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  1. Donk, I posted pics. Maybe OPEN YOUR EYES? WAR, don't kill yourself. Would be SAF (immfo)
  2. well, that was brutal. pretty haf of the dubs to almost win despite everyone having died. what an amazing team I was def going to give toronto credit for winning with no need to caveat what we all know, but holy shit are those fans fucktards. Maybe not as stupid as some of the shit itt, but wow. act like you've been there befo-oh, right. tbf it's prolly more having to read "hansen's" unbelievably awful takes itt. good grief gsw all-time greats. dealwithit.gif odds of gsw winning it all probably still shitty for next year. It's hard to make money on this team, amirite, jaybae?... Probably best to get $ in asap before kawhi signs tho see you next year, nba. #4/6
  3. that was the worst game I've ever seen the dubs play in a long time, and they've had some stinkers this year/playoffs. dray was unbearably bad, everyone besides klay was complete trash. What I don't get is why kerr still has them playing the redic trap game (pause) when toronto just keeps passing to the open man for 3. Kerr has made all the right moves since jump, but this has been inexplicable. "Hoping they miss" is not a good defensive strategy. I could have sworn like 10 pages ago someone said the dubs were getting all the calls. real life? and on what planet? I'm not blaming the refs at all this series bc gsw has been awful but if you breathed on jordan (or any other superstar) it was a foul. steph gets knocked down every time he goes to the hoop and there are almost never any calls. How many finals in a row do these guys need to get to to at least get some calls at home. unreal. The refs have been awful this series ftr injuries fucking suck. Yes, cle was severely injured 1st gsw championship, but I'd still take a healthy gsw vs a healthy cle that first year. And gsw was ravaged when they lost and this year. This ***should be*** 5 in a row championships for gsw ffs. It just sucks for anyone who likes high-level nba to watch teams be decimated and to be robbed of a good finals so far. again, gsw has played like absolute shit, not arguing that. They've played like 1 full game of great bball this playoffs, spread over all the games. not to get off topic, but has anyone else heard the rumor(s?) that kawhi wants to go to gsw next year? Sources (and who knows wtf that means) are saying he likes the culture and since all he does is want to win, it makes sense. And if tor wins he can leave and tor would understand. not sure how much credence to give rumors during the finals, but it makes sense. LFG GSW. Let's have a good game at least. ps it would be so great if kd comes back and gsw runs the table. then wins like 4-5 more. one-ish time!
  4. [X] gets it. lol boutrous. ps poor willy finna get both his teams murked by the bay area if denver wins sunday. eh, it happens.
  5. the concept that gsw is getting calls might be the most ludicrous thing I've ever heard. If they ever got calls like the jordan bulls they would never lose a game
  6. RIP. I liked him BEFORE the cancer! ps. That urn is HAF Hang in there dolphwife. and dolphson
  7. #HAF #YouWereWarned #RunUp #It'sHappening.gif #TearsNomNom
  8. well this is fucking bullshit. gl my friend.
  9. GSW -5 50 regs only. closes at 50 lol
  10. holla at cha boy if you gots the digits. either way, DUBS HAF your team is lol. That is all
  11. you're killing me, pigs. fmpc
  12. this. sweethearts gonna ps blonde delete like 50k plz. just the bad ones tho
  13. made a rich girl fall in love with me. alas, it can never be......lolz a month or so ago I was in (not, "on," you fucking eastcoast weirdos), line and my card got declined (wasn't me!), I go to pull out another (subtle bragggggssss) and woman behind me in line hands her card to the clerk and is like "I got it." Was confused at first, then was like "No..." as I reached for another card, and she looks me dead in the eye and says, "NO. It's Christmas." What's cray cray is that it was like $21 bucks! A week later was at the gas station and this girl was paying and was like, "Can I combine the cards, 1$ on one and $1 on the other? And I have $1 cash. I just need to get home." It (card) didn't work, so I threw down a fiver (baaaaaaaaallin) and she was very appreciative. I said, "It's Christmas, bitch!" (Without the "bitch" part). Felt good man. #PayItForward ???(get more first) See above re profit hey-ohhhh! edit: One time I didn't key a guy's car who took up two spots. I figured, guy probably doesn't have a lawn and this all the open space he could appreciate, you know?
  14. 25 each? if so I'm closed edit: closed. gl wabby
  15. people are paying vic itt now? .....
  16. looking for chiefs -3 25 rams +3 25 boulder has first shot bc tabs but I think he's oppo.
  17. 25 on gsw -1 come get it edit: closed. gl boulder

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