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  1. Surely the big question is whether there were any bounties involved. Secondly, has the BB been a maniac previously and gained such a huge stack by taking big isolation spots with hands like 33,44,55 etc... he is likely shoving because he doesn't want over called by a hand like 1010. Think you have to ask yourself are you wanting to run deep deep or are you happy with a 15th place finish... My opinion but I think you have to take that spot and hope the BB is playing a lower pocket pair as you'll have him crushed.
  2. I will be brutally honest... I have played about 12 years but never taken poker in any way seriously. Especially and I cannot emphasize this enough with my bankroll management and tournament choices. I am a losing player due to my wild bankroll decisions and reveling in the fact I am in a $109 turbo bounty builder with C.Darwin2, limitless, Bencb etc etc.. so essentially utterly outclassed but I love competition and I get a huge thrill from competing and playing alongside the best in the game. After spewing off a hefty $8k win in 2018 from a few mtt's and winning a tournament live in Vegas, I
  3. Need some advice as to whether this reshove which hunted the short stack bounty but put me at risk from the bigger stack who raised to try isolate the short stack bounty was a loose move.. I realise this is the Saturday Bounty Builder and there is more emphasis on aggressively hunting bounties than normal but this still didn't quite sit right with me.. His bet indicated strength rather than just a simple reshove on his part - what are your thoughts? Plus I had a healthy stack and could have sat patiently waiting for the blinds to hurt the shorter stacks who will get more loose as time goes on.
  4. Yeah that makes sense, the flat decision was based on the zero fold equity and I thought if flop something horrible like JK4 etc I could have made the fold and potentially made the money even from that position. Either way I think you're right, if I shoved then more likely one player would shove to isolate me but then again my bounty was tiny so not even sure that would have worked. Live and learn, I guess next time in this awkward position I just push it all in and pray.
  5. I am gutted about the outcome of the hand but was it the right play? I have like 7 big blinds and call the min raise in the BB with 9H9S (one heart) flop comes 473 all hearts. I decide to shove on flop and the SB wakes up with AH8H.. I'm crushed. I blocked his heart, I have the overpair, I play to go deep not to min cash.. Just need confirmation this was the correct move as I hate bubbling. https://www.boomplayer.com/31945380_7AF075AB55
  6. So I am on a big downswing in 2019 but I stand by my play and feel I am getting my money in good a lot of the time but having very bad run outs at the most critical moments in tournaments. I just want to know if any top players here have had a similar run but still believed in their ability and stuck by their logic, experience and mental resiliance and turned it around? It is becoming fairly soul destroying getting beat by a 20BB pre flop all in call with A3os when I hold QQ in the $162BB etc but I actually close the table with a smile on my face knowing I got max ev out that spot and played i
  7. I had a sunrun in 2018 where I booked 2nd place in Mini Battle Royale for nearly 5k, couple of other deep runs banking about another 3k. My profit for the year was just over $5k online and about $2k live. It's safe to say that 2018 was my poker turning point after doing lots of studying on my mental game, utilising a more aggressive strategy and picking my spots. Also almost vitaly in these tournaments where I was running deep my flips just won, like at least 50% of the time to 70% of the time I just won.. it was simple?! Fast forward one year and I have made mistakes with my bankroll manageme
  8. Ok guys, after a few days to think about it I'm now thinking it wasn't a +EV move with 5 to act behind... was a bit bounty greedy and should have flat and folded I think.. pretty hand lured me in!
  9. https://upswingpoker.com/hand/?pokeit=724dBbDFf Im really not sure if I was hunting too wide but my considerations were that the original all in shove was about 9BB and his range I thought would be really wide. Like A5 off etc, think it was unlucky to run into his AA but the most important part was the biggest stack waking up with QQ and knocking me out. I really tanked over the decision as I knew if I flat called the 9BB shove and got reraised all-in it wouldn't be a great situation as me shoving enabled more fold equity and I think it was the right play but just unfor
  10. Appreciate the feedback guys. All really useful stuff and I agree with pretty much all of it. I didn't want to raise too much pre as I actually wanted to try entice this LAG player to get involved as I knew he could provide a lucrative payoff with his style of play. My sizing throughout was a bit strange as I was a bit confused as to what to do... hence the strange line. I agree with you guys there! Sad result but I should have driven him out the pot at earlier stages.
  11. Gents, I would genuinely appreciate some feedback on the way that I played this hand as I am honestly not sure if the result was deserved based on my decisions. I tanked for almost the whole time bank before calling the turn... I had already marked the Villain as a LAG player and was aware he was active and looking for blood. Hero = MEEEEOOOOW https://www.boomplayer.com/25684364_E2E7387F2B
  12. Ok guys... was really just checking my sanity as it's run so badly recently I was questioning my strategy! Appreciate it and realise it +ev for going deep which is the aim of the game.
  13. So the reason I am posting this is that quite often just pre or just post the bubble I get dealt AK... I think brilliant... then it always seem to run into pocket 10's or something similar and I lose this flip a LOT. Just looking for some advice as to whether you guys think I should call in position and play post flop with it.. Below is a run down of the action so you can get more of an appreciation for the sitatuion. It's an $11 turbo Knockout on Pstars. I am in seat 1. My logic for shoving was potential fold equity, I only have 10BB's and plus I am in it to go deep not just cash. Seat
  14. Good advice and replies guys, I appreciate it. Think I'll try the 3/3.5x raises early doors in the tournament and see is that has a positive influence. I've never considered that the tournament field is significantly weaker at the start of the tournament either! It's blindingly obvious now I've seen it but it's something I've never considered.
  15. You might be thinking... daft question?! I kind of agree... I've been playing online poker for nearly 10 years now but never been a "reg" or a consistent winning player but I am observent and looking for some advice. It seemed that 5-10 years ago if you min-raised online it actually cleared away the weaker hands and left you usually winning the pot or going hu to contest the pot.. These days it seems to get to a similar situation you would need to 3x or maybe even 3.5/4x.... Poker seems to have become more aggressive pre-flop without warranting a reason as to why.... or am I just missing it? I
  16. Gentleman and Ladies of P5's, I am writing as a 6 Max Hyper SnG player predominantely although I do dabble in MTT's as well. I am currently a break even player and I want to try improve my game. I'm looking for likeminded, ideally strong and winning players of 6 Max Hyper's so that we can form a closed group/community. This is to share tactics, analyse hands and to try bolster each other's overall game. Happy to skype etc to chat and try get a feel for where improvements can be made. My goal this year is to win $1000 playing 6 Max Hypers so that I can move up in stakes and also so that I have
  17. I thought i played it pretty well and got max value from situation.. fact remains it was still a horrific bad beat! Against better players i agree its a potential fold due to trips etc...
  18. Are you guys for real?? I was MASSSSSSIVE dog to win that... like he had 5%?! why the heck would I fold?? haha he was a loose maniac so knew I was good..
  19. ?? Fold pre... as in you implying I shouldn't have called his shove on the flop as he could have had trips then?? It was low stakes and the guy was playing loose so thought I was safe..
  20. This beat on $3.50 Turbo 50/50 on Stars really did make me chuckle! The logic behind his play, the insta shove with air and the ridiculous outcome. All very entertaining stuff but really not surprising based on my run recently. Variance really does have a wicked way with me. :( Feel free to comment or leave worse beats you have had below... http://www.boomplayer.com/en/poker-hands/Boom/15072870_8E908DE83D
  21. Thanks for the advice man. Yeah I'm gonna keep plugging away. Hopefully I get a break soon, its pretty rough getting loads of horrible bad beats.. But yeah I reckon if I can increase the volume of play it could go better. Twitch videos do look good, defo give them a watch and try learn some stuff.
  22. Best of luck buddy! Be interesting to see how you get on. Takes balls to actually apply yourself fully and give it a go.
  23. I'm still busting a nut to try make a micro FT.. seems I can cash but really struggle to go deep (usually by being too passive or getting a crazy streak of bad beats).. what's the longest stint you have had before making a MTT final table? I'm beginning to lose faith slightly, as I seem to 90% of the time get my money in good but get seriously bad luck.. like AA v QQ, KK v 77, AK v K10 preflop all in getting beat.. also do you tend to win most of your chips by bullying small stacks once you have got a mid to large stack?
  24. New tactic is helping to shape my game and make me more difficult to read and bet against... coming up against some seriously bad luck of recent with KK getting cracked by QQ preflop all in.. AK beat by K10 pre-flop etc to name but a few.. seems a constant barrage of insanely bad variance. :( il keep plugging away cos 90% of the time im getting my money in good.. just need a break.
  25. Obv if heads up or 3 to maybe even 4/5 handed you will be playing a different style of poker.. this tactic was really designed to stop me from merely "cashing" to getting deeper in tournaments and going for the big bucks. I tried it yesterday and my poker definitely improved by a regimented gear change style. I cashed in 2 out of 6 tournaments but failed to run deep yet again. Patience and solid play should help me break through and go deeper.

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