play (stop loss) and you get bought out from your laster backer for 8.25k. Cut: 50/50 with make up Profit split: as soon as PB is surpassed (see BR rules) Duration: minimum 6 months BR: You are provided with a daily Bankroll for your schedule. Your BR will be reset according to BR rules (see section BR rules) at the end of each day. Site: Cake>UB>FT>PS No other games on any other site allowed at any point in time during the staking without permission. Only Staking money is on your account, no private money at any point in time. You mention that you give him a 30k roll to play, which is confusing in itself. Are you backing him until he gets 30k in makeup and then cutting him off, or is that the initial sum that you start him off in makeup. You can claim that since he's new to backing that he didn't understand what was meant by him being bought up. The fault in your argument is that you never once communicated to him, in the contract or in conversation that his makeup would be starting at 33k before the deal had started. If he is playing on his own for a month and then enters another deal, what person in their right mind would start a new deal with a new backer with 33k makeup? "now if he would have just manned up and said hey guys...i really fucked up...i have a problem and i need help, i probably would have given the kid a break..giving him a little money to pay bills and stuff and worked out a low variance grind schedule to help him get back on his feet..Instead he tried to blame it on some misunderstanding he had with his old backer around the time we picked him up..even tho that was months before he upped with our money." In this comment, you turn the miscommunication by all parties involved into him not "manning up" and "blaming" it on miscommuncation. The fact that you turn all these issues of miscommunication against him to make him look bad I think actually just makes you look like a real asshole and the type of person you are has definitely come out in these comments. I don't see any posts in this thread that agree with you on the type of person that james is. But i sure know a lot of people who agree with me on what kind of person you are, and I've already had to tell numerous people that could have been staked by you to stay away from entering a staking deal with you. "So community, consider yourself warned. I'd be wary of doing any transactions or any backing. I don't expect to get the money back (well at least not by posting this) but do take some pride in knowing that he threw away way more than 18k in future equity cuz of all the coaching and support that he would have received..." This comment I actually find funny. I currently back james and have had nothing but honesty and no money issues whatsoever with him. The fact that you quantify coaching and support as "18k in future equity" is unbelievably ridiculous and doesn't even make sense. So the few single hand histories that you guys have gone over, and the future hands you will go over him you are stating is worth 18k in future equity? cmon. And as far as the support, I think based on the fact that you posted this thread is evidence enough that you never supported him. To make claims that James is stealing money, or even withholding money from you is a pretty bold statement considering that 1) you never communicated with him what the number of his makeup would be prior to entering the deal 2) james would have not entered the deal had he known that you were going to be putting him 33k in makeup 3) considering the nature of this post, in which all you do is try to make false claims and bring up unnecessary personal issues to try and bash james I'd highly doubt that you desereve another nickel from this situation 4) you tried to get bob to pay you money out of his own pocket after he had success on his own and being backed by me 5) as far as I'm concerned if a backer doesn't set rules, guidelines and communicate the exact numbers of the staking deal, they are held responsible for money lost in miscommunication. I have been in similar situations where miscommunication has been an issue and I took full responsibility and bit the bullet for money that had been lost. You are taking the risk to back someone, you are responsible for unclear numbers and the lack of communication. -TitanTom
  18. im titantom code 563 whoever wants to add me go ahead
  19. tried doing this with no luck, anyone else figure out the problem? (nvm i guess they are doing maintenance on battle.net currently, hopefully it works after that)
  20. apparently u need an email address or the player tag with a 3 digit code so include that or else ship ur email
  21. yo ive been playing starcraft for a few weeks with bob2bob, i played starcraft 1 a lot also, i think im ranked 1 in bronze league atm but i havent played a whole bunch yet, add me as friend if u get a chance or post here what your name is, would like to find some poker guys to play with. im just titantom on there. -tt
  22. doesn't this hand or something similar with qq get posted every other day? either the post is cuz they got it in and got coolered or they folded and didnt like folding cuz ppl dont fold on the internet. it's pretty much all player dependent, like it always is. The guy could show up with 99 if hes retarded or AA always if hes not, this might be his std cbet or he might be bluffing. U cant make this decision with no info, and with no info it seems like its a spot not worth getting all your money in cuz ur not ahead often enough to make it profitable

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