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  1. I rarely come on here anymore, but for some reason I was motivated to check this thread. So sad to hear the latest news - Was really hoping you'd win the battle.
  2. Sad to hear the last update bro. Thank you for chronicling this over the last few years - it's been a roller-coaster journey. Good luck and stay strong.
  3. they were covering NYC and Dallas. It happened live while on air. We were watching as it happened.
  4. watching it now...wow was watching it, and saw three people down...not sure if the other two where hiding or shot
  5. Good lord Kris Bryant...2 doubles, 3 HRs, 6 RBIS.
  6. The fires in SoCal are a bit too close. Just bought a place in the northern area of Azusa back in April. Fire is less than 2 miles away.
  7. what a momentum swing after Desjardin missed that empty net. wow.
  8. The problem was that the doc didn't warn me about that part. Almost a week after, I was like wtf, did they fuck up the surgery? Went in for a check up, and they said it was normal. A few days later the swelling went away. If the hernia has been bothering you, it's worth the pain and aggravation to get it fixed.
  9. Good thing I deleted about how swollen my balls were for the next week.
  10. Yes, had one back in 2003. Night of surgery wasn't bad. The next night was horrible. Getting up and down is the absolute worst pain - you'll definitely figure out how much you use your core. And then a week after, after your partially recovered. You'll go to sit down quickly, forgetting about it. You'll be reminded. Just take your time for recovery. It will be a few weeks.
  11. A bit late on the trip report, since I got back yesterday afternoon. I had a smaller budget this year. I left home with $600 in my wallet. After paying cash for all meals, alcohol. cabs, etc, I came home with $641. Probably the best trip in regards to betting I've ever had. 6 of 7 of our underdog ML bets hit. And I could not lose on penny slots. This was the last thing I remember from Friday night. We had just won on ND, St Joes, and ML on N. Iowa. We were drinking at the bar next to the Bank during this time. Then bottle service at The Bank happened. It got out of control quickly. 8 of us total - the above post was midway through the 3rd bottle. I drank way too much, way too fast. Apparently I couldn't walk, and could barely talk. My buddy helped me out of the club...then I guess the nice security at Bellagio got me a wheelchair to get me to the cabstand. On the way there, puked in some trash cans. Next thing I know its 10am Saturday morning, and needed to start driving back to SoCal felling like horseshit. One crappy pic was on my phone of me and our waitress. I'm sure there are more pics on someone else's phone that I'll try to get.
  12. Nailed the last three games, and just profited from 5 penny slots in a row. At bellagio, about to go into the bank.

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