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  1. Hey everyone, Mike here, aka " mygame / martinchatwn / pay4medsch00l " from NJ online. I'm looking to sell some action for the following package. It includes 20 events and the Main. In this package I included most of the higher valued tournaments (under 3k) per day based on the S points calculator ( link below ) , while having a few days of rest in between. For more information on myself, my Hendon Mob and p5's profile are listed below. Hendon Mob : http://pokerdb.thehendonmob.com/player.php?a=r&n=256737 P5's : https://www.pocketfives.com/profiles/lav519/ S Points Calculator : https://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/65/tournament-events/vegas-2018-structure-amp-fee-analysis-1709319/ Entire package is being sold at 1.3. Each tournament has 1 bullet being sold to it. I'm super hungry this summer for some hardware and plan on regging every bird within the first two levels. All events not played (making day 2's or needed breaks etc.) will result in refunds or re entries for other listed tournaments (It is my sole discretion but investors will be informed of every decision. Re entries will only be used for >40bb stacks). Any winnings over 5k will require proper tax forms otherwise 30% will be withheld. Events: 6/3: Venetian 3.5mil gtd 1a ; $1100 6/4: Venetian 3.5mil gtd 1b ; $1100 6/5: Wsop 1500 ; $1500 6/6: Venetian 3.5mil gtd 1c ; $1100 6/7: Wsop 6m 1500 ; $1500 6/9: Wsop Milly Maker 1a ; $1500 6/10: Wsop Milly Maker 1b ; $1500 6/11: Wsop Marathon ; $2620 6/14: Venetian 6max 750k gtd ; $1600 6/16: Wsop Double Stack ; $1000 6/17: Wsop Double Stack ; $1000 6/18: Venetian 3mil gtd 1a ; $1600 6/19: Venetian 3mil gtd 1b ; $1600 6/20: Venetian 3mil gtd 1c ; $1600 6/21: Wsop 2500 ; $2500 6/23: Wsop Monster ; $1500 6/24: Wsop Monster ; $1500 6/26: Venetian 3.5mil gtd ; $3500 6/30: Planet Hollywood 2mil gtd 1a ; $2200 7/1: Planet Hollywood 2mil gtd 1c ; $2200 7/4: WSOP MAIN EVENT(a/b/c undecided) ; $10,000 Total Package : $43,720 / Total Sold 55% / MU 1.3 Total Available : 45% 1% = $569 5% = $2842 10% = $5684 Methods of Payment : Venmo, Paypal , BOA, Wells Fargo DM for more info/questions.
  2. Sent the money to Dennis via paypal.... GSS and then Poker stars a few weeks later? Anyone else feel like Christmas came around early this year?
  3. in, playing about 95%, minus a night to take off here and there
  4. Hey everyone, selling 2 buyins last minute for the $500+40 milly on WPN (True Poker) Markup is 1.2 and there's 60% left. Anything not bought i will buy myself 10% min for $130 name on wpn : paymefool Skype:Mike.lavenburg I will automatically withhold 30% for taxes unless your tax info is given to me. Paypal, WellsFargo Surepay, cash in hand at borg/parx sometime in the near future
  5. Hey everyone, Mike (myGAME) Lavenburg here. Putting a last minute package together for the Spring Open. Here's what it includes: 2 bullets @ $560 MILLY 1 bullet @ $400+100 Bounty 1 bullet @ $560 Deep Stack 2 bullets @ $400 100k $2980 @ 1.1409 ~ $3400 complete package 5% MIN ($170) All tournaments will be played provided I am not already in a previous tournament. All 2nd bullets will only be fired if I re enter with a stack 40bb or greater. I will automatically withold 30% for taxes. Bounties nor monetary rewards for attaining a top chip stack at the end of day 1s are not included in your return %. If any big scores are made I will be staying next week as well and playing everything. Every investor in this package gets first dibs at the next package. Accept paypal, bank transfers or cash at borg. Res 10% JTsnakes 10% glyttr
  6. SOLD OUT Jtsnakes: 20% Drama: 5% Exiled: 5% Cntrfldr: 10% PocketProfits: 5% Cicakman: 10% Itsmejon: 10% BigDaddy: 10% RHM: 7% Dlorican: 4%
  7. Reserved: Jtsnakes: 20% Drama: 5% Exiled: 5% Cntrfldr: 10% PocketProfits: 5% Cicakman: 10% Itsmejon: 10%
  8. Reserved: Jtsnakes: 20% Drama: 5% Exiled: 5% Cntrfldr: 10% PocketProfits: 5% Cicakman: 10%
  9. 57th/670 in the second 100k for a min cash. I will be pm'ng everyone. Thanks everyone for investing, I'm glad I could make us all some money. If anyone's interested I'm also selling for the 6max/main which is posted in another thread, and I'll also be putting a package together for the wsop circuit in december! Thanks again!
  10. Created this thread when i was half asleep, my apologies for not including the following information. *Some tournaments offer a prize for being chip leader at the end of Day1, and this player gets a monetary bonus. If the tourneys listed above offer such a prize and this prize is taken directly from the prizepool, then you WILL receive a % of this, if i happen to be one of those places and win said monetary prize. If the prize is NOT taken directly from the prizepool, then you WILL NOT be entitled to a % of this prize. *All winnings will be subject to taxes. Before being paid, you will need to provide me with the proper tax info for me to pay you out. This includes, but is not limited to: a signed W-9 Form including: your name, address, social security number/tax id number). If you cannot/will not provide this information, that is ok, but be aware that I will withhold 30% of your share (or whatever % as directed by my accountant) before paying you. Reserved: Jtsnakes: 20% Drama: 5% Exiled: 5% Cntrfldr: 10%
  11. Hey guys and girls, decided to play the 6max and Main at Borgata Fall Open last minute. Been on fire lately live and online. In the last parx series i min cashed the $300 and final tabled the 6max with a pretty tough field. I also just placed 7th/690 (lost a flip) in the 100k at the current Borgata fall open in event 8. Online I'm ranked 11th on p5s (due to not a ton of volume, but if you check out my recent scores I've been crushing the 10ks lately). Also ranked 9th in mid stakes, 24th on high stakes and 19th overall on thepokerdb. Event 15 - $1090 6max 100Kguar. 1 bullet Event 18 - $2700 1 mill guar 1 bullet. $3790 @ 1.1609 = $4400 total. 1% 44 2.5% 110 5% 220 10% 440 fr I will post updates in this thread
  12. 7th/690 in the 100k. Lost a flip KTs<99. Didn't play the $400 today, so there will be refunds. Second 100k tomorrow.
  13. Sold out. Thanks to all the investors, I've contacted almost all of you, those I haven't will receive a PM today. Reserved: Jtsnakes 10%, Itsmejon: 10%, My2chis: 10%, Drama: 5%, Ykwon: 7%, Nalune: 1%, Outside P5: 5% Paid: Exiled 5%, Centr: 10%, Stella: 1.5%, Profits: 2.5%, Dlorican: 3%, RHM: 5%
  14. Reserved: Jtsnakes 10%, Itsmejon: 10%, My2chis: 10%, Drama: 5%, Ykwon: 5%, Nalune: 1% Paid: Exiled 5%, Centr: 10%, Stella: 1.5%, Profits: 2.5%, Dlorican: 3%, RHM: 5% 2% Left! If not bought i'll pickup myself. Heading down to Borgata tonight, for anyone who hasn't sent money via paypal, we can meetup, just pm me.
  15. Reserved: Jtsnakes: 10%, Itsmejon: 10%, My2chis: 10%, Drama: 5%, Ykwon: 5% Nalune: 1%, Dlorican: 3%, Rhm: 5% Paid: Exiled: 5%, Centr: 10%, Stella: 1.5%, Profits: 2.5% 2% left
  16. Reserved: Jtsnakes: 10%, Itsmejon: 10%, My2chis: 10%, Drama: 5%, Ykwon: 5% Paid: Exiled: 5%, Centr: 10%, Stella: 1.5%, Profits: 2.5% 11% Left
  17. 11% remaining Ykwon, Pocket, Stella, booked, will pm you, thanks. Reserved: Jtsnakes: 10%, Itsmejon: 10%, My2chis: 10%, Drama- 5%, Ykwon: 5%, PocketProfits: 2.5%, Stellamoose: 1.5% Paid: Exiled: 5%, Centr: 10%
  18. Selling an additional 20% (If not picked up, I will keep it for myself) Exiled-5% Payment sent via paypal but not yet received Reserves Jtsnakes-10% Itsmejon-10% Centr-10% My2chis-10% Drama-5% I failed to mention, should I choose to re enter an event after using the bullets in the package for said event, I will contact all investors via phone/twitter and decide if another bullet will be used upon which they will have the opportunity to buy more shares (although I'm hoping we run good enough to avoid this). I will also only be rebuying up to levels where I have a stack greater than or equal to 50bbs. Depending on how these events go I may also play the 6max and main in which I will again contact all investors for possible inteterest.
  19. thanks fellas reserved - 5% Exiled - 10% Centr - 10% Jtsnakes 25% stil up for grabs
  20. Hey everyone, Mike (myGAME) here looking to sell for the Borgata Fall Open. Just got finished with the Parx Big Stax where i min cashed the 300 and final tabled the 6max 550 in 6th with a pretty tough field. This Borgata series is generally super soft and large. My live game is on point right now so hopefully we bink our first live tourney. Ranked 11th on p5's sliding, 21st yearly on pokerdb.com (24th high stakes, 7th mid stakes). I don't put as much volume in as some of the mtt grinders mainly because 6max cash is my main game where ive been consistently beating nl200+. References upon request. Hendon Mob: http://pokerdb.thehendonmob.com/player.php?a=r&n=256737 Schedule: http://www.theborgata.com/casino/pok...-2014/schedule Event 1 - two bullets @ $500+60 = $1120 Event 8 - two bullets @ $260+40 = $600 Event 9 - two bullets @ $350+50 = $800 Event 11 - two bullets @ $260+40 = $600 $3120 @ 1.153846mu= $3600 Selling 50% 10%- $360 5% - $180 1% - 36 Any unused buyins will be refunded for full amount or used as a reentry for a different even. If I make a day 2 I'll most likely skip the next event but will make the decision then. Anything not listed in this package that I play will be on my own. Will accept paypal or cash in person at borgata. updates on twitter and recaps in this thread - @mlav151 Thanks everyone!
  21. Reserved 20% - Itsmejon Reserved 40% - outside p5s network investor. All sold out , thanks everyone!

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