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  1. good to have to back Kev! And im sure you will be haha.
  2. stats dont lie buddy, and i play on multiple sites guy. Am i supposed to pat them on the back for not pre-regging mtt's and being broke? try to encourage you idiots to win more money? lol guys like you, who are broke and want to post on the internet, but not play or win. Its super tilting to the guys actually playing and winning.
  3. Whats happened to you clowns? you losers cant even start a game anymore...Youre making it hard for me to take all your money on the regular, like i have for the last 4 years. Step your games up and pre-reg a tourney or reload those silly little bankrolls losers.
  4. guy YOU DONT EVEN PLAY POKER anymore lol!! what are you doing on this forum anyway? go clip some coupons or something bud. This forum is for real $$$ players, look at your pathetic stats. why even add your carbon name? you dont play hahaha, but you comment on poker forums about heads up matches...Youre just proving my point again: IF THERE IS ANYONE WHO IS NOT BROKE AND A CLOWN ON CARBON POKER, hit me up on twitter and let play some poker.
  5. how broke are you fools? any GAME any STAKE, lay off the chat emoji's and play some poker matches you clowns.
  6. my withdrawal history and bankroll is the only stat im worried about little micro wannabes...Some people think Carbon quit tracking because of me and how clear i made it how much i was hurting you fools daily. Ill even play at your measily, broke stakes noobs, so we can actually get a game going.
  7. Hahaha ive been waiting for challengers...Ill repeat myself again: any game, at any stake.
  8. Haha this groupie again...I told you im not interested in men buddy! why dont you win some money or play me in some matches, quit trying to slide into my DM/s for no reason.
  9. you all are so bad....it cracks me up!! atleast you must be glad theyre not tracking carbon anymore so you cant see how much im dominating you fools any more....honestly, how are most of you so bad?
  10. hit me up fellas, its pretty simple...whats it like to see me win so much?
  11. like i said, any stakes, any game....clearly my results speak for themselves lol!! fabofabe, does it hurt little buddy?
  12. hey clowns!! all of you horrible players on carbon (goodsaint, OTtis, fabofabe etc.), Im looking for heads up matches in any game at any stake. Im tired of taking all your money in MTT's, so im gonna switch it up.
  13. sweet!! totally worked lol!!! thanks fabofabe, i owe you one!:)
  14. did he just deposit that $7 in hopes of receiving the bitcoin option via withdrawal?? implying that this action is known to have worked in the past for others?? id love to be able to withdrawal via BC again...i assumed they throttled my ability after two 5k BC WD's, but wasnt sure.
  15. got my check in 3 weeks...gotta say im pleasantly surprised...Wish i still had the BTC option, but i think they took away my option after 2, 5k withdrawals. Beggars cant be choosers i guess.

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