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  1. I did really well at midstakes online MTTs for a few years, but games got tougher and I started having much bigger swings. Ended up taking a job at a big tech company end of 2013. I still play a session here and there for fun, but doubt I have much of an edge. Work pays great, so made the right decision at the right time, but really miss the freedom of mostly playing 2-3 days a week and just doing fun stuff the rest of the time.
  2. You're probably missing something.
  3. Ummm, she has only just turned 1yo, so definitely still a puppy.
  4. Here's my puppy Rey playing fetch. https://www.youtube.com/embed/DBDVyflruOU
  5. I got a 3D Printer

    I printed a couple more things. I use an iPad to do quick 3d sketches but didn't have a good way of propping it up to draw at the right angle, so I designed/printed this stand: It works really well. I split it into two pieces for a bit more stability and so it was easier to fit on the print bed. And I installed a wall cabinet in my bathroom but it jutted out slightly past the doorstop. I couldn't move the doorstop because whoever put it there had already moved it once so it would have left two holes in the tile. I drew/printed this doorstop mod: I might spend a few mins making it lower profile and black so it blends in more, but I prob couldn't be bothered.
  6. I got a 3D Printer

    I've only used the blue stick on sheets that came with the printer so far, I think it's basically Buildtack. The biggest issue I've had with that is the PLA sticking too well, and damaging prints trying to get them off. Do you have any issues removing prints from the painters tape? I've also printed some spool holders for the printer with ABS and found it warped a bit on the corners of anything with a wide base. I still need to do some tweaking to get that right.
  7. I got a 3D Printer

    I got the Creator because I wanted to be able to do two colour prints, or print with all the different kinds of plastic. I printed this out of wood, for a friend whose surname is Wood. It came out pretty rough but I'm sure it could be improved once I tweak the settings a bit. The wood feels more like cardboard than wood.
  8. I got a 3D Printer

    This thread inspired me to buy a FlashForge Creator Pro 3d printer. I feel like the least I can do is post my Benchy.
  9. I don't think the home versions of Windows 7 let you use it as a Remote Desktop host. Only the pro/business/ultimate versions do.
  10. Heard from some friends who get a bunch of YouTube revenue that it's about $1/1000 views. Changes slightly depending on advertising options but it's nowhere near $7.
  11. F my bank tho

    I don't actually know much more than what I wrote. I can find out more if anyone genuinely wants to know. Hard to know if ppl are trolling around here.
  12. F my bank tho

    A friend of mine is an engineer without any engineering experience and he just took a job and moved to Vietnam to get some field experience. 45kish USD, cheap living, good experience and a bunch of adventure.
  13. Are you trying to steal our women with a mix-tape? Fair enough. Carry on.
  14. http://www.salon.com/2013/08/10/15_most_hated_bands_of_last_30_years/
  15. Do both until one makes way more sense. I've done pretty well out of poker, but it can be a pretty withering lifestyle (esp in Australia when all the best volume happens at 3am), so now I'm going back to work and just grinding the big Sunday tourns. Saying you're not going to do an actual job so you can grind micros would be like me saying I'm not going to work because I want to play professional Aussie Rules because I like to go for a kick in the park.
  16. This really isn't a spot where you have to worry about open sizing variations being particularly exploitable. Just open to like 2.8x and fold to SB and call BB. A2 is a pretty bad hand to straight shove because because it has poor equity against SBs reshove range (dominated by all Ax and all pairs). Something like QT would be way better for that IMO.
  17. There are way more fish in almost any tournament field than 'good' players. Effectively crushing the fish is a far more important poker skill than winning low EV pissing contests with regs. I would argue that makes Pessagno a considerably better poker player than most of the people who think he is bad. Just my opinion though.
  18. First time I'm in 100% agreement with Chu.
  19. It's a bit sad that the site that's already the best is going to this sort of effort to listen to players. It would be nice if Party did, well, anything.
  20. Just log both devices in on the account you buy GoT on. When you're finished reading it you can just switch back to the other account and you haven't lost anything.
  21. I'm an OT lurker reg and only open NQTW and the sac travel thread. The risk/reward ratio for opening other threads is all wrong.
  22. Does anyone really care what anyone else types in chat? Is that really a thing?

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