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  1. We take security very seriously but the message that BubbaKGB saw is of absolutely no value in and of itself. You are no less safe on DraftKings than you are on any site regardless of that message. We had error messaging temporarily enabled to root out a bug. This is not a security issue. As far as the insinuation that I'm being lied to or don't understand the topic, I have my bachelors degree in computer science and was a systems and database administrator prior to my run at poker, admittedly it has been a long time since I've put that knowledge to work but I can promise you that I certainly understand what I'm being told by my developers and that they're not "lying" to me or covering anything up. What's being posted here is copy and pasted stories from other websites describing the hacking or bad design of poorly secured websites and has no more bearing on DraftKings than it does to any other website. There is unfortunately little more I can say here other than to reiterate that the error message has absolutely no value.
  2. I've always just been a P5s lurker while racking up 8000 posts on that other site but this was brought to my attention and I wanted to come here to reply to this post and explain a few facts. DraftKings is PCI compliant, which means all of your credit card data, privacy, and anything regarding payments is completely safe from intrusion. There is no way for the information that this poster saw to result in anything nefarious, it is simply the output from a server that was briefly running in debug mode (instead of just showing you a cookie cutter error page, you get a more detailed description of the error) to help our developers identify an issue. None of this information is of any use to anyone regardless of how much you might know about computers. It is also not an indication of DraftKings as a company as this poster claims. It is simply not possible for someone else to access any of your information with what the poster saw on that page whether it be your financial data, lineups, etc. I understand many in poker may default to the assumption that they're being lied to or cheated because of how many times that has happened in the past in the poker world and I'm sorry if this poster feels he was blown off by support, we never want any of our customers to feel that way. We definitely apologize if he felt he was being given the runaround in response to this. I certainly appreciate the importance of customers of online gaming companies paying close attention to things like this and exercising extreme caution, anyone who has known me will attest that in my 8 years playing poker I was always skeptical of operators and demanding of ethical behavior and open lines of communication from everyone in the industry. I retired from poker and joined DraftKings full time only after becoming convinced that I could help build a company that I was comfortable resting my reputation on. The fact is that DraftKings is a US based, venture backed, and highly ethical company with stringent safeguards in place to protect our players. Your personal information, financial information, and all game and lineup data are completely safe with us.

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