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  1. Need $200 on Stars (jhammond10) Will xfer first and pay fees. Currently have $200 on Entropay, but have other avenues avail. Long time p5s member, just don't post alot. Want to get back on stars, but can't fund. Thanks PM if interested.
  2. jhammond10


    Jameson Painter? http://bugstud.blogspot.com/2006/09/r-u-b.html
  3. I am trying quitting cold turkey today too! Glgl (attempt #3)
  4. http://fozzypokermods.com/ftpmods.html
  5. Alt+spacebar, then "m", then arrow keys
  6. Vote for my child's photo! Cast your vote and help my child become a Gerber Generation winner! http://www.gerber.com/photo/?entryid=33864&/#/detail/ Thanks, I'll gtfo now.
  7. Shit missed that one, glgl sir
  8. They'll respek your raises more
  9. It's not too nit, but if you are going to play less hands, you have to make sure you are maximizing the value you get out of all the spots you play.
  10. You would be more inclined to shove this wide if you knew that the guys behind you were calling this tight, no? Adjust your shoving range up or down this scale based on what you perceive their calling range is.
  11. I thought that the Lederer bet was 3 bracelets.
  12. Which bracelet bets did he just cover?
  13. Go Ducks! Oh, and call

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