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  1. I suggest you try not telling people you hope they die of AIDS when they knock you out. Karma
  2. Pm me. I'm working so can only use my app. I'll be sending paypal.
  3. I'd over bet like 1.5...no one is callng a shove here. and you got too many chips not too look like a bully.
  4. on hand one we should def be betting the flop with that board IMO. you bet 80 into a 600 chip pot giving villian proper odds to call with any two cards. Again on the turn Id bet more than 1/3 of the pot. Its easy to say how you should have played knowing what the villian had but by betting more on flop we can try to put villian on a hand. If we can determine hes chasing then on River we can check check.
  5. thanks for anyone who replied. I reviewed the hand and Im thinking Im flipping with every hand hes shoving with and have a few crushed. I took 19/225 in this tourny Im speaking of. 10/255 the following night and shipped the bugger on the third. I'm working on my leaks.
  6. Just looked into it and our Villian has over 250k lifetime . Just seemed like an odd shove and it was the first hand I sat down into. Aj would be the only hand I have crushed and I'm flipping with 88-jj. I was mistaken blinds were 2k/4k so I got over 20 bb to work with was my thought at the time.
  7. no i want to bink the thing. I folded AQ os.Figured i could get my money in better. Then after it had me thinking what I would have called him with. JJ+ AK? am I a nit to have folded?
  8. The only thing bushly he did was the choke sign and if that offended you then you are soft. I've hit Yahtzee and reacted worse than that.
  9. We'll favre retired in 2010 and sherman was a rookie in 2011sooooo
  10. He did not say anything offensive. Didn't use inappropriate language so what's the big deal? Did it offend you haters? After watching 4 hours of men trying to hurt each other people or offended by words? Don't get soft on me people. I dot agree with what he did but come one now! How many nfl players have a college degree yet alone use it? Sherman has a a degree in communications and he just spoke to the world! Everyone is talking about him and his rant is going to be the most profitable rant ever.
  11. Online mtt $50 buy in , Just got moved to a new table blinds are 3k/6k I'm in 7/26 and sitting on 88k of chips. The Next guy out bubbles. Guy from mid position open shoves 90k all in. I'm the button and the blinds are both short stacked. Soo my questions here is what hands can I call here with? AA/KK qq? No past experience with Villian. I hate bubbling after 5 hours of play.

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