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  1. Well shit that backfired. Bottom-paging son of a bitch.
  2. My man. (I just realized those two words could be construed in one of two ways. I meant it, like, how the black guys say it.) Yeah but can you strum out a sick beat on that there harp?
  3. Oh thank god. Because I accidentally all my BTC.
  4. I identify as a normal human male.
  5. Well shit. I read acp's post and was like "well damn, maybe it's finally time to check that show out." But then I read hookey's. And I don't think I want to watch Sex and the City for anyone.
  6. I'm liking "See" much better than I expected I would when I first read the premise.
  7. I'm not sure if we're talking about Shurbs or FD. But either way it works.
  8. Frankly I never understood the appeal.
  9. omg I just had a brilliant idea. The next level of NFTs. We combine the "animals" and the "dicks": Animal Dicks! Donkey dick. Duck dick. Dog dick. Some are big. Some are small. Some are twisted like a corkscrew. Some have sparkles! boys we gon be rich
  10. Just to continue from that last post, it is crazy how many projects are out there. Ever since I joined a couple NFT discords I get daily spam, sometimes 3-4 DMs in a day, talking about this "amazing new NFT project zomg!" And they're all these stupid pfp animal things. Tiny Tigers. Polite Pandas. Just now I got a new one about sharks. But with lazer eyes/rainbow hair/gold chains!! Etc. Just the same stupid ideas spammed over and over again with different animal types. I know that against all common sense some of these really stupid things end up being valued, but it's tough to sort through all the noise.
  11. I would but I already have waaaaaaaaay too many pictures of dicks. I'm more of a holder/hoper than a flipper, but I suppose it would've been different if I had gotten lucky enough to get something with super high rarity. I have a couple Stonercats because I liked the vision and the attempt to decentralize media, and I'm getting a few Oni Ronins tomorrow because i really like the art and the ideas behind it. But I just don't have enough of a sense for current/future value to know what/how to flip. How do I sell today knowing it could double in value tomorrow? And such.
  12. What am I, Google? Sheesh. https://lifehacker.com/the-difference-between-captions-and-subtitles-and-why-1847810948?utm_source=pocket-newtab
  13. At first I was like But then I was like
  14. Also I watched Fear Street trilogy last night. Haven't watched a good chop-em-up flick in while. I enjoyed it. Not sure if my favorite part was bitches gettin stabbed, bitches gettin axed, or that one bitch that SPOILERS got her head and face literally diced. You wouldn't think it's healthy to have an erection for that long, but thankfully everything seems okay this morning.
  15. Darfus is dead, pa! They kilt em. They kilt em but good.
  16. I think we all know that's never going to happen.
  17. Read an interesting article yesterday that claimed that "subtitles" are written using the script, and thus have more correct/better foreign translation, while "captions" are written after the fact from the audio dub, and thus generally have shittier translation. They used Squid Game as an example to point out some allegedly meaningful things that got lost in the (bad) translation on the captions side. Which sucks because I always prefer CC over subs just because they include every sound; things like music, and door creaks, and words to songs, etc, that subs don't bother with. But it's good to know I guess.
  18. no u shut your whorish mouth motherfucker do u even
  19. I do. I did. And I shall certainly do so again. Careful what you wish for. I must say though, it's kind of sad that even RT2 had a better response than this lame line here. I'm even a little hurt that you couldn't be bothered to capitalize, or punctuate. You're usually sometimes almost reasonable. On occasion. Are you feeling okay? Ha, just kidding, I don't care. Boom, roasted. lol emoji

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