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  1. I too would appreciate someone sending me the video and/or directing me to where I can watch it.
  2. Golf is over now so i'm back. crzy, what have you got going on in your life?
  3. Jeff, What's the most interesting thing you've done in the last 12 months?
  4. He's still good looking, but not sure about sexy af
  5. Let us make consensual relations.
  6. How would that ruling be different from when tiger had people move the rock?
  7. other than 6 hours of some light snow that stuck, there was just cold and a little rain in brooklyn edit: every store is closed and im very upset about it.
  8. why did you switch around the title of the show for absolutely no reason?
  9. I didn't eat mushrooms for the majority of my life because as a kid I was eating with Zeke at benihana for a birthday and he threw up on my shoe... I asked him what the fuck just happened and he said he ate a mushroom instead of a piece of chicken, so I just assumed mushrooms were awful. Turns out I should form my own opinions because in my adulthood I've tried a bunch and they're delicious
  10. BPV3

    macbook help?

    can't shove more pre because spent all my money on the computer. Can't put it in rice because can't afford rice now. anyone else?
  11. BPV3

    macbook help?

    my trusty pc died last night, and the only computer I could borrow is a macbook (the worst invention in history) and I cannot figure out how to work it. Anyone here know how I can download/use bovada on this piece of shit, and or help with a couple other questions i have, i'd appreciate it.
  12. i remember watching a true life on mtv where some kid was in the hospital for rehab and he was drinking the hand sanitizer because it had alcohol in it
  13. this is not necessarily good advice at this point, as others have pointed out in this thread. If his situation is as severe as he's saying, which only he knows at this point, his body may be physically dependent on alcohol. Not drinking today, unless under trained medical supervision, could potentially put him in a very dangerous situation. Once the body has normalized and acclimated to the lack of alcohol (3-7 days? ish?), that's when it's reasonable to start with the will power/one day at a time/meetings posts are useful. Some people become physically dependent on alcohol, while not being mentally dependent, and it's easy not to drink once the detox is complete. For others, they may need more help going forward, which again is something only that person will know.
  14. gonna just assume this was a joke. If you have children and i pointed a fake gun at their head, would you be fine with it because its not dangerous? What about an airsoft gun? is that ok because its likely not fatal? do you know that my fake gun isn't a real gun? I'm not often on the side of the police when it's close but if you're being serious you're kind of on this guys level mentally.
  15. he can walk by the school dressed as whatever the fuck he wants... he can not stand outside the school dressed as whatever he wants holding a gun, replica or not.
  16. threads like this are why i stopped posting in p5s. the morons here ruined it for the decent people. Just give me all these dogs that you're incapable of taking care of and ill find them long term housing where they don't rely on idiots.
  17. no it doesn't... cold peanut butter just breaks up the bread and doesn't spread correctly on anything
  18. BPV3

    OT Cribs

    2 of my friends actually live in that kellykip building
  19. absurd shot from the rough on 17
  20. BPV3


    ^ wouldn't be. also not shocked an Australian started this thread. You guys are the worst

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