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  1. The 2021 World Series of Poker is just a week away, and it promises to be unlike any WSOP we’ve ever seen before. For the first time, the series will be held in the fall instead of the summer, and with the WSOP requiring proof of vaccinations to play, it is truly a mystery how big or small this unique series will be. One person who plans to be there for at least part of the series is recent Las Vegas resident, David “ODB” Baker. The two-time bracelet winner enjoyed some big success in football betting last year, winning the Westgate Super Contest, and finishing tied for second in the Circa Sports Millions contest. His team earned nearly $800,000, but according to Baker, it wasn’t one of the reasons for the recent move. “My wife Nicole and I had been living in Tucson, AZ because her daughter was in high school and we couldn’t move. She is now at college and we were free to move anywhere. We chose Vegas over LA due to the traffic and extremely high cost of living and taxes. We wanted to live somewhere where we could easily access poker but we have more close friends in Vegas so the decision really was an easy one. We're very happy here so far,” Baker explained. COVID-19 protocols have been changing everywhere throughout the last few months, and Las Vegas is no different. Live poker has been booming in Las Vegas all summer long, and as a result, Baker originally thought the WSOP would be historically big. However, as the start of the series approaches, Baker is not as optimistic now. “I was very optimistic at a big WSOP a few months ago when restrictions were lowered and the cases were declining. With the increased COVID protocols in Vegas, I’m less optimistic but also hopeful. It wouldn’t surprise me if the series really was a big success but also wouldn’t surprise me if it kinda flopped. I don’t think we can know what to expect still, even a week out,” said Baker. Baker did have some thoughts on the vaccine mandate, and also voiced his support for masks not being mandatory, as he would be far less likely to play the tournaments if he was required to wear one. “It’s time for our country to take care of each other. In order to move forward with some sense of normalcy, we need to eradicate the virus the best way we can. The vaccine is proven to slow down the spread and almost eliminate deaths from COVID. I’m glad as a society, and at the WSOP, we are starting to move towards a vaccine-only requirement. “You have the freedom to not get it but then we have the freedom to shun you for your decision," Baker continued. "As for masks, I couldn’t play a whole or even partial schedule with a full mask mandate. I may wear it if I feel people around me look at all sick but I will be without a mask as much as possible.” COVID regulations aren’t the only thing that makes this series unique. College and NFL football dominate the Las Vegas sportsbooks during the fall, and for the first time, the WSOP will have that competition on the weekends. Baker is one of several big NFL bettors who will be at the World Series of Poker and says that while he doesn’t think football will have a big factor for most of the series, it will certainly be a factor for him. “I don’t think the season of football will have a big impact on turnout. The other factors are bigger. It will impact my schedule somewhat. I won’t be playing Saturday events unless it’s a can’t-miss event. I definitely won’t play early Sunday events. May late reg the Sunday afternoon event if it is something I really want to play,” said Baker. The last few years, Baker and his wife have run a popular fantasy league tied to the prices set in the $25,000 Daniel Negreanu Fantasy league. However, with that league not running this year, Baker has decided that he, too, will not run his league. Given all the uncertainty, he is simply looking forward to focusing on poker this series. “As of now I am planning on playing but I won’t have side bets like normal. I think there are just too many unanswered questions as to how it will be run. If they have someone sanitizing the empty seats when people bust and they have the kiosk registration and things then I am more likely to play. If they aren’t doing things to better protect us and I’m not having fun I will play [fewer tournaments] and just play cash," he said. "I’m excited, yet not the same way I have in the past. Just been a weird couple of years. I will be there for the 25k H.O.R.S.E. and see where we go from there.”
  2. Ryan Hagerty made a name for himself late in 2020, when he final-tabled the domestic World Series of Poker Main Event, finishing fourth for $387,310. Hagerty rolled that momentum over to multiple victories in January at the partypoker US Online Poker Series, where he won three events. However, Hagerty said that after that month, he hit a downswing. “Well, when I got back from the WSOP finish I kept my heater going online for a little bit," Hagerty said. "And then, after that, it was straight down for most of the year. That was until I was able to capture that ring, which was awesome.” That victory came in the middle of June in the $320 Six Max WSOP Circuit ring event, where he bested a field of nearly 400 players to earn almost $23,000. After that result, Hagerty hit another rough patch and decided that he needed a change of scenery for his game to bounce back. “The two weeks prior to these wins I had felt my play slipping a bunch, and I decided to take a Saturday away from online and drive down to Maryland Live! to play a $1,000 event. I hadn't played live poker in so long ... and I needed a getaway.” Hagerty said that while he didn’t make the final table, he was able to polish his game in many key ways. “I ended up finishing in 16th for a min-cash, but I really think I plugged a bunch of leaks in my game on that trip and have been playing more confidently since, and luckily for me results followed that change of play,” he said. Hagerty made the final table of WSOP Online Event #22 ($600 NLHE KO), finishing fifth for just under $10,000, before his massive victory in Event #23 ($500 NLHE Turbo). Hagerty came into the final table with the chip lead but, as he described, the final table was a roller coaster. “With eight left, I lost ace-king of clubs to aces, but then immediately bounced back winning multiple all-ins with kings, aces, and eights to take an overwhelming chip lead into four-handed play.” Hagerty went on to win a back-and-forth three-handed and heads-up battle to earn him his first bracelet. Hagerty had to overcome WSOP.com online regular Anthony Chin at the final table and two-time WSOP bracelet winner and former #1-ranked PocketFiver Calvin Anderson. With his victory, Hagerty joins a growing club of WSOP online bracelet winners. Many have argued that having so many online bracelet events is bad for the WSOP, and waters down the importance and prestige of the bracelet. However, Hagerty is of the mindset that the online events are great for poker. “I absolutely loved the online bracelets from the moment they started. I think it is awesome for the game. I'm not sure they are the same as winning one live, but that doesn't matter all that much to me. It is great for poker in general, particularly the growth of online poker.” Hagerty says that after a busy few weeks of grinding, he is ready to take a break and head to the West Coast for a much-needed and earned vacation. After that, Hagerty will be bracelet hunting once again, as the WSOP will be running eight bracelet events in Pennsylvania. “I will be going on vacation to San Francisco for a few days before I come back to play the Pennsylvania bracelet events which I am very excited for! Beyond that, I will be playing the WPT in Maryland in September and possibly other events in that series.” Hagerty had previously said that he was largely planning to grind online the rest of the year, and didn’t have plans to play much at the live WSOP in the fall. However, Hagerty has now conceded that after getting a taste of WSOP gold, he certainly plans to be back in Vegas for more shots in a couple of months. “I definitely want to play some WSOP events in Vegas, but we'll see what happens in the coming months with COVID. I wouldn't ever play a full schedule, but I would play some good events as well as the Main, which I won a seat for. Hopefully, it doesn't get canceled.”
  3. Its at 3 and I'm supposed to head to Vegas at 6:30. I wanted to see if it would be done by then. I know its a double stack, but I know the mini ftops only takes about 3 and a half and that gets like 5 times the players this gets. Plus its 4 max. Any help would be appreciated thanks guys!
  4. He's "The Fat Fish" and yes andy mcloed and he ran bad in the main. fml lol
  5. Thanks for runnin the thread sir. Go fat fish imper1um and csimmsux!
  6. Not sure if this tells us anything we don't already know but I thought I'd post this. Hope the news stays good! http://blog.games.yahoo.com/blog/407-will-online-gambling-be-legalized-this-year
  7. Sent 55 to Ape. tayke2 on FTP. Sorry if I'm late just woke up. Made my picks earlier Imerp1um Fat Fish and csimmsuxs. And PLB for sure. And I thought it was a combination of the two tournaments no?
  8. If we are going to go ahead and pick I'll take Imper1um, Fat Fish, and csimmsux.
  9. I like the under 9 winner take all then add a person every 10. That seems logical.
  10. Im in for the 50 buck level. Just tell me who to send the $$ to and when to pick my horses. I would update thread but sunday is my bday so I will be busy.
  11. I had three guys in mind so I like that total but if everyone agrees on just two thats fine with me too
  12. Yeah I agree I just like picking 2-3names and however entries they have go with it. Chances are all the big dogs are entering the max anyways rite? I'm in for the 50 if we establish that.
  13. 100 is a bit much for me but if we can knock level one down to 50 I'd def be in. I'll keep checking throughout the next couple days.
  14. I find that fairly hard to believe considering he just won half a mil by taking down the Monday 1k ftops.
  15. Just did quick and easy trade with Happyfish would definitely trade with him again.
  16. Have $ 200 on FTP (tayke2) Need $200 on PS (Cash Token) Haven't traded yet using this but I have posted regularly. Will trade first if in 25-50 dollar increments. PM if interested. Thanks.
  17. I cashed out via check on virtually the same day adn I emailed ftp and got a response saying that it had processed through them but there was a delay on the 3rd party's part but that it was on its way apparently.
  18. MY guess is Racener was just uber card dead in heads up. He was put in a situation where he had like 20 bbs if that going into heads up. So he got widdled down a bit got his double then lost some more hands. My guess is he was limping with hands he wanted to see a flop with...97 suited J9 suited etc and had to fold when Duhamel raised. Then he did the same with like AK AQ and either got out flopped or won the pot on the flop. He was just hand cuffed didn't seen like there was much he could do.
  19. If you followed hand for hand online, Cheong was easily the best player, and I'd say Duhamel was the 2nd best. Granted its easy to be overly aggressive with his chip count, but still. Grinder might have played a better final table, but given how talent the table was, anyone who won would have deserved it.
  20. Despite that big hand, if anyone who watched the coverage yesterday and didn't come to the conclusion that Cheong was easily the best player at the table, I would love to hear your explanation.
  21. Gotta look at Huck Seed too here I think. Guy has a main event title, and when it comes to going 1 on 1 with the best in the world, Seed has come out on top more often than not, winning one national heads up, final 4ing two others I believe, and now still in sweet 16 of wsope heads up. The problem is, when you watch him on TV, he doesn't seem to care about poker. More so about side bets he could make. But yeah someone who's holdem skills are vastly underappreciated imo.
  22. Got the Grinder in my A team, had Mercier in my B and got Benyamine in my C
  23. Time Warner is bout to lose alot of customers in Socal.

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