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  1. took clark w griswold like 10 days just to get to wally world and he had a car
  2. wait i was just kidding, so thats a real kosar? does she wear a lot of brown denim?
  3. Wow, for that kind of money, you'd get two testicles. Don't you think?
  4. better get yourself a hyphenator
  5. 1060 W Addison St, Chicago, IL 60613
  6. bighems, go fuck yourself
  7. OT golfers

    oh i jet here, i jet there
  8. whats the line on every world cup intro song being about how women are strong
  9. not arguing, just dont remember, a real response would be nice tho :)
  10. did MJ use to cry like a toddler after every foul called on him like lebron does? i cant remember players doing that back then, maybe i just forgot?
  11. ur aqo beat my 8s in that wcoop 2nd chance in 2009, lucky prick
  12. do u still have the rockets jersey
  13. Amy Schumer

    she was pretty good in pitch perfect
  14. open stream, see ol boy on the river w/9k in the pot at 200/400 board reading TT98K with 26o pure dry, that's enough for me
  15. bro, have u completely lost your mind? this thread and the 2p2 thread are such incredible rants

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