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  1. Has anyone played at the Winner poker site? Any feedback would be greta.
  2. Can some one please give me some feedback on using HUD's. I used a free trail of holdem manager a year or so ago and found it almost impossible to navigate through. My friend has been using one for last 6 months and is now cashing in almost every tournament. Do they really make that much of a difference? What is the best one to purchase? Are they easy to set up with pokerstars? Any feedback would be a great help? I looked on youtube and it seems pretty difficult to even setup, with so many options on these HUD's.
  3. I want to purchase one of these products, but have a few questions. how easy are hey to install? How easy are hey to use? Tried free erosion a couple years back and couldn't really understand it. Is there a site to go to and see how setup and use properly? Beside YouTube videos? And do they really help a players game? I play probably 20-30 hours a week. I play mostly mtt's. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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