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  1. Finally starting to address the lack of shoreline.
  2. My only problem with the expanded playoffs is college football has always been must see. Big games peoples seasons ride on it. Seldom is there a big game that is meaningless. Yes on occasion even if Bama looses they still get a shot, but mostly if Iowa looses, they toast, same with most other schools. Now we will have playoff games that are 30 point dogs with zero hype to me. That just lessens the experience of college football to me. Just my opinion. Will we have an upset occasionally, I'm sure we will but not often. I mean with the 4 teams now there aren't upsets, generally 1 gets to the final game.
  3. #1 vs #11 and we have a 22 point spread. Exact reason why we don't need an 8 team playoff.
  4. So, why is inflation surging in the Biden era? One factor is an imbalance between supply and demand. Emerging from the pandemic, we are in a period of high demand boosted by unprecedented government largesse. Thanks to that largesse, in June of this year, personal savings were nearly $400 billion higher than in January of 2020. People have money and now they’re spending it. But the pandemic disrupted production and order flow, hobbling supply chains. Simply, people were unable to work and businesses were unable to anticipate future demand. Bad policies that pay people more not to work than they can make with a job have exacerbated the supply chain disruptions. You can’t produce and deliver goods if you can’t find workers. Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Jerome Powell calls these supply chain disruptions temporary “bottlenecks” – such as the shortage of computer chips that is limiting automobile production. The White House agrees. But what do they mean by “temporary”? Treasury Secretary Janet Yellin recently stated that we “will have several more months of rapid inflation.” That may technically be temporary, but it’s bad news for American workers. And there is a longer-lasting problem in addition to bottlenecks. As economist Milton Friedman stated, “Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon.” Simply, the more money there is, the less it’s worth and the more it takes to purchase goods. Monetary policy that increases the money supply drives inflation, with long-term consequences. As measured by the Fed, since February of 2020, the money supply has dramatically increased by 32 percent – nearly a third. When addressing inflation, it would be a huge mistake to underestimate the impact of the Fed’s monetary accommodation of the Biden administration’s reckless fiscal policy.
  5. Florida is leading the way to a possible solution to the country’s supply-chain issues. Governor Ron DeSantis and the CEO of the Florida Ports Council Michael Rubin extended an invitation to those languishing ships to travel southeast and fill their ports—Florida is not only ready, but able to handle the off loading and the distribution of goods across the country. The WTVY report continues: So, Florida is putting out the word to shipping companies that ports in the Sunshine State are open and ready for business. “Florida is where your success comes in, and our seaports are the solution to ensure the cargo shipping log jam doesn’t become the Grinch that stole Christmas,” said Michael Rubin. Yet another example of DeSantis showing what leadership is through concrete action, rather than talking about what leadership should look like…
  6. Kinda like exactly how Trump wasn't incharge of Ventilators, PPE, Masks, Vaccine roll out, any number of other things you were blaming him for. He wasnt in charge of supply, the producers were? See how that works?
  7. Hey, whats up? I'm still here. LVPD has been gone for years, since Crypto took off, he followed it.
  8. YouTube confirms it picked kids featured in Harris video The White House on Tuesday said it did not select the children, reportedly child actors, who appeared in a YouTube video with Vice President Harris. YouTube confirmed that it had selected the children in the video and reached out to various sources, including casting websites, to find them. The video led to mockery of Harris by some Republicans, who have taken shots at the White House for staging the event. “Wow. Even for politics, this is cynical. Quite literally … fake news,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) tweeted. The nearly 10-minute YouTube video, titled "Vice President Kamala Harris and an Astronaut? What A Day! | Get Curious with Vice President Harris," shows five children traveling from around the country to the Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C., to learn about NASA and the space program. During the video, the children meet with Harris, the head of the Space Council, outside her residence near the Naval Observatory. The visit took place in August, and the video was posted by NASA on Thursday for World Space Week. Published reports after the video came out revealed that at least one of the five children with Harris had auditioned for the role. Two of the other children are reportedly working actors. The vice president’s office did not select the kids who participated in the YouTube Originals special, a White House official told The Hill on Tuesday. In a statement to The Hill, a YouTube spokesperson said: “The casting process for this show was no different from typical unscripted kids shows across other networks and streaming platforms. YouTube selected the kids that were featured. We reached out via not for profit organizations, social media and traditional casting websites, looking for kids who were interested in contributing positively to their communities." “As with casting, the compensation was handled the same way it is for all of our other YouTube Originals shows,” the spokesperson added, confirming that there was compensation involved. The spokesperson said the company noticed growing commentary and questions about the video in the last 24 hours, adding that YouTube is proud of the video. The video does not identify the kids with Harris other than by their first names. It introduces them as Trevor from Monterey, Calif.; Emily from Westwood, N.J.; Derrick from St Louis, Mo.; Zhoriel from Lafayette, La.; and Sydney from Iowa City, Iowa. One of the children, Trevor Bernardino from Monterey, Calif., told local news outlet KSBW TV that he auditioned for his role in the video, which involved sending in a video of him talking about his passions and questions he would ask a world leader. He then said his interviewing skills were tested before his agent called him to say he got the role. Bernardino's father told the Washington Examiner on Monday that all five children were actors. Several of the children appear to be listed as actors.
  9. Been saying logistics is hard for over a year. Biden finally agrees with me. White House scrambles to address looming Christmas crisis President Joe Biden is rushing to relieve congestion across the nation’s complex shipping supply chain as it threatens to disrupt the holiday season for millions of Americans. With just over 10 weeks until Christmas, the White House is leaning heavily on port operators, transportation companies and labor unions to work around the clock unloading ships and hauling cargo to warehouses around the country. Biden will meet virtually Wednesday with industry leaders before delivering a speech on the administration’s efforts to address the bottlenecks. The supply-chain mess risks creating new economic and political turbulence for Biden in the coming months. Empty store shelves could undermine the administration’s economic recovery plans and weigh on consumer confidence. And memories of a disappointing Christmas could linger into 2022, with supply-chain problems expected to last much longer than many officials and economists expected just a few months ago. There’s a growing fear among retailers that Washington’s efforts can do little at this point to save the all-important holiday shopping season.
  10. ECONOMY A record 4.3 million workers quit their jobs in August, led by food and retail industries Employment vacancies fell to 10.4 million during the month, a drop of 659,000 from July’s upwardly revised 11.1 million, according to the Labor Department’s JOLTS report. The decline was well short of market expectations for 10.96 million job postings. Quits hit a new series high going back to December 2000, as 4.3 million workers left their jobs.
  11. The crowd was chanting Fuck Biden during the interview with Brandon, someone who just won a NASCAR race and the announcer said, are they chanting "Lets Go Brandon".

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