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  1. Bollievp goodby pack

    GL in spain!
  2. Hello, looking to start selling some pokerstars action so thought i would start with a small sunday package! Hope you would like to invest. Have not sold before so no references but have bought action many times in the forums here. Selling 50% No markup. 18. 45 - $22 6MAX PSKO - 35K GTD 19.00 - The bigger $11 - 120K GTD 19.15 - $8.80 6MAX TURBO - 10K GTD 19.30 - $5.10 HYPER - 5K GTD 19.30 - $13.50 KO - 25K GTD 20.00 - $5.50 TURBO TOTAL 100% - $65.9 10% - $6.59 will be playing regardless of whether i sell any action. Book here and ship to derfsnave (picture of dog) on stars. Thanks for looking and GL.
  3. tuesday package

    10% plz
  4. sunday value package

    sent. gl
  5. sunday value package

    20% of pack 2 plz
  6. sunday package

    UL in 11 PSKO gg
  7. sunday package

    google doc doesnt seem to be loading.
  8. sunday package

    fund sent. glgl
  9. sunday package

    i know the big 5.50 has started but let me know
  10. sunday package

    i will take 10% if your still selling?
  11. WCOOP Event 20 - $500K Gtd Saturday

    sure. 10% res joedlo 40% available
  12. WCOOP Event 20 - $500K Gtd Saturday

    Hello, i won a satellite into this $109 event and want to play it even thought its not standard BRM. Due to the prize pool and its WCOOP, thought its a good time to take a shot! selling at cost so no mark up. 5% - $5.45 10%- $10.90 Will play if i can sell 40% but up to 50% for sale. ship funds to derfsnave on stars by 3.30 GMT and i will confirm here if im playing. I realise i havn't sold action before but i have invested in a few people on P5s. let me know if you have any questions. thanks Derfsnave
  13. Bollievp sunday

    20% plz. glgl
  14. Bollievp sunday pack.

    sick run. congrats bollie!
  15. Bollievp goes sunday milly

    5% plz glgl
  16. Bollievp sunday 14/6 pack

    i will take 5% is its still available. gl gl
  17. Bollievp sunday 7th june bountypack

    well in bollie! congrats!
  18. bollies sunday bountypack

    10% plz bollie. gl today.
  19. bollievp SCOOP 2015 package

    5% plz. plz confirm when received. gl gl
  20. bollievp 26/04/2015 sunday bountyhunterpack

    5% plz bollie. gl gl
  21. 5% plz. can you confirm when received. ty
  22. Small Monday Session

    20% plz
  23. Bollievp supersunday bountyhunter pack

    ty bollie. wp!

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