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  1. I would have to assume so. I know they're listed in the GSSS schedule, but they're really just ticket entries for the most part. I know cash can happen if the prize pool falls short of the next ticket amount, but not really the same yanno?
  2. Random logistics question. Is the thought behind a $5 bounty on 5 players across 25+ tournaments that it is statistically unlikely for our group of 11-20 (that's minus the 5 people with the bounty on their head) to knock them out with any frequency? I like the idea because it adds another dimension to it, but I would want to know the 5 players with the bounty on their head would be okay with it. Lets say some regs on here crossed paths a few times and 8 bounties were paid. The people with the bounties on their head see the prize pool drop at no added benefit to themselves. Odds are the impact to the prize pool is minor, and their general consistency gives them an advantage over a player like me anyhow, but still think they should give the nod to be included in the bounty/for it to happen.

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