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  1. http://www.pocketfives.com/f13/groping-your-girl-651997/index4.html Here is the link to the thread. Waco posted them for me since I was too dumb to do it. Maybe now some suggestions?
  2. I've posted wife pictures in the past.
  3. Me and my wife are planning a trip to Mexico in early October and we are having a hard time finding a resort. Last year we stayed at Secrets Capri in Riviera Maya and it was great. We have friends going at the same time and they are staying just north of Cancun. We wanted to meet up with them a couple times and Riviera Maya is pretty far so we wanted something closer to Cancun. We want all inclusive, adults only, and a place that's a little liviler and has more of a party atmosphere. Temptations resort is out. It's seems kinda cheesy. Looking to spend around $3k for 6 night but would go a bit higher for somewhere we really liked. We are considering Golden Parmassus. It's cheaper and seems to have the right atmosphere but a lot of reviews said the food and rooms were only ok. We wouldn't be opposed to Playa Del Carmen. Ant suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. Warm beckes sucks but birch Niebores ( think I sielled thatvwing) are ok.
  5. I'm a people watcher and people generally bug the shit out of me. Here are a few thing that fascinate slash make me laugh slash iritates me about the men's rooms. The angled pee'er. The position themselves so you can't see their wiener. Is it an innie? The fake hand washer. Just because I'm there don't pretend you always wash your hands. The talker. I don't want to hear about your white trash ass. Let me pee and leave me the fuck alone. The avoider. Two urinals with one open and you pick the toilet to pee in. What are you afraid of me seeing? The starer. Swiping a quick peak? No problem. We all do it. Staring licking your lips will get a fist in your ear. I can't imagine the ladies rooms is this much fun.
  6. Totally this. I loved that game and I always played as the Cardinals. Those Cardinals were my favorite baseball team of all time. So many good players.
  7. Chara reminds me of the big mean penguin from happy feet.
  8. Here we go again. Fatigue should be a big factor if OT goes past the 10 minute mark. Lets go Hawks.
  9. Lurk at least 2 times per day. Have been following the GoT thread and learned I really hate WAR.
  10. Peeing in the shower is standard. I also blow my nose in there everyday. That can get a little gross when the drain gets clogged with hair and snot but whatever.
  11. By far the beat tv series I've ever watched. What makes it good is all the the story lines. Every screen is different. From snowy to sunny to dark. Also has been the characters you hate have a little good in them that makes you like them or at least feel sorry for them. Even the good characters are flawed.
  12. ern1967


    Any one else think the thread was going to be advice on storage for dead body parts?
  13. Just use the my fitness pal app. Losing weight is taking in the right amount of calories in order to lose the amount of weight you want. It's that simple. The app makes it really easy to do that. If you want to be able to eat more exercise.
  14. I can plug everything in and set up the speakers. Anyone can do that. Running the receiver through the internet connection, setting the speakers and receiver up for the best sound, showing me all the different functions, and how to use the apps for it is what they are charging me for. I called around to other places that do this and they charge about the same thing. They won't be here an hour. More like 3 to 4 according to the dude. Fuck it. I'm just going to pay it so I know for sure we are getting the best set up as possible. I'm not made of money but act like it too often. Now if they are here an hour and only use the mic that comes with it I will feel foolish. Flame away. BTW the upgraded remote control for it is another $500. Fuck that. Someone told me to get a Harmony remote. Probably will do that.
  15. We are upgrading our crappy theater in a box system to a nice component system. Integra receiver and Klipsch speakers. It's not top of the line but for sure several steps up from our $200 Sony all in one. For the receiver, 5 speakers and a sub it's running us around $2300. We are leaning towards having them install it for another $650. Of course the salesman says should have them do it since it's hard to set up. He said setting up the equipment is the easy part but configuring the system for the best sound is why they should do it. He claims it will take them 3-4 hours for set up. The speakers will not be installed in the walls. Just on stands. All I found online was fake articles saying you should have a pro do it but those are written by the companies that sell the systems. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  16. Does anyone read bfactores post? I don't even scan thru them. No offence. They're just too long.
  17. I have a 04 lexus 300gs. 114k miles and I have no repairs on it. It drives great. I'm actually looking to sell it now and was shocked the kb value says I should get 8k plus for it.
  18. I cry way too much at movies Field of dreams ET Rudy The worst was toy story 2 when Jessie sang (actually sung by Sara McLachlan) about her old owner forgetting about her. Both the movie and book of where the red fern grows always gets me I'm a big bitch.
  19. Uneal. Christy McNichol from "Family" was the first girl I thought of when I saw this thread title and thought no way anyone else would say her.
  20. ern1967


    House is the only show I dvr'd and watched religiously. Great show. Sad that it ended a couple weeks ago.
  21. The anarchist will hard at work in Chicago this month with the NATO summit. I Googled "Chicago NATO protest" and the first site that came up was an anarchist web site. It was a forum with basically every other post saying "let's fuck shit up".
  22. If the contract says closing costs you won't get the rest. If it said seller credit then you would. If you do it again get a good faith estimate so everything is spelled out for you.

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