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  1. lol @ this post... I think making a living is still possible! I think there are like 20 different random games on the next I could play that would make me 20k a month in my sleep. As it is, I'd probably say 50k is an average month for me at 5/10. I did that in two weeks in May since I was out of town... yea yea, it's extraordinarily fun to be good...
  2. yea, i hate those arrogant bastards that think they are better than everyone else
  3. I think you should fold, I think the minraise should tell us that he's got a set!
  4. The greatest accomplishment in online poker is obviously aejones final tabling 6 of 8 109rs, and getting back to back 3rds in the fuper. I mean, dude final tabled like 8 of 50 tournaments he played, that is sick. aejones is sick good. Long live aejones: the man, the myth, and the legend.
  5. aejones

    i didn't challenge him, plz practice reading comprehension, k thnx. also, i have no freakin idea who these people are, i'm not really up on poker internet gossip, i just read strat stuff and post bout myself
  6. aejones

    lol, that is a joke, nice try tho
  7. aejones

    get the hell out of here clown, don't you read any of the strat threads weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  8. aejones

    btw i was loooking throught he rankings, stuart paterson is ranked i don't wanna be ranked end of story
  9. aejones

    lol @ joeytheb that guy is "ranked" he's on this site? srsly? honestly, he might be the nicest guy in the wrold... but i automatically assumed that he was just a tournadonator
  10. aejones

    refresh my memory?
  11. aejones

    lend me your ears... the root of my bragging isn't monetary, i brag bout my game without leaks that are glaring, i laugh at the tournament players who spew and spew, or who sit their with their chips stuck like glue, unable to adjust to table conditions, i sit and i play while subconsciously wishin, that they would just hand me their chips, and pucker their lips, and get in line last, and kiss my white ass
  12. aejones

    lend me your ears... i'm not gonna sit here and brag about it, becuase what ever i write y'all haters will doubt it, the swings of high stakes make even the best quake, in the state of the games with money and fames, those who succeed are rolled from party poker or only interested in greed, i don't wanna let my bankroll bleed so i stay with 5-10 which provides what i need, so i'll sit in the mid stakes and not try to reach the apex, becuase while my BR is decent we all know i'm not timex
  13. aejones

    Thanks! If I keep playing tournaments, luck is what I'll need!
  14. aejones

    Frats suck. But I'm in college too. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  15. aejones

    Obviously you don't know enough about my past to comment. That is fine, I don't know anything about you either, so I won't talk any shit.
  16. aejones

    BTW if you people want to give players credit for their accomplishments, give them praise for their success in a game like 5/10 6m on Stars, check out winrates over a large number of hands. Obv your beloved tournament pros wouldn't fare too well there, but I can promise you that the long run comes a lot faster there than it does in MTTs. And if you wanna think I'm good, think I'm good for how I've done in that game, considered to be very difficult by most standards.
  17. aejones

    lol I can't do both. I'm having a 50k month at these stupid tournaments, they're completely mindless and take little to no effort for the first 80% of them... And I'm up 20k in cash in under 20k hands? Of course I can make more playing 5/10, shouldn't someone like you be grinding sngs or something?
  18. aejones

    I am a huge asshole. I am this way because: 1. I don't care. 2. People suck at poker. 3. Honesty is tough to handle for most. 4. ??? 5. Profit $$$
  19. aejones

    That is because you haven't played me in short handed NLHE cash.
  20. aejones

    Obv not a winner... That is why I've final tabled the 163 fuper on Full Tilt with back to back 3rd place finishes in 2 of my last 4, on back to back monday nights. This is just random success, I'm obviously terrible.

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