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  1. Hey! I would like to TRY and make a profitable run at some $1.50 45'man sit n go's on pokerstars $30 BAP Selling 50% or $15 Bap Runs for 24'hrs and stops early when we reach $100 Aiming to play 50 sit n go's with a minimum of 30 or whenever $100 is reached Percentages; 5%= $0.75 10%= $1.50 100%= $15 If all goes well maybe we could take any potential profits and Jam it into a MTT Bap Cheers Lads ENPLAYER99
  2. Selling some pie on poker stars, and its homemade Looking to grind out some profitable runs For Tomorrow; Freaky Friday I would like to run every Hot pie on poker stars Gtd well get some runs going (no Joke) Everything $50 and under because we aint rich YET...... Cheers lads
  3. Canada is the #1 Country on the planet!
  4. Another ''sellout'' Closed!
  5. enplayer99


    Bing blang blaow!
  6. enplayer99


    I get tittys so easily dont need the money for that, but like i wanna go on tour and get some american bishes
  7. enplayer99


  8. enplayer99


    You know what **** the past im living for right now with a hella amount of experience on what not to do
  9. enplayer99


    I like that saying will deff use it some time. Okay here it goes once upon a time i was real -->reckless<-- and shot a mudder fcker in de head with a water gun, and was sentenced to a 5minute time out
  10. enplayer99


    Close this thread was a bad move creating it
  11. enplayer99


    Mandem nigga.....Bang bang!
  12. Hello all. I am looking to sell some of my action for Sunday,Jul,29 I would like to sell 50% of this package, and give the investors 100% return on their money pokerstars; Bigger 7.50 25kgtd- 11:00 EST Hotter 5.50 20kgtd- 11:15 2.20 BB 12kgtd- 11:30 Bigger 3.30 12kgtd- 12:00 11 BB 75Kgtd- 12:30 Hotter 11 50kgtd- 13:15 3.30 BB 18Kgtd- 13:30 Bigger 11 50kgtd- 14:00 Total=$54.80 rounded to $55 for ease Percentages; 5%=$2.75 Rail will include; Table I.D information, final position, and any amount won Money will be distributed promptly after completing final game Thanks for any interest
  13. enplayer99


    Youre awesome, so are the rest of you :D
  14. enplayer99


    The reason for you're negativity is beyond me, but i can understand. You painted a conclusion on you're own regarding my dreams, which is self projected, and mirrors you're own dreams. Take you're own advice, and re-evaluate yourself instead of evaluating me.
  15. enplayer99


    U seem deprived waterlooloo
  16. enplayer99


    Least he wasn't a pussy
  17. enplayer99


    The sense of humor round here is awesome, and i really believe these comment will help propel me even faster towards my goals, so thanks!
  18. enplayer99


    Hello pocketteers! I had one of my best dreams ever last night! I won the sunday million, and it literally shot me into the limelight of the poker scene :D .... The best part minus the Monayyyy was pocket fives wrote me up a big article congratulating me, and included me among some of the top online players on the planet! Holeeeeeee Fack what a dream! My point is keep dreaming folks, and shoot for the stars because you just never know! All it takes is a dream, and a positive belief that it can happen. So I say DREAM BIG, and SHOOT FOR THE STARS! :D ..... Gives me hope i can make up for all the shitty things I am not proud of that eats at my conscience
  19. Yes keep it moving forward because anything else is just madness (Do not dwell) I repeat do not dwell! Be a nice guy and say nice hand because nobody likes a ignorant bastard (speaking from experience) Good luck...May the better half of variance be with you always :)
  20. No interest which is understandable. Closed
  21. Either way i plan on grinding today, just may have to reduce volume if we cant sell...no big deal, but im trying to rekindle the forum here, and start something special. I like to play partially backed because i find myself giving more effort, and i am terrible at bank roll management, so this way i stick to a set plan
  22. Tossing in a $3.50 45man sit n go if we can sell this

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