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  1. The third time was definitely the charm as far as field sizes go in the 2020 World Series of Poker Online. On Friday, Event #3 ($400 No Limit Hold'em), the lowest buy-in event on the schedule to date, drew the largest turnout to date with 2,091 total entries creating a $752,760 prize pool. After a little more than 12 hours of play, Robert 'bustinballs' Kuhn emerged victorious to win his first WSOP bracelet and $115,849.76. The win came just a few hours after he picked up another victory on WSOP.com to bring his daily earnings just north of $136,000. Starting the final table with just six big blinds, 'AndrewFreund' needed to find a spot to double up. After action folded to 'AndrewFreund' in late position, he moved all-in for 658,052 with [poker card="ah"][poker card="8s"] and the second shortest remaining, Max 'ndirish50' Huster, moved all-in over the top with [poker card="qc"][poker card="qs"]. The [poker card="qh"][poker card="9h"][poker card="3s"] flop put a quick end to any drama and 'AndrewFreund' was officially eliminated in ninth place following the [poker card="9s"] turn and [poker card="jh"] river. Kuhn and Roland 'prngls12' Israelashvili then engaged in a pre-flop raising war that saw the six-time WSOP Circuit ring winner sent packing. Holding [poker card="td"][poker card="th"], Israelshvili raised to 240,000 from UTG before Kuhn re-raised to 705,000 from the hijack with [poker card="qc"][poker card="qs"]. Israelshvili then moved all-in for 3,257,635 and Kuhn called. The [poker card="9d"][poker card="4c"][poker card="4d"] flop changed nothing and the [poker card="3s"] turn and [poker card="6c"] river sealed Israelshvili's eighth place finish. Ten minutes later 'pokeher2014' moved all-in for 1,641,622 from middle position with [poker card="ah"][poker card="7h"] and 'kulbot' called from the small blind with [poker card="9c"][poker card="9s"]. The [poker card="kc"][poker card="qc"][poker card="qs"][poker card="7s"][poker card="2s"] runout failed to give 'pokeher2014' any assistance and they were eliminated in seventh place. A multi-way pot led to the next elimination just five minutes later. Keren opened to 320,000 from UTG, Kuhn called from UTG+1, 'Doc33' called from the button, and Evan 'Escott121181' Scott defended his big blind. The flop came [poker card="th"][poker card="6h"][poker card="3s"] and Scott moved all-in for 2,671,929. Keren and Kuhn both folded but 'Doc33' called. Scott showed [poker card="td"][poker card="8h"] but found himself outpipped when 'Doc33' tabled [poker card="tc"][poker card="9c"]. The [poker card="5d"] turn and [poker card="jd"] river both kept 'Doc33' in front and Scott was eliminated in sixth. The momentum continued for 'Doc33' a few minutes later and he turned it into another elimination and the chip lead. Kuhn raised to 320,000 as the first to act, Max 'ndirish50' Huster shoved for 1,451,606, and 'Doc33' called from the button. Kuhn folded. 'Doc33' flipped over [poker card="ad"][poker card="qh"] and he once again had his opponent dominated as Huster showed [poker card="ah"][poker card="jh"]. The [poker card="ac"][poker card="4c"][poker card="3h"] flop gave both players top pair, the [poker card="2h"] turn gave Huster the nut flush draw and chop outs, but the [poker card="qd"] river gave 'Doc33' two pair and the pot to eliminate Huster in fifth place. 'Doc33' continued to steamroll and a few minutes after ending Huster's bracelet run, they did the same thing to another player. From UTG, 'klubot' moved all-in for 2,259,071 with [poker card="kd"][poker card="jh"] and 'Doc33' called with [poker card="ah"][poker card="7c"] in the big blind. The [poker card="jd"][poker card="8c"][poker card="5h"] flop gave 'klubot' the lead and the [poker card="tc"] turn changed nothing. The [poker card="ac"] river, however, gave 'Doc33' yet another pot and sent 'klubot' out in fourth. Three-handed play carried on for 25 minutes and despite starting with the chip lead, 'Doc33' was the next one out the door. Kuhn raised to 810,000 with [poker card="kh"][poker card="ks"] from the small blind and 'Doc33' clicked back to 2,332,500 from the big blind holding [poker card="qc"][poker card="jc"]. Kuhn responded by shoving all in for 15,444,620 and 'Doc33' called all in for 10,045,975. The board ran out [poker card="js"][poker card="8s"][poker card="6d"][poker card="5h"][poker card="td"] to eliminate 'Doc33' in third. Heads-up play began with Kuhn holding a 5-1 chip lead over Keren and through 45 minutes of play, Keren battled back to hold the lead himself only to see it fall back into Kuhn's hands one final time. Down to just five big blinds, Keren three-bet shoved for 2,075,000 with [poker card="ks"][poker card="ts"] after Kuhn opened to 800,000 with [poker card="8h"][poker card="8s"]. The [poker card="as"][poker card="jd"][poker card="7s"] flop gave Keren all kinds of outs but neither the [poker card="4c"] nor the [poker card="2d"] river was any help and Kuhn eliminated him to win his first WSOP bracelet and $115,850. Final Table Payouts Robert 'bustinballs' Kuhn - $115,850 Ronald 'rlksaces' Keren - $71,587 Doc33 - $52,242 klubot - $38,466 Max 'ndirish50' Huster - $28,605 Evan 'Escott121181' Scott - $21,454 pokerher2014 - $16,184 Roland 'prngls12' Israelshvili - $12,345 AndrewFreund - $9,560 Faces in the Crowd The huge field all but guaranteed there would be some familiar names making their way into the money. Joey 'JOEYdaMUSH' Galazzo (41st - $2,408.83), Ari 'philivey' Engel (76th - $1,279.69), Daniel Negreanu (210th - $677.48), and Dan 'centrfieldr' Lupo (229th - $677.48) were some of the more recognizable names who picked up a score on Friday. Negreanu has now cashed in back-to-back events.
  2. Over the course of the 2020 World Series of Poker, PocketFives will be checking in with Chris Moorman and Katie Lindsay as they chase down WSOP glory. Normally at this time of year, former #1-ranked PocketFiver Chris Moorman and his wife Katie Lindsay are busy making daily runs to and from the Rio Hotel as they grind the World Series of Poker and various other tournaments around town. With the 2020 WSOP postponed and 31 bracelet events available on WSOP.com, the couple is bunkered down inside their Las Vegas home ready to win a bracelet - or two - from the comfort of their kitchen, or bedroom, or sure, even the pool. The No Limit Hold’em-heavy schedule plays into the strong suits of Katie and Chris and they’ll be playing almost daily, save for maybe the Omaha 8-or-better event. While the city was shut down for a while, the pair continued to find ways to keep busy. Along with putting more volume on the virtual felt, Katie has developed an at-home workout routine and Chris has been spending as much time as possible in their backyard with their dog. They’ve also recently started spending time with their newest neighbor, another crusher who moved into the neighborhood. “We are lucky to have a house on a lake so we can go kayaking or hang out by the pool,” Katie says. “We actually started playing the first event from the pool with our neighbor Connor Drinan before eventually moving inside.” The opening day of the WSOP events on WSOP.com couldn’t have gone much better for both players. Chris made two final tables before WSOP Event #1 ($500 NLHE) even started. Katie shined brightest though. She navigated her way through a 371-runner field in the $215 WSOP Summer Special $75,000 Guaranteed event to take home $20,485.80. Then she worked her way into the money of Event #1, finishing 149th for $1,003.27. Chris wasn’t so fortunate in the bracelet event, busting before the money. Not that anybody’s actually keeping score, but that’s Katie 1, Chris 0. The Day 2 narrative felt a lot like the Day 1 narrative. Chris made one final table in a mid-afternoon event while Katie binked a satellite into that night’s bracelet event, Event #2 ($1,000 No Limit Hold’em) and, like she did on Wednesday, worked her way into the money, finishing 122nd for $1,571. Chris bricked again. Katie 2, Chris 0. And yeah, they’re keeping score. They’re both hyper-competitive and have had plenty of run-ins at the tables over the years. They’re not going to take it easy with each other, the pride at stake is too much. “People that think couples might soft-play against each other have never been at a table with Chris and I,” Katie says. “Anybody who has ever played with us knows we’re super competitive.” “She loves to try and bubble me,” Chris jokes. The competition won’t end when the 31 bracelet events do. They’ll be joining a handful of other pros heading down to Mexico the second that last event wraps up and will be immediately jumping into action on GGPoker to play the remainder of that schedule. “I think the first event we’ll play is the Millionaire Maker,” Chris says. “We have to miss a few events that I’d like to play, like the Colossus, because of the overlap.” The Mexico plans include a house with a number of other pros and on on-site chef and concierge so they can focus all of their attention on the poker. That won’t quite me the modus operandi on Saturday, however. The couple will be celebrating July 4th at their house. A few cocktails, some button clicking in the Super Turbo bracelet event on the schedule, and there are lobster rolls on the menu. And maybe, Chris will get rid of the goose egg.
  3. The second event of the 2020 World Series of Poker played out similarly to the first. One of poker's brightest shining stars made a deep run, the final table included a well-respected player who originally cut their teeth in the online arena before finding live success and the eventual winner was a bit of mystery to the audience watching at home. Louis 'PokeThese' Lynch emerged victorious from a field of 919 runners in Event #2 ($1,000 No Limit Hold'em) to win $168,585.85 while Daniel Negreanu busted in 18th place and Jason Somerville made the final table. It took nearly 10 minutes before the first elimination of the final table. Sean 'bahbababa' Prendiville moved all-in for 1,409,873 from the button with [poker card="kc"][poker card="9h"] and Matthew 'Michmeister' Mich called off his tournament life from the small blind with [aj][poker card="jd"]. The flop came [poker card="4d"][poker card="4s"][poker card="2c"] to keep Mich in control. The [poker card="kh"] turn flipped the script and gave Prendiville top pair. The [poker card="8h"] was no help for Mich and he was eliminated in eighth. A few hands later, a standard race gave Prendiville his second victim. Jon 'jonnyg93' Gisler shoved his stack of 2,200,981 all-in from early position with [poker card="as"][poker card="kc"] and Prendiville called from the big blind with [poker card="qc"][poker card="qd"]. The [poker card="ks"][poker card="qs"][poker card="5s"] flop gave Prendiville middle set but left Gisler with nine outs for the nut flush. Neither the [poker card="7d"] turn nor the [poker card="6c"] river were of any help, however, and he was sent to the rail in seventh place. Six-handed play lasted 15 full minutes before Somerville's run at a second bracelet came to a screeching halt. From UTG, Lynch bet 1,000,000 with [poker card="tc"][poker card="th"] before Somerville re-raised all-in for 2,831,970 from the button with [poker card="ah"][poker card="kd"] and Lynch called. The [poker card="9h"][poker card="7c"][poker card="4d"][poker card="8h"][poker card="7d"] board offered Somerville no relief and he was out in sixth place and Lynch had his first victim. Almost 30 full minutes of five-handed ended when Prendiville clashed with Kevin 'GoneBananas' Garosshen. From the button, Prendiville shoved for 2,390,863 with [poker card="qs"][poker card="9h"] and Garosshen re-shoved from the small blind with [poker card="9c"][poker card="9s"]. The [poker card="js"][poker card="8d"][poker card="5d"] flop kept Garaosshen in front but increased Prendiville's outs. The [poker card="9d"] turn gave Garosshen a set and Prendiville was unable to hit any one of the four remaining tens to make a straight after the [poker card="5s"] river completed the board and filled Garosshen's boat. Despite picking up two eliminations early, Prendiville was eliminated in fifth. Daniel 'IntoTheRiver' Fischer was the next to go. Fischer shoved all-in for 2,813,832 from the button with [poker card="kd"][poker card="td"] only to have 'KOVID19' call from the big blind with [poker card="jc"][poker card="tc"]. The [poker card="8s"][poker card="7d"][poker card="2h"] flop gave 'KOVID19' a few extra outs. The [poker card="9s"] turn was one of them and 'KOVID19' turned an unbeatable straight and all Fischer could do was watch the meaningless, if not cruel, [poker card="kc"] complete the river to officially end his tournament with a fourth place result. Twenty minutes later, 'KOVID19' sent play from three-handed to heads-up. 'KOVID19' bet 816,000 from the button with [poker card="ad"][poker card="7d"], Lynch folded the small blind, but Garosshen moved all-in from the big blind for 837,631 with [poker card="ac"][poker card="5s"]. The [poker card="qd"][poker card="7c"][poker card="7s"] flop ended all hope for Garosshen. The [poker card="jh"] turn was meaningless and the [poker card="7h"] river gave 'KOVID19' quads to officially end Garosshen's run in third. Thanks to a 3.5-1 chip lead, Lynch needed just a few hands to finish off his final opponent. From the button, 'KOVID19' bet their final 2,246,570 with [poker card="qs"][poker card="6c"] and 'PokeThese' called with [poker card="6h"][poker card="6s"]. The board ran out [poker card="th"][poker card="5d"][poker card="4s"][poker card="2d"][poker card="8d"] to completely miss 'KOVID19' and give 'PokeThese' the bracelet and $168,585.95 payday. Final Table Payouts Louis 'PokeThese' Lynch - $168,585.95 KOVID19 - $104,242.17 Kevin 'GoneBananas' Garosshen - $73,423.50 Daniel 'IntoTheRiver' Fischer - $52,383 Sean 'bahbababa' Prendiville - $37,890.37 Jason 'haderade' Somerville - $27,762.99 Jon 'jonnyg93' Gisler - $20,691.28 Matthew 'Michmeister' Mich - $15,627.59 Notable Finishes Negreanu and Somerville weren't the only familiar faces to make the money in Event #2. Three of New Jersey's top online grinders, Michael 'itwasthator0' Gagliano (13th - $7,333.62), Daniel 'redsoxnets5' Sewnig (24th - $4,801.77) and David 'dehhhhh' Coleman (86th - $1,833.40) each cashed on Friday morning. One of Nevada's top-ranked players, David 'bewater' Goodman (52nd - $2,881.06), also earned a positive result. Katie 'katelin' Lindsey (122nd - $1,571.49), and Jon 'havuuuuuc' Turner (135th - $1,484.18) each made managed to pick up their second cash of the Series while Ryan 'protential' Laplante (106th - $1,571.49) earned his first.  
  4. The opening event of the 2020 World Series of Poker Online events had a little bit everything that makes the WSOP so special. A huge field, a deep run by none other than Mr. WSOP himself, Phil Hellmuth, and a final table that saw a new member, Jonathan Dokler, join the bracelet winner club. Event #1 ($500 No Limit Hold'em Kickoff) drew 1,715 total entries from 1,195 unique players to create a $771,750 prize pool. Dokler's eventual first place prize of $130,426 is the largest single prize on WSOP.com this year, beating the $130,410 score that Champie Douglas earned in the $525 Main Event of the Super Circuit Series earlier this year. As the field dwindled down to two tables, the field included Hellmuth gunning for a 16th bracelet, former World Poker Tour champ Taylor von Kriegenberg looking to add a WSOP bracelet to his resume, and WPT commentator and WSOP bracelet winner Tony Dunst hoping for a second bracelet. Hellmuth was the only one of those three to not make the final table. Taylor von Kriegenbergh moved all-in from the hijack for 751,580 with [poker card="kd"][poker card="ts"] only to have Justin 'MadTitan' Turner call from the cutoff with [poker card="ac"][poker card="kh"]. The board ran out [poker card="tc"][poker card="6c"][poker card="4c"][poker card="2c"][poker card="jh"] to give von Kriegenbergh top pair on the flop before Turner made the nut flush on the turn to pick up the first elimination of the night. A few minutes later, Jonathan 'Art.Vandelay' Dokler picked up his first victim of the final table. Action folded to Mark 'NostraDonkus' Liedtke on the button and he moved all-in for 1,017,824 with [poker card="qh"][poker card="7s"]. Dokler called from the big blind with [poker card="9h"]][poker card="9s"]. The [poker card="ad"][poker card="5d"][poker card="2d"] flop missed Liedtke and he could do nothing but watch as the [poker card="2h"] turn and [poker card="9c"] river gave Dokler a full house to send Liedtke out in eighth place. The fast pace of eliminations continued as a blind versus blind battle two hands later ended one player's tournament. Michael 'DDSpade' Balan opened to 390,000 from the small blind and 'djp1006' defended his big blind. The flop came [poker card="qc"][poker card="tc"][poker card="8s"] and Balan bet 460,000. 'djp1006' moved all-in behind him for 1,470,536. Balan called and tabled [poker card="th"][poker card="7d"] for middle pair while while 'djp1006' was ahead with [poker card="ac"][poker card="ah"]. The turn was the [poker card="jh"] but the river was the [poker card="td"] to give Balan trip tens to bust 'djp1006' in seventh. No one player was able to seize control of the final table to this point with the fourth elimination of the night coming at the hands of a fourth unique player ten minutes later. 'ChefShap' moved all-in from the cutoff with [poker card="ac"][poker card="5c"] with Shawn 'SayGoodNight' Daniels calling from the big blind with [poker card="qc"][poker card="qs"]. Daniels stayed in control through the [poker card="kh"][poker card="6h"][poker card="5d"][poker card="2c"][poker card="8h"] run out to send 'ChefShap' to the rail in sixth place. The final five players battled for 20 minutes with Dunst holding the chip lead despite not having been responsible for a single final table elimination. Two other players who had sent players packing battled in the next bustout. From the small blind, Balan raised to 555,000 and Dokler re-raised to 1,200,000 from the big blind. Balan called and the two players saw a flop of [poker card="kh"][poker card="td"][poker card="4d"]. Balan checked, Dokler bet 680,000 and Balan called. The turn was the [poker card="2d"] and Balan shoved his last 2,840,000 into the middle and Dokler called. Balan showed [poker card="qd"][poker card="ts"] for second pair and the third nut flush draw only to be shown [poker card="kd"][poker card="4h"] by Dokler for two pair and a better flush draw. The [poker card="3c"] river offered Balan no help and he was sent packing in fifth. Down to four players, Dunst finally found himself a victim. From the button, Dunst raised to 560,000 with [poker card="kc"][poker card="ks"]. Daniels moved all-in for 1,538,586 from the small blind with [poker card="ad"][poker card="td"] and Dunst called. The [poker card="9d"][poker card="8s"][poker card="6d"] flop gave Daniels all kinds of outs. The [poker card="6h"] turn was not one of them and neither was the [poker card="jc"] river to send him home in fourth place. Unfortunately for Dunst, his run didn't last much longer after an all-in preflop flip didn't go his way. Dunst bet 560,000 from the button with [poker card="9c"][poker card="9d"] and Dokler responded by three-betting to 1,800,000 with [poker card="ah"][poker card="kd"]. Dunst moved all-in for 9,450,881 and Dokler called. The [poker card="qc"][poker card="5c"][poker card="2s"] flop was a safe one for Dunst and the [poker card="th"] turn kept him in control. The [poker card="kh"] river however gave Dokler top pair and eliminated Dunst in third place. Heads-up play lasted just 20 minutes thanks largely to Dokler holding a better-than 3-1 lead over Turner after Dunst's elimination. On the final hand Turner bet his last 4,765,824 with [poker card="ts"][poker card="6s"] and Dokler called with [poker card="4h"][poker card="4s"]. The [poker card="6c"][poker card="5s"][poker card="3d"] flop gave Turner top pair but Dokler was now drawing to an open-ended straight. The [poker card="2h"] turn completed that draw and all Dokler could do was watch as the meaningless [poker card="5d"] river completed the hand to eliminate him and award Dokler the win and his first career WSOP bracelet. The win comes three months after Dokler picked up a WSOP Circuit Ring in the Super Circuit Series on WSOP.com and five months after his win in the Borgata Winter Poker Open High Roller for $100,829. Final Table Payouts Jonathan 'Art.Vandelay' Dokler - $130,426 Justin 'MadTitan' Turner - $80,416 Tony 'Panoramic' Dunst - $57,881 Shawn 'SayGoodNight' Daniels - $42,060 Michael 'DDSpade' Balan - $30,947 'ChefShap' - $22,998 'djp1006' - $17,287 Mark 'NostraDonkus' Liedtke - $13,120 Taylor 'ZeroTo100' Von Kriegenbergh - $10,110 Notable Finishes Hellmuth was certainly the biggest name to make the money on opening day but not the only familiar face starting off the Series with a cash. Jonathan 'havuuuuuc' Turner (12th - $7,782), Ryan 'Toosick' Tosoc (25th - $3,935.92), Dan 'feeltheflow' Sindelar (29th - $3,164.17), Mike 'mouth123' Matusow (44th - $2,623.95), Jesse 'MrJesseJames' Sylvia (137th - $1,003.27), Katie 'katelin' Lindsay (149th - $1,003.27), Napun 'javatini' Java (159th - $926.10), and Daniel 'centrfieldr' Lupo (247th - $771.75) and managed to work their way into the money on Wednesday night.
  5. The 2020 World Series of Poker Online Main Event was always going to be a big deal. Now it's official - it will have the largest prize pool in the history of online poker. GGPoker released its entire 2020 WSOP online schedule on Friday and the $5,000 Main Event comes with a $25 million guarantee. "We knew GGPoker would go BIG on the WSOP Online Series, but this is ridiculous," said Ty Stewart, Executive Director of the World Series of Poker. "The single biggest guarantee in the history of online poker is exactly what this once-in-a-lifetime event deserves." The Main Event is clearly the highlight of the 54-event schedule, but there is also a $5,000 Pot Limit Omaha, $10,000 Heads-Up No Limit Hold'em event, a $10,000 Short Deck event, and the $25,000 NLHE Players Championship to make up the rest of the marquee events. The Main Event The $25 million guarantee on the Main Event makes it the largest online poker tournament prize pool ever. The previous high was the 2018 partypoker MILLIONS which guaranteed $20 million and ended up at $21,780,000. There are multiple starting flights, each one a freezeout, for the $5,000 buy-in Main Event beginning on August 16. Day 2 runs on August 30 and the final table will be played out on September 6. Players start with 50,000 chips and the event will be played eight-handed throughout. Two Other Eight Figure Guarantees Along with the Main Event, there are two more eight-figure guarantees, one belonging to the $10,000 buy-in WSOP Super MILLION$ and the other is the $25,000 buy-in NLHE Poker Players Championship coming in at $10 million each. The other events with guarantees are the $100 buy-in The Opener ($2 million), $400 Colossus ($3 million), $400 PLOssus ($1 million), $1,500 Millionaire Maker ($5 million - $1 million to first), HK$8,000 NLHE Asia Championship (HK$8 million), $150 GGMasters WSOP Edition ($1 million), $500 Mini Main Event ($5 million), $50 BIG50 ($1 million), and the $100 WSOP Millions ($2 million). Asian Market Focus Taking advantage of GGPoker's strong following in Asia, there are 11 events with a start time that puts it in prime time in most of that market. These events all begin at 8 am ET which puts them at 8 PM in Beijing, China, and 9 PM in Seoul, Korea, and Tokyo, Japan. The highlight of that group is the HK$8,000 buy-in Asia Championship. The No Limit Hold'em event has an HK$8 million guarantee. [table id=66 /] The Great Game of Pot Limit Omaha While Hold'em makes up a bulk of the schedule, there are nine Pot Limit Omaha events on the schedule including the $5,000 buy-in Pot Limit Omaha Championship on July 21. The biggest PLO field is likely to come from the $400 PLOssus. There are 15 starting flights beginning July 19. Players can reenter each flight one time and the event has a $1 million guarantee. There are no Omaha 8-or-better events on the schedule. Familiar Events Throughout It just wouldn't be the WSOP without some of the nicknamed events on the schedule. The 2020 WSOP Online schedule includes the Millionaire Maker, the Marathon, Colossus, PLOssus, and the Monster Stack. The Millionaire Maker has a $1,500 buy-in with $1 million going to the eventual champion. Players can enter the event through the 15 starting flights that begin on July 26 and players can reenter each flight once. Players start that event with 50,000 chips and levels will be 13 minutes long. The $400 buy-in Colossus has a total of 14 starting flights beginning July 20 and players can reenter one time per flight. People's Choice One unique element of the schedule includes four events at the tail-end of the schedule that will be decided by the players through one of three methods. There are two events dubbed "People's Choice - Most Popular", a "People's Choice - Spin the Wheel" event, and a "People's Choice - Pros Vote" event. The manner in which this tournament formats and structures will be determined was not announced. Streaming Schedule Seven final tables, including the Main Event, will be streamed on PokerGO. Other PokerGO events include Event #2 ($1,111 Every 1 for Covid Relief), Event #10 ($400 Colossus), Event #11 ($300 PLOssus), Event #17 ($1,500 Millionaire Maker), Event #25 ($10,000 Heads Up NLHE), and Event #38 ($25,000 NLHE Poker Players Championship). Each of these seven events will be stopped once they reach the final table and broadcast on PokerGO the following Saturday, The remaining 47 final tables will be streamed on GGPoker's Twitch channel GGPoker.TV. 2020 WSOP ONLINE SCHEDULE - GGPOKER [table id=73 /] Note: An earlier version of this article listed the number of Main Event flights. PocketFives is working to confirm this number.
  6. Had this been any other summer under a normal set of circumstances, the poker world would be in the midst of the World Series of Poker at the Rio in Las Vegas. That madness would surely have included some of poker's brightest stars owning the stage for their victories, but it also would have featured a number of lesser-known players finding a way to claim their first gold bracelet and thrusting themselves into poker's biggest and brightest spotlight. As everybody is well aware, there isn't really anything normal about this summer. Wednesday marks the beginning of the 31 2020 World Series of Poker online bracelet events on WSOP.com. The big names will all be battling for bracelets and their share of the glory that comes with yet another title. This year, maybe more than any other in the 51-year history of the WSOP, players who have been flying below the radar will have plenty of opportunities to join the exclusive club of bracelet winners. Here are five American players who could put on a show worthy of a little slice of the poker world's attention over the next 31 days. David Coleman David Coleman gets the advantage of starting off the 2020 WSOP with a marquee win fresh in his rearview. On Sunday, Coleman topped the 868-entry field in the World Poker Tour Online Poker Open on the partypoker US Network for a $56,585.70 score. He's not some kid on a heater though. In January, the 27-year-old Livingston, New Jersey resident took over the #1 spot in the USA Rankings for the first time in his career. In April, he earned a New Jersey Spring Championship of Online Poker title by beating 242 other entries in the $350 Sunday Special SE. Coleman has won the PokerStars NJ Sunday Special a staggering eight times since November 2016. All told, Coleman has earned over $3 million playing online in New Jersey and has picked up 257 wins and a 180 second-place finishes. Coleman has had only a small sampling of WSOP success thanks to nine total cashes with just five of them coming on the live felt. In 2017, he picked up a 726th place finish in the Main Event for $18,693. His next best live result came last summer when he finished 27th out of 1,083 players in the $2,620 Marathon event for $13,780 WSOP.com Screenname: 'dehhhhh' Tenzin Chakdor The #19-ranked player in the United States, Tenzin Chakdor was a relatively well-kept secret on the New Jersey online scene until October when he topped the 373-runner field in the PokerStars NJ New Jersey Championship of Online Poker Main Event to win $19,111.88. He's also managed to pick up three cashes in June that rank in his top five all-time scores. He won the WSOP.com $40,000 Weekly Tuesday and the WSOP.com $50,000 Tuesday Showdown for nearly $30,000. Sandwich in between those was a third-place finish in the WSOP.com Online Finale Circuit High Roller for $25,011. He has one previous WSOP.com online bracelet event result, finishing 141st in Event #46 ($500 Turbo No-Limit Hold'em Deep Stack) in 2019. By choice, Chakdor remains a real mystery on the live scene. The New Jersey grinder has had some live success, most notably at Parx Casino in Pennsylvania, but has chosen to keep his live results private. WSOP.com Screenname: 'tc_ownz' Jed Hoffman Jed Hoffman may be one of the most accomplished online grinders in the state of Nevada and very few casual poker fans have ever heard of him. Hoffman has spent a good chunk of the last four years as the #1-ranked online poker player in Nevada and has over $1.1 million in earnings on WSOP.com alone. On June 1, Hoffman beat 483 of the best online players in Nevada and New Jersey when he won the WSOP.com $100,000 Guaranteed Sunday event for $55,198.50. In 2019, Hoffman won a WSOP Circuit ring online - his fourth ring overall - for $22,170. The Reno native is limited to a single online poker site but has 99 wins from 1,346 cashes on WSOP.com. His three previous WSOP Circuit wins all came in the live arena. His first two came in 2013 (Choctaw and Lake Tahoe) and his third 2019 (Thunder Valley). He has 22 WSOP cashes to his credit and in 2013 made the final table of a $1,500 No Limit Hold'em event where he finished in seventh place. WSOP.com Screename: 'jchak' Ryan Dodd Sitting just outside of the top five ranked players in the country, Ryan Dodd has been piling up online results throughout 2020. Seven of his top eight lifetime online scores have come in the last six months, all of them coming on WSOP.com. In January, he won the WSOP.com $100,000 Guaranteed Sunday event for $29,574. He followed that up with a third-place finish the New Years Kick-off Series Main Event on WSOP.com for $16,368. He won a $20,000 Weekly Monday in March before crushing in April. Dodd picked up three big wins; $20,000 Weekly Monday, WSOP.com Spring Online Championships event #28, and the $40,000 Weekly Tuesday for $45,000 total. He also won the $30,000 Weekly Saturday in early June for $10,765. The Runnemede, New Jersey native has never cashed in a live WSOP event but does have $141,552 live cashes on his Hendon Mob profile. Almost all of his live results are from events in Atlantic City including a pair of wins at the Borgata in the summer of 2019. His biggest live cashes also come from the Borgata. He finished second in a $1,090 Borgata Summer Poker Open event for $24,500 in 2019 and in a WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open in 2020 for $17,431. WSOP.com Screename: 'Whosyourdodd' Tyler Sumrall The #2-ranked player in Nevada, Tyler Sumrall has put in an incredible amount of volume on WSOP.com over the past three months. In June alone, Sumrall has cashed 35 times with four of them being victories. In May he cashed 52 times with two wins. On April 9, the Texas native won a WSOP.com Spring Online Championship and earned $10,870.81 for the largest single cash on the regulated site. His total winnings on WSOP.com of $262,086 might pale in comparison to some of his New Jersey-based colleagues, but most of that has come over the past 12 months alone. He's also eight live cashes at the WSOP including two in the Main Event. In 2011, he finished 304th for $35,492 and last summer he bested that, coming in 280th place for $43,935. His other live WSOP cashes all been in lower buy-in, bigger field No Limit Hold'em events. His only live result that paid more than the Main Event cashes came in 2009 when he finished 11th in the WinStar $2,100 Main Event for $48,000. WSOP.com Screename: 'TIPnTimeBOMB'
  7. Seven days ago, Michael Addamo was sitting on top of the world after winning over $600,000 and a pair of partypoker High Roller Club titles. On Sunday, Addamo had a chance to pick up a second consecutive partypoker High Roller Club Main Event title before he ran into Nick Petrangelo. Petrangelo outlasted 29 other runners and then beat Addamo heads-up to win the Main Event and earned $356,500. Addamo had to settle for the runner-up score of $217,000. Isaac Haxton defeated former #1-ranked Niklas Astedt in the partypoker High Roller Club Mix-Max 2nd Chance event to bank $184,000. Astedt, who has over $20,000,000 in online poker earnings, added $117,734.70 to that total for his second-place result. The PokerStars Sunday Million was up to 12,860 runners this week, an increase of 1,315 over last week, to build a total prize pool of $1,286,000. The final two players chopped up a little more than $220,000. Eventual champ 'c0rl30n3_89' took home $118,981.31 while runner-up 'fcb-serv' squeaked out a six-figure score, earning $101,074.92. Third place went to 'eValiukas' for $67,153.11. Ivan 'Negriin' Luca defeated Simon 'IgorKarkarof' Rønnow heads-up in the PokerStars $5,200 High Roller event. Luca added $134,799.35 to his bankroll for the win while Rønnow earned $104,441.26. Rønnow had a bigger six-figure score after winning the partypoker High Roller Club The Big Game for $181,357.65. Daniel Dvoress finished in the silver medal position in that event for $130,302.04. The GGPoker GGMasters had 3,367 entries to fall $35,354 short of making the $500,000 guarantee. Swiss grinder 'Gogac1' outlasted all of them to win $71,947.50. Finishing one spot behind them, 'TeuCu' banked $50,874.60 and 'spicypigeon' rounded out the podium finishers to earn $35,973.80. PokerStars Sunday Million Buy-in: $109 Entries: 12,860 Prize pool: $1,286,000 c0rl30n3_89 - $118,981.31* fcb-serv - $101,074.92* eValiukas - $67,153.11 PokerStars High Roller Buy-in: $5,200 Entries: 123 Prize pool: $615,00 Ivan 'Negriin' Luca - $134,799.35 IgorKarkarof - $104,441.26 needdollarz - $80,920.16 PokerStars Bounty Builder Buy-in: $109 Entries: 3,439 Prize pool: $343,900 IceStream - $20,998.57 + $12,186.45 in bounties woody1234321 - $20,995.62 + $6,553.83 in bounties Skammes - $12,151.99 + $2,652.67 in bounties partypoker High Roller Club Main Event Buy-in: $25,500 Entries: 31 Prize pool: $775,000 Nick Petrangelo - $356,500 Michael Addamo - $217,000 Christoph Vogelsang - $139,500 partypoker High Roller Club Mix-Max 2nd Chance Buy-in: $10,300 Entries: 46 Prize pool: $460,000 Isaac Haxton - $184,000 Niklas Astedt - $117,734.70 Juan Pardo Dominguez - $59,800 partypoker High Roller Club The Big Game Buy-in: $5,200 Entries: 161 Prize pool: $819,509.70 Simon Rønnow Pedersen - $181,357.65 Daniel Dvoress - $130,302.04 Bujtás László - $95,063.12 GGPoker GGMasters Buy-in: $150 Entries: 3,367 Prize pool: $500,000 ($35,354 overlay) Gogac1 - $71,947.50 TeuCu - $50,874.60 spicypigeon - $35,973.80 GGPoker High Roller Blade Mulligan Buy-in: $5,000 Entries: 119 Prize pool: $565,250 IAmZeCaptainNow - $123,894.89 Corey Burbick - $94,245.09 PascalHartmann - $71,690.99
  8. The Summer of 2020 will go down in online poker's history books as the craziest ever. With the 2020 World Series of Poker live events postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, online operators have stepped up to fill the void. On Monday, PokerStars threw their hat into the ring with the Stadium Series, a four-week series guaranteeing $50 million. Running July 5 – August 2, the Stadium Series includes 102 events across three buy-in levels; Low, Medium, and High. These dates give PokerStars a two-week headstart on the competition. The GGPoker World Series of Poker Online Bracelet events begin July 17 and the partypoker World Poker Tour World Online Championships get underway on July 18. The Stadium Series buy-ins and guarantees will increase each week throughout the series culminating in the $5,200 buy-in Grand Final with a $5 million guarantee on August 2. Buy-ins across the three tiers will range from $5.50 up to $10,300. Poker enthusiasts around the world will be able to watch cards up coverage of the Stadium Series beginning on July 13 with the familiar faces of James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton hosting the coverage. This marks the first time that PokerStars has offered players at home the chance to watch online events with each player's hole cards visible. “It’s a unique summer and we know many of our players like ourselves miss live poker. So we wanted to bring the entertainment and flair of a live event with our cards-up coverage and really put our players at the heart of all the action. There’s truly something for everyone with Stadium Series: big opportunities, mega thrills, and incredible value. We’re very excited about seeing this one unfold," said Severin Rasset, Managing Director & Commercial Officer, Poker, Product and Innovation. PokerStars will award more than $2 million in free Stadium Series entries throughout the summer across all events. For each of the three buy-in levels, players can play in a special Heat tournament that will have Sunday Final tickets add to those prize pools. The Sunday Final will have Grand Final tickets, valued at $5,200, added to their prize pool. Players will also be able to win free Grand Final entries via a Fast Track promotion in conjunction with special Stars Rewards Spin & Go's or daily freerolls. PokerStars.it and PokerStars.eu will each have their own Stadium Series running concurrent to the PokerStars.com series. Each schedule runs July 5-26 with €3 million guaranteed in Italy and €5 million for PokerStars.eu, which serves the combined player pools of Portugal, France, and Spain. For those events, buy-ins will go from €5 on the low end to €250 on the high end and there will be €250,000 in free tournament entries awarded to players in each market. The Grand Final on PokerStars.it will guarantee €500,000 with a €250 buy-in while the PokerStars.eu version has the same buy-in with €1 million guaranteed. A full Stadium Series schedule is expected to be released soon.
  9. When you first look down at your hole cards after the dealer pitches your cards, you immediately begin to formulate a plan on how to play that specific hand. In most cases, you’re simply waiting for your turn to fold, but in those instances where the poker gods have blessed you, you look down and see a great starting hand - a premium pair perhaps - and you instantly picture yourself raking in a huge pot at the conclusion of the hand after cleverly outplaying your opponent. Things don’t always follow the initial narrative you create though. Maria Konnikova spent the last three years learning exactly that, but not just via the hands she played live and online as she wrote her latest book The Biggest Bluff, which followed her journey from total poker newb to a Hendon Mob profile with over $300,000 in winnings and a marquee victory to her credit. It was 2016 and Konnikova, a New York Times bestselling author, had just launched her second book The Confidence Game: Why We Fall for It . . . Every Time into the universe and was searching for her next project. Her first few ideas were met with polite resistance from her publisher and she folded to wait for something better. That’s when her idea to take a year learning the game of poker - really learning it - before playing in the World Series of Poker Main Event came to her like a premium hand on the button. Konnikova envisioned tracking down a top-flight poker pro to be her coach and guide through the journey. She knew nothing about the game, including the rules, and put together a well-thought-out pitch that detailed how the 12-month journey was going to play out. “Proposals take a lot of time and a lot of research. You don't just bang out a book proposal. It took me about six months to do my book proposal,” Konnikova says. “I had to do a bunch of research so that I could make the proposal really meaty and have some sort of idea about what was going to happen.” As she dug into the research part of the pitch, Konnikova zoned in on one player to be her coach, Hall of Famer Erik Seidel. She tracked down Seidel and did her best sales job on convincing the eight-time WSOP bracelet winner to take her on as a student. “When I reached out to Erik, the first time I met him, the book hadn't been sold and I was very open about that. I said, ‘Look I have this idea, but we don't know what's actually going to happen’,” Konnikova remembers. Seidel agreed to be part of the project but Konnikova had one more thing she had to do. She played a little bit online and then headed to Las Vegas to get her first taste of the poker world. “I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to hate poker,” Konnikova admits. After getting enough of a taste of the online and live scene to know she was going to enjoy the process, Konnikova signed a book deal with her publisher to spend a year in the poker world before using the 2017 WSOP Main Event as the exclamation point on her journey. That’s not how the hand played itself out though. Premium pairs be damned. “I had no idea how the journey was going to go. I didn't know what was going to happen and I really did envision it as being like one year and as ending with the World Series of Poker. That's just kind of the grand hurrah,” Konnikova says. “And none of that was the case and the outline, the proposal that I gave is totally different from what ended up happening.” The book, which hit bookshelves Tuesday, features Seidel extensively. When Konnikova first met with him she didn’t have an alternate choice as her coach in case Seidel declined but admits now that the student-sensei relationship with Seidel helped frame her poker journey and the book. “My experience with poker would have been totally different. I think with some players even, players who are considered great, I mean I'm not naming any names or anything like that, I would have just hated the game and not been able to get good at it because their attitude is so different from mine and we really would not have I think meshed on a personal level,” Konnikova says. “I think sometimes things just work out and this was one of those things where I just had no idea how good my first choice was. No idea. I could never have predicted it.” Learning that cash games and tournaments were totally different pursuits was a revelation for her and the more she learned about each one, the clearer the necessary path became. “Erik kind of told me, ‘Look, you have to focus. You have to pick one if you are going to do this quickly because it is a different animal. Eventually, you can play both but at the beginning, you have to focus on one game and one style because you are going to learn to play very differently if I'm teaching you to play cash versus tournaments’,” Konnikova says. Konnikova evaluated both options and elected to focus her poker education solely on tournaments. She saw them serving as a great vehicle to talk about decision making in a way that made sense for how people live their lives on a daily basis. “I was looking for something that was going to provide me with a good way into life. Tournaments are much more dynamic. They have a beginning, middle, and an end. They have an ark. They have a story. They have changing priorities at different depths of the game and to me that is much more reminiscent of how life is,” Konnikova says. “Life is not a cash game. It's not something where you can constantly add-on and re-buy and walk away from the table whenever you want and leave when you are up or when you are down.” So Konnikova was off and running with her poker journey but the calendar intervened and like a check-raise on the turn from the tightest player at the table, forced Konnikova to re-evaluate her options. “My year timeline got completely screwed from the very beginning. I met Erik in the summer and kind of conceived it as ‘oh, this is going to be like a year thing’,” Konnikova recalls. “But by the time that I was ready to play my first hand online, it was already fall. And by the time I played my first live tournament, it was already winter. And so, that timeline had gotten completely shifted.” Konnikova plowed onward. The next few months included playing online and multiple trips to Las Vegas to play small buy-in tournaments before finding some tougher events with bigger buy-ins on the East Coast of the United States. The 2017 WSOP Main Event was fast approaching and Seidel wasn’t sure she was ready for it. Playing that event was a key component of the book pitch and there was suddenly a real possibility she wouldn’t even be ready to play it. Skipping it to wait for a better spot seemed like a bad play at the time to Konnikova. “I was like, ‘No, this is my proposal. This is what I sold. This is the book I sold. I am going to play the damn thing’,” Konnikova says. She played the Main Event that year and looking back now admits it wasn’t her best decision. “It was a lot of money for me. So that was something I probably shouldn't have done. Hindsight tells me that and I should have known it in the moment and I didn't really want to know it. I think it tells us a lot about how the human mind works. When we really don't want to acknowledge something we often don't. We find excuses.” When she busted early on Day 2, Konnikova knew that was meant to be when she was supposed to begin writing the book. Reviewing everything up to that point, she quickly realized that she had to keep going if she wanted to write the book she had envisioned, even if it was not the one she had pitched. “I didn't have a book at that point. I did not have enough. I hadn't spent enough time in the poker world,” Konnikova says. “I hadn't met enough people. I hadn't. I mean sure, I could have written some book, but it would have been a different book and I think it would have been a much worse book.” Her first phone call was to her editor, Scott Moyers at Penguin Press. She explained to him that she needed to keep going and found him to be very supportive of the sudden shift. Not long after that, the book’s trajectory - and deadline - changed again. [caption id="attachment_631383" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Maria Konnikova and her poker coach/mentor Erik Seidel after Konnikova shipped the 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure National Championship (PokerStars photo)[/caption] At the 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, Konnikova beat out 279 other entries in the $1,650 PCA National Championship to win $84,600. While that victory could have served as the final chapter of a successful journey through poker, Konnikova wanted to do more research and continue to play. Her editor was receptive and supportive. “I told him, ‘Look, I need you to just leave me alone and give me time and when I'm ready I'm going to write the book’ and he said, ‘Yeah, sure. Go for it. No one is going to scoop you. This is your life story’,” Konnikova says. Like a premium hand and the narrative built in your head on how to maximize the value on each street, Konnikova turned that one-year plan into a 3.5-year-long education not only on how to play poker but how to handle the potential derailments along the way.
  10. Michael Addamo dominated two of the biggest events on Sunday's MTT schedule to secure a mid-six-figure score while Fedor Holz, Ole Schemion, and Jon Van Fleet also found their way into the winner's circle. Addamo topped the 39-entry field to take down the $25,500 buy-in partypoker High Roller Club Main Event and then denied 50 other players a shot at redemption in the $10,300 buy-in High Roller Club Mix-Max 2nd Chance event. All told, the Australian earned $611,500 for the two victories. Rok Gostisa finished runner-up in the Main Event for $265,000 while Sergi Reixach won $130,531 as the second-place finisher in the 2nd Chance event. Jon Van Fleet beat 220 other entries in the partypoker High Roller Club The Big Game to win $211,552. The Poker Masters PLO Series kicked off Sunday on partypoker with only one of the two events playing down to a winner. Andras Nemeth beat Viktor Blom heads-up to win Event #2 ($5,200 buy-in) for a $126,686.43 score. Blom had to settle for a $78,975 payday while fellow Swede Alexander Holmberg Nordén took third for $48,600. Former #1-ranked Fedor Holz was the biggest winner on PokerStars after taking down the Summer Series Event #167 ($5,200 NLHE High Roller) for $156,377. Runner-up Joao 'Naza114' Vieira had to settle for $121,057 while 'WATnlos' narrowly missed out on a six-figure win after finishing third for $93,714. The PokerStars Sunday Million had 11,545 runners with 'wazaahun' beating all of them to win $117,425.03. 'MickeyM' won the GGPoker High Roller Million$ to turn their $500 buy-in into a $285,986 return. 'GoJiGo' had an even bigger ROI after winning the $100 buy-in GGPoker Global Million$ event for $132,092.20. The GGPoker GGMasters had a $46,118 overlay on the $500,000 guarantee. 'BleyBley' outlasted the 3,288 other players in the freezeout event to win $71,947.50. partypoker High Roller Club: Main Event Buy-in: $25,500 Entries: 39 Prize Pool: $1,000,000 ($25,000 overlay) Michael Addamo - $407,500 Rok Gostisa - $265,000 Pascal Lefrancois - $165,000 partypoker High Roller Club: Mix-Max 2nd Chance Buy-in: $10,300 Entries: 51 Prize Pool: $510,000 Michael Addamo - $204,000 Sergi Reixach - $130,531 Vyacheslav Buldygin - $66,300 partypoker High Roller Club: The Big Game Buy-in: $5,200 Entries: 221 Prize pool: $1,037,530 Jon Van Fleet - $211,552 Laszlo Bujtas - $153,554 Kristen Bicknell - $109,459 partypoker Poker Masters PLO Event #2 Buy-in: $5,200 Entries: 81 Prize pool: $405,000 Andras Nemeth - $126,686.43 Viktor Blom - $78,975 Alexander Holmberg Nordén - $48,600 PokerStars Summer Series Event #167: NLHE High Roller Buy-in: $5,200 Entries: 149 Prize pool: $745,000 Fedor 'CrownUpGuy' Holz - $156,377 Joao 'Naza114' Vieira - $121,057 WATnlos - $93,714 PokerStars Summer Series Event #142: Sunday Warm-Up SE Buy-in: $109 Entries: 4,129 $412,900 Prize pool: $412,900 vasiokkk91 - $48,217.12* bambo0bear - $41,979.92* Jeffin_DF - $39,941.62* PokerStars High Roller Club: $2,100 Sunday High Roller Buy-in: $2,100 Entries: 49 Prize pool: $100,000 ($2,000 overlay) giftmyra - $39,235.30 master888888 - $25,696.01 Str8$$$Homey - $16,828.86 PokerStars Sunday Million Buy-in: $109 Entries: 11,545 Prize pool: $1,154,500 Wazaahun - $117,425.03 oardnasol - $85,209.25 mitch85 - $61,836.28 GGPoker Global Million$ Buy-in: $100 Entries: 1,638 Prize pool: $1,000,000 GoJiGo - $132,092.20 Rodrigo74 - $94,159.90 12u55 - $67,120.50 GGPoker High Roller Million$ Buy-in: $500 Entries: 674 (Day 2) Prize pool: $2,000,0000 MickeyM - $285.986 Cirquit - $145,319 SACKMAN69 - $203,861 GGPoker GGMasters Buy-in: $150 Entries: 3,289 Prize pool: $500,000 ($46,118 overlay) BleyBley - $71,947.50 Guohua - $50,874.60 Trondheim - $35,973.80 888 Poker Sunday Mega Deep Buy-in: $109 Entries: 608 + 225 rebuys Prize pool: $100,000 ($16,700 overlay) BeeTheBeagle - $18,890 cl0wn888 - $13,700 AVR26 - $10,100
  11. When World Series of Poker officials announced in mid-April that the 2020 WSOP was being postponed due to the uncertainty over the coronavirus pandemic, they promised that players would be playing for "WSOP glory from their homes" this summer. That promise was met last week when the WSOP announced a total of 85 online bracelet events with 31 set for WSOP.com for players in Nevada and New Jersey, and another 54 for players outside of the United States to be battled for on GGPoker.com. The response from some of the poker community wasn't all that positive with a large number of complaints focused on the fact that these events will award each winner a WSOP bracelet. "My reasoning is likely separate from many others as I was indifferent to holding (a bracelet) until I learned of the significance it has with friends I love who love the game," said Brandon Shack-Harris, who won a bracelet in 2014 and another in 2016. "I realized that some people go their whole lives dreaming of realizing what I was lucky to stumble onto, and had been taking for granted." Shack-Harris took to Twitter to tell the story of how Chad Brown being awarded an honorary WSOP bracelet before his passing in 2014 and subsequently learning how much the bracelet meant to Brown forced to him to better recognize and appreciate the personal significance of the award. The history behind and prestige of the bracelet is front of mind for Shack-Harris and others who fear that WSOP executives aren't keeping that in mind as they make decisions. "The WSOP does a fantastic job with some things like holding tournaments for an inordinate number of participants and incorporating all types of game formats," said Shack-Harris. "I don't think the entity itself cares much about poker overall, and there are frequently sloppy executions of various aspects of the series that have demonstrated this assumption." Shack-Harris lists the increasing number of reentry events, smaller buy-in events, and WSOP Europe and WSOP Asia-Pacific as evidence that the WSOP has sacrificed the value of a bracelet. He believes the WSOP should follow examples from major sporting championships like tennis' Wimbledon or golf's The Masters in regards to the exclusivity of the titles. "Not every player is going to agree with every business decision you make. But we are guided by the simple principle that we want the WSOP to mean as much as it can to as many people around the world as possible not the same as it once did to a few," said Ty Stewart, Executive Director of the WSOP. "Our mission and our opportunity is to present the poker world to the rest of the world and paint the game in a positive light." Not all players believe the decision to turn to online poker in light of the unprecedented circumstances created by the pandemic is a bad direction. Mike Leah, who won a WSOP bracelet in 2014 at WSOP APAC, thinks the pandemic provided a catalyst for Series officials to expand their offering. "The thing that it really did for them is it gave them an urgency to find a partner outside of the US which I think is amazing because instead of being forced to play on WSOP.com, there's another avenue for WSOP prize pools and bracelets and that's probably the biggest positive that came out of this," said Leah. The postponement of the 2020 WSOP live series came with a caveat that organizers were targeting the fall to host some form a live event in 2020. Shack-Harris believes that adding 85 bracelet events without solidifying plans for the live series sets a dangerous precedent. "I think there will likely still be a live series later in the year, and offering up 85 online events for a bracelet with no transparency regarding the potential of a live format going or not going bothers me more than anything else," said Shack-Harris. "If people make arrangements to play online because they feel this is their only shot at a bracelet this year, and then a postponed series shows up out of the blue, I think it's somewhat deceitful, but probably great business." Despite their intentions to hold a live event in Las Vegas this year, Stewart isn't sure how that can happen as the coronavirus situation changes frequently. Current Nevada gaming regulations limit the number of players at a table to no more than six and not all poker rooms are even open. Travel restrictions in place would also significantly limit the number of players who could attend from outside of the United States. "We have no concrete pathway to the offline event. We have a partner who is absolutely all-in. We have the opportunity to organize massive prize pools, deliver buzz and energy for the industry, and perhaps most of all, engage an entirely new segment of players," Stewart argued. "I’m looking at WSOP Online as the biggest ever marketing vehicle for international players and the only failure will be if we can’t convert many of them to playing WSOP Las Vegas when we’re back in session." The online series puts the lack of online poker regulation in the United States into the spotlight once again. Only players physically located in Nevada or New Jersey will be able to play the bracelet events on WSOP.com and GGPoker does not accept players from the United States. Pennsylvania has had regulated gaming, including poker, available since last summer, but Stewart indicated the company is still in the development process of getting up and running in that state and was unable to give a timeline for their launch there. This leaves a large percentage of the United States on the outside, unable to play without traveling and Leah believes a high number of the complaints are coming from players who simply can't play. "I think if you went through the people that have negative feedback or complaints about this, probably at least 80% of them are from people who are not in New Jersey or Nevada or the rest of the world or somewhere where they can play," said Leah. "I'd be disappointed as well, but people have been disappointed about unregulated poker in the US for a long time so this is just something that brings it to the forefront again." The complete GGPoker event schedule has not been posted, but it is expected to include only Hold'em and Omaha event. The 31-event schedule from WSOP.com also includes only those two games. The lack of mixed games - traditionally a staple of the WSOP schedule - has also upset many players that feel the online product isn't a proper reflection of the history of the Series. "I'm disappointed too and you best believe you may see even more mixed games at the next live WSOP," said Stewart. "But while much of the summer schedule will feel familiar to the spirit of WSOP at the Rio, this is WSOP Online, and online is dominated by flop games. If we gave GGPoker a little more time to develop, who knows. But we are not going to ask them to rush a new unproven derivative to the market in time for the summer." Some in the industry have made the suggestion that the bracelets awarded this summer shouldn't be held in the same regard as events won in a live tournament. The argument is similar to the one that people made when Caesars expanded the tournament offering to Europe with bracelet events in 2007 and Asia-Pacific in 2013. Rob Yong, owner of the Dusk Till Dawn cardroom in England and partypoker partner, floated the idea of awarding silver bracelets for events not held in Las Vegas. "I understand the argument, the sentiment of it, but I also know that a lot fewer people would play," said Leah. "With bracelets, they'll be even bigger but if you take them away you're going to lose some of the interest and obviously the prize pools will be smaller and make people not want to play as much. I think a lot fewer people will play. If it's a bracelet event I know I'm going to do my best to play every single event." Leah, who lives in Canada, has already begun the search for full-time childcare for his one-year-old son to ensure he can play as many of the 54 events as possible. Stewart thinks any attempt to diminish any bracelet win is going to be difficult given the expected turnout for the online events and feels comparison of various events and eras isn't worth the headache. "The relative value of bracelets is not up to me to determine; large fields vs high rollers, Europe fields vs 1990’s Binion’s," Stewart said while indicating the bracelet design for these 85 events is a differentiating factor. "But I have my strong point of view on this series. Based upon the numbers we project for most of the events, these will statistically be some of the hardest bracelets to win, ever. And the prize pools will be such that it will be very difficult to try and diminish the accomplishment." The original 2020 WSOP schedule had a total of 101 events, with 14 of them being played exclusively on WSOP.com. A sevenfold increase in the number of online events is a gigantic leap with huge revenue opportunities for the WSOP. Leah doesn't think the online events will ever be able to replace or replicate the summer camp, bucket list feel that the live tournament series is famous for. "I don't think anything's ever going to change the annual WSOP in Vegas every summer because that's everyone's favorite thing of the year. But adding to it, maybe an online bracelet series at some point in the year on WSOP.com and GG ends up being an annual thing and I could see that as being a pretty positive thing." Going from 85 online events this year to a smaller number next year goes against the WSOP's previous expansion online. Since launching online events in 2015, the total number of them on the schedule has gone from one (2015, 2016) to three (2017) to four (2018), to nine (2019) with 14 originally scheduled for 2020. Stewart believes the unique set of circumstances presented to them this year doesn't mean they'll end up with a similar schedule once a full schedule can be played live in Las Vegas. "I don’t foresee we’ll have this number of online events again. But there certainly is a place for online bracelets on an every year basis," Stewart said. "I am optimistic this year will be huge, and then we can evaluate. Everything we do is on a year to year basis to test the reception. The same players against the idea of a vast online series now may be demanding it in the future."
  12. Team partypoker's own Isaac Haxton is widely regarded as one of the best poker players on the planet. On Sunday he added to that reputation by outlasting 45 other players in the partypoker High Roller Club Main Event. The $25,500 buy-in event had many of the best poker players in the world vying for the eventual six-figure score. Haxton beat all of them to walk away with $437,000. Spaniard Sergi Reixach had to settle for a $287,500 payday after being the final player to fall to Haxton. Pascal Lefrancois picked up yet another six-figure score after winning $184,000 for coming in third place. Many of the players that Haxton dispatched also took a shot in the partypoker High Roller Club Mix-Max Second Chance event. The $10,300 event had 65 total entries with Austria's Thomas Muehloecker outlasting all of them to win $224,840.20. Belarussian Mikita Badziakouski finished as the runner-up for $146,250. Dan Shak, playing from Poland, took the final podium spot and added $78,000 to his bankroll. Brazil's Pablo Brito Silva won the $5,200 buy-in partypoker High Roller club The Big Game to earn $216,635.69. Canada's Andrew Pantling just missed out on yet another victory, finishing second for $157,244.08. Nick Schulman rounded out the top three for $112,089.53. Lester 'mon$terDad' Edoc earned $285,646 for an outright victory in the GGPoker High Roller MILLION$. The $500 buy-in event had 1,832 to entries for a prize pool of $1,129,800. Runner-up 'Lucky_Luke1' walked away with $203,618 for their efforts and third-place finisher 'supermoustache' earned $145,146. While the PokerStars Sunday Million and partypoker MILLION will both play down to a winner on Monday, the GGPoker GGMasters fell 118 players short of the $500,000 guarantee. 'BadReligion' entered the land of competition and proved to be a worthy 21st century boy (or girl) by outlasting all 3,504 of their competitors to win $71,750.75. Coming in one spot short of the title gave 'Langdon' a $50,352.45 score while 'gambelo' earned $35,335.85 as the third place finisher. partypoker High Roller club Main Event Buy-in: $25,500 Entries: 46 Prize pool $1,150,000 Isaac Haxton - $437,000 Sergi Reixach - $287,500 Pascal Lefrancois - $184,000 partypoker High Roller club Mix-Max Second Chance Buy-in: $10,300 Entries: 65 Prize pool $650,000 Thomas Muehloecker - $224,840.20 Mikita Badziakouski - $146,250 Dan Shak - $78,000 partypoker High Roller club The Big Game Buy-in: $5,200 Entries: 229 Prize pool $1,062,460 Pablo Brito Silva - $216,635.69 Andrew Pantling - $157,244.08 Nick Schulman - $112,089.53 partypoker High Roller club Knockout Buy-in: $2,100 Entries: 99 Prize pool: $200,000 Yuri Dzivielevski - $19,015.55 + $23,406.25 in bounties Christian Jeppsson - $18,995.27 + $15,406.25 in bounties Luc Greenwood - $13,575.26 + $2,500 in bounties PokerStars Bounty Builder Buy-in: $109 Entries: 3,249 Prize pool: $324,800 Escapemissio - $17,272.29 + $17,357.30 in bounties ciaca21 - $17,991.41 + $1,350.77 in bounties caiocalmon - $16,315.24 + $835.96 in bounties PokerStars Summer Series Event #80 NLHE Turbo PKO Buy-in: $109 Entries: 3,486 Prize pool: $348,600 SupaFlyGeek - $21,427.84 + $17,231.64 in bounties 777acenace77 - $21,424.67 + $1,633.00 in bounties gkamei09 - $12,711.76 + $1,628.70 in bounties PokerStars Sunday High Roller Buy-in: $2,100 Entries: 64 Prize pool: $128,000 C. Darwin2 - $39,772.71 Anjeyyy - $28,661.67 Str8$$$Homey - $20,654.65 888poker Sunday Mega Deep Buy-in: $109 Entries: 640 + 273 reentries Prize pool: $100,000 ($8,700 overlay) 9saymon - $18,890.00 pow_indacage - $13,700 R2Rka - $10,100 GGPoker High Roller MILLION$ Buy-in: $500 Entries: 1,832 Prize pool: $1,129,800 Lester 'mon$terDad' Edoc - $285,646 Lucky_Luke1 - $203,618 supermoustache - $145,146 GGPoker Global MILLION$ Buy-in: $100 Entries: Prize pool: COMMENEIGEAUSOLEIL - $134,065 MessiBarcelona - $95,556 Justin 'noclue_just' Chan - $68,123 GGPoker GGMasters Buy-in: $150 Entries: 3,505 Prize pool: $500,000 ($16,310 overlay) BadReligion - $71,750.75 Langdon - $50,352.45 gambelo - $35,335.85
  13. Over the past few years, there hasn't been a more dominant player in the New Jersey online scene than Yong 'LuckySpewy1' Kwon. He's won a World Series of Poker bracelet, a pair of PokerStars New Jersey Championship of Online Poker titles, and a PokerStars New Jersey Spring Championship of Online Poker title and accumulated more than $3.2 million in earnings. And throughout most of that, he's been the #1-ranked online poker player in the United States. Kwon sits atop the USA rankings again after picking up eight qualifying cashes - four of them wins - in May and then kicking off June with a five-figure win. Kwon's biggest May score came after defeating Chris Moorman heads-up in the $500 buy-in WSOP.com $50,000 Weekly Sunday on May 11 for $22,752 and 285.06 PLB points. He also won the WSOP.com $10,000 daily twice and had three qualifying cashes from the late states of the Spring Online Championships. Trailing Kwon by 283 points, Mike 'Lav519' Lavenburg also had eight qualifying cashes in May including a win the WSOP.com Money May Series Event #92 ($500 Six Max PLO High Roller) where he banked $11,462 and boosted his PLB points total by 217.18. He had a pair of Spring Online Championship final tables as well as another May Series final table. On June 1 he finished 27th in the WSOP.com $100,000 Guaranteed. Rounding out the top three is yet another New Jersey grinder. Jon 'itsmejon' Borenstein is 212 points behind Lavenburg and 495 points behind Kwon. Borenstein started out May on fire adding 659.2 PLB points to his total thanks to four cashes between May 4 and May 6. On May 4 he finished sixth and ninth in a pair of WSOP.com Spring OC events and runner-up in the WSOP.com $50,000 Weekly Sunday. His biggest score of the month came on May 6 when he earned $21,561 and 275.05 PLB points for outlasting 91 other players to ship the $500 Tuesday Showdown. While the rest of the top 10 is populated by players from the Garden State, the top-ranked player from Nevada is James 'prdawg420' Vales. Coming in at #13, Vales is 1,805 points behind Kwon and is only able to collect points on WSOP.com. Vales had 13 qualifying cashes in May, highlighted by a runner-up result from the WSOP.com Tuesday Showdown on May 27 where he added $15,206 to his career earnings and 202.13 PLB points to his total. [table id=54 /]
  14. After having to postpone the 2020 World Series of Poker due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, WSOP officials promised poker players they would soon have a solution so that would "allow players to chase WSOP glory from their homes." On Monday, the WSOP took the first step towards fulfilling that promise. The WSOP has announced 31 events for players in the regulated American markets served by WSOP.com and 54 events on GGPoker for players located outside of the United States. Before being postponed, the 2020 WSOP was scheduled to award 101 bracelets including 14 that were going to be played on WSOP.com for players in New Jersey and Nevada. "It wouldn't be summer without WSOP," said Ty Stewart, Executive Director of the WSOP. "While we are thrilled to be reopening our venues and optimistic about future offline events, we couldn't be more excited about deepening our relationship with GGPoker and watching some history unfold online this summer." This marks the first time that players located outside of the United States have been able to compete for a WSOP bracelet online. Players inside Nevada borders first played for a WSOP bracelet in 2015. In 2018, players in New Jersey played in bracelet events alongside their Nevada-based colleagues following the intra-state merger of player pools in New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware. "There's nothing in the world like winning a WSOP bracelet," said Daniel Negreanu, who joined GGPoker as an ambassador earlier this year. "Bringing this experience online will open the door for a new generation of poker players to feel the rush of competing for the game's biggest prize." WSOP.com is currently not available in Pennsylvania. Stewart also indicated that PokerCentral, owner of PokerGO and the official streaming partner of the WSOP, will also be involved in creating content including live streams, highlight packages as well as "virtual bracelet ceremonies" with interviews with each winner. The decision to partner with GGPoker for the WSOP bracelet events just weeks after the conclusion of the WSOP Super Circuit Online Series on the growing online poker site which awarded $6,728,197.80 over 18 ring events and nearly $128 million over 498 events scheduled around those ring events. WSOP.com Online Bracelet Events 2020 The WSOP.com online bracelet events kick-off on July 1 with one event each day through the month of July culminating with the $1,000 buy-in Championship event on Friday, July 31. There are six other events with a $1,000 buy-in as well as a $1,500 and a $3,200 High Roller event. According to a press release, WSOP.com players will also be able to win their share of $100,000 to be awarded to top performers in July's bracelet events. [table id=49 /] GGPoker Online WSOP Bracelet Events 2020 Players who are able to play on GGPoker will begin chasing bracelets on July 19. The event schedule for the WSOP bracelet events on GGPoker has not been announced but the company indicated they plan to "unveil its bracelet schedule on a rolling basis". The final event concludes on September 6. "With over $100M in guarantees during the WSOPC Super Series in May, it's clear that GGPoker and the WSOP make a good pair," said Steve Preiss, GGPoker's head of Poker Operations. "We're excited to create bracelet events that the community will embrace, as well as innovative programming with PokerGO." Buy-ins are expected to be similar to those offered by GGPoker in the WSOP Super Circuit Online where buy-ins ranged from $50 up to $25,000.
  15. Jargo Alaväli is on a plane halfway to Croatia from his native Estonia and he’s pissed off. The 29-year-old poker pro isn’t dwelling on some bad beat or a hand he misplayed, but rather a coaching seminar that he had to miss because of the flight he’s on. It’s the first time he’s had to not attend the daily seminar and it breaks a promise he made to himself when he committed to getting better at the game over a year ago. Alaväli started playing poker for fun while in university long before he considered making a career out of it. It was just him and his college buddies playing with nothing but pride on the line. Eventually one of those buddies promised to transfer him $10 on an online poker site and he ran that up quickly after winning a $2.20 tournament for a little more than $1,000. This isn’t some amazing fairytale where he never deposited again and built a career off of that first $10. The $1,000 disappeared as quickly as it had arrived and he was still focused on his studies. That didn’t stop his friends from encouraging him to play more though. Randar 'LilBigKahuna' Sikk, a lifelong friend who was already a regular winner in the 180-man sit-n-gos on PokerStars, told him he had talent and if he wanted to put in the work to get better it could turn out to be a better-paying career than the IT one he was studying for. “He basically told me, ‘You have to start playing if you like the game because you can make a lot of money out of it,” Alaväli remembers. “He asked me once a year if I wanted to get started … I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m first going to finish up school and then I’m going to start. Then I gave it a shot.” Not exactly. Alaväli didn’t get his degree. He finished the semester before jumping into playing and learning full time. Sikk took him under his wing as a student and Alaväli deposited €100 of his own money to start the grind. It was a lot of money to him at the time, but he’s never looked back and built himself a bankroll since that allows him to make a good living playing mid-stakes MTTs. Just over three years ago, Alaväli wanted to take his poker learning to a new level and was struggling with what the logical and correct next step was for him as he continued to develop as a player. “Should I use more solvers? Should I not use solvers? I got lost in terms of direction where I should be going with my own game and how I should look at the game,” Alaväli admits. While doing his due diligence, Alaväli landed on BBZ Staking, which along with the staking, also offered coaching led by one of their co-founders Jordan Drummond. “It took off pretty fast, but it was basically because I was just working so hard. All I did was wake up, study, play for eight to 12 hours and then I’d study for another hour or two, running sims, answering hands, and posting hands (in the BBZ forum). Did everything I can to just get better every day,” Alaväli said. And that’s when the promise was made. Drummond was hosting live coaching seminars every single day and Alaväli promised himself that he wasn’t going to miss one - no excuses. “It just seemed the only way to do it at that point. ‘You're going to attend every day’. It's free for stable players. I just figured I cannot miss any of these as long as there is so much value. For one year there was just so much value in those because Jordan was doing most of them,” Alaväli said. “I just didn't see it being an excuse for anybody to miss it. Because you can watch the coachings on the phone. As long as you have internet you can manage to just set yourself into a position where you can always watch it. Back then we didn't have replays.” Results continued to come for Alaväli and the student eventually became the teacher. In mid-2018, Alaväli started thinking about creating a course of his own. He wanted to put together something that he felt wasn’t being properly addressed in the poker education marketplace. "There wasn't any solver-based content out there and everything was opinion-based. There was no multiway solver to even know what your opening ranges should look like at final tables," "The idea came to me basically because all the money is in the final table yet nobody really knew how to correctly play at final tables. Now there is MonkerSolver you can solve game for three-handed, six-handed, nine-handed strategies and that's what I did; got six-handed MonkerSolver solutions, studied them, and created a course based on solver solutions." Coming up with the idea was one thing, actually executing on it was another. Alaväli wasn’t quite sure how to structure the course and present the content in an easy-to-digest way. “Basically, the first plan was let's get the solutions, let's hardcore study the solutions and see from there how we can come up with the most simple logics and ideas for anybody to apply to their game,” Alaväli said. “It was October, November last year. We said, ‘Okay, let’s get it done and see how we can market it because the marketing and selling of the product is another big problem for us.” Around the same time, Drummond reached out to Alaväli about some other ideas. The conversation eventually turned to the ICM pre-flop course Alaväli was working on and Drummond expressed interest in bringing it inside the BBZ website. Over the next four months, Alaväli put the finishing touches on the content while helping integrate it into a re-designed BBZ website. The ICM Pre-Flop Masterclass officially launched in March and since then Alaväli has been focused mostly on coaching and improving the course while still finding the time to play as many MTTs as his schedule will allow. “It just drives me to know more about the game and just try and solve the game,” Alaväli said.”But playing is also fun. You have to be playing as well to understand what's going on in the games in general. I still need to play enough and be at the top of the game because I'm coaching so many players and I just need to be able to coach them. If I didn't play, it would be in a weird situation where I'm not playing, but I'm only studying.”
  16. The $30 million lawsuit brought against Mike Postle, Justin Kuraitis, and Stones Gambling Hall by Veronica Brill and more than 80 other poker players was dismissed on Wednesday. The lawsuit, which alleged Postle profited by cheating in poker games at Stones Gambling Hall in California on a live stream, alleged various claims of fraud, negligence, and libel against the three defendants. In a 24-page ruling released Wednesday afternoon, Judge William B. Shubb granted motions to dismiss brought by the three plaintiffs and effectively ruled against the 14 combined complaints. The ruling did leave open the possibility to revisit some of the complaints at a later date should Brill's legal team, lead by Mac Ver Standig, be willing to come forward with more information. Two issues that were common inside the complaint were California public policy against judicial resolution of civil claims arising out of gambling disputes and the fact that some of the complaints were tied to the rake collected by the host casino.
  17. When the final table of the Super High Roller Online $100,000 buy-in began Justin Bonomo's stack was neatly positioned in the back half of the final eight. He had five players in front of him including Sam Greenwood, David Peters, and chip leader Pauli Ayras. Five hours later, Bonomo was the only one with chips and a cool $1,775,000 score. The eight-handed final table was actually the bubble. Orpen Kisacikoglu started with the shortest stack and quickly fell victim to Michael Addamo to bust the $100,000 buy-in event with nothing to show for it. Just over 20 minutes later, Dan Shak eliminated Greenwood in seventh place. It took another 45 minutes before another player was shown the door. Ayras busted Linus Lloeliger in sixth. Just 20 minutes after that, Bonomo eliminated Shak before Addamo took over the role of the dream killer. Addams busted Ayras and Peters inside of a two-minute span to send the tournament to heads-up play while holding 65% of the chips in play. The first six eliminations of the final table took a little less than two hours and the heads-up portion of the tournament took just as long. Bonomo and Addamo traded the chip lead back and forth multiple times before the final hand. Addamo called from the button with [poker card="qc"][poker card="qs"] before Bonomo moved all-in with [poker card="kh"][poker card="5d"]. Addamo called and then could do nothing but watch the [poker card="kd"][poker card="th"][poker card="3h"] flop move Bonomo into the lead. The [poker card="kc"] and [poker card="3d"] cemented Addamo's fate and gave Bonomo the title. This win marks the third time that Bonomo has won a Super High Roller Bowl event. His first two Super High Roller Bowl wins both came in 2018. He beat out 74 other entries to win Super High Roller Bowl China for $4,823,077 and just over two months later topped the 48-entry field to win the Super High Roller Bowl in Las Vegas for $5,000,000. Super High Roller Bowl Online Payouts Justin Bonomo - $1,775,000 Michael Addamo - $1,187,500 David Peters - $762,500 Pauli Ayras - $487,500 Dan Shak - $325,000 Linus Loeliger - $250,000 Sam Greenwood - $212,500
  18. As the poker world has witnessed over the last several weeks, the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker is usually an opportunity for the best players in the world to shine. The likes of Matthias Eibinger, Ole Schemion, Dominik Nitsche, Patrick Leonard, and Connor Drinan all managed to add SCOOP titles to their collections over the last 28 days. So it's rare to see a new name emerge through one of the tougher fields to claim victory and a massive score. That's exactly what happened on Tuesday however, as 2020 SCOOP drew to a close. 'b@d0s' beat out 2,438 other players to win Event #121 High ($1,050 NLHE PKO) for $153,478.18 from the prize pool and another $117,025.03 of bounties collected. This is the first significant cash for 'b@d0s'. Finishing in second-place earned 'AtanasPPP' a $153,477.36 score to go along with $13,404.31 in bounties. The current #1-ranked online poker player in the world, Conor '1_conor_b_1' Beresford finished in third place and won $91,061.65 as well as another $32,428.45 in bounties. Former #1-ranked Joao Simao also picked up a SCOOP title on the final day of play. After outlasting 416 other players, Simao beat Steve O'Dwyer heads-up to win Event #120 High ($2,100 NLHE Sunday Warm-Up SE) for $150,546.78. O'Dwyer, who has been as high as #7 on the Rankings, earned $112,819.20 for his runner-up performance. Third-place went to Job 'DeadNylan' Grebe and came with a $84,546.43 score. 'Kjeppen' won Event #119 High ($530 NLHE PKO) for $39,529.58 plus $40,683.69 more from bounties. Falling one spot short of the title, 'neverfoldQ5' had to settle for a $39,529.41 score and just $6,955.07 in bounties while third place went to 'iamivar' for $23,453.52 and $11,174.07. The last Pot Limit Omaha title of 2020 SCOOP went to 'jokkee_apart'. Topping the 265-player field in Event #122 High ($2,100 Six Max PLO) earned the Norwegian grinder a $101,164.68 payday. Austria's 'rObetOblancO' took second for $74,986.89 and '31PokerGod31' out of Romania finished in third place for $55,583.06. There were seven other players who earned SCOOP titles as the series wrapped up including 'plirio' (Event #119-L), 'tenyooo' (Event #119-M), 'Andrey_pok21' (Event #120-L), 'kappawhit3' (Event #120-M), 'snake8484' (Event #121-M), 'YYYeaHHH' (Event #122-L), 'Spowi07' (Event #122-M). Event #119-H: $530 NLHE PKO Entries: 1,174 Prize pool: $587,000 Kjeppen - $39,529.58 + $40,683.69 neverfoldQ5 - $39,529.41 + $6,955.07 iamivar - $23,453.52 + $11,174.07 BrigaDatada - $16,718.49 + $4,843.75 FreeLancerZZ - $11,917.53 + $3,798.34 Black88 - $8,495.24 + $7,236.33 mraink - $6,055.72 + $1,164.06 wizowizo - $4,316.73 + $4,867.19 Event #120-H: $2,100 NLHE Sunday Warm-Up SE Entries: 418 Prize pool: $836,000 João 'IneedMassari' Simão - $150,546.78 Steve 'Mr. Tim Caum' O'Dwyer - $112,819.20 DeadNylan - $84,546.43 mikki696 - $63,358.85 OLD TIME GIN - $47,481.03 ArtHouse2011 - $35,582.16 jwall888 - $26,665.22 wisopekeno - $19,982.82 m.a-0000 - $14,975.10 Event #121-H: $1,050 NLHE PKO Entries: 2,439 Prize pool: $2,439,000 b@d0s - $153,478.18 + $117,025.03 AtanasPPP - $153,477.36 + $13,404.31 1_conor_b_1 - $91,061.65 + $32,428.45 IDOLLS - $64,911.91 + $11,808.59 rsehnem77 - $46,271.36 + $28,005.35 MikiDave - $32,983.81 + $6,171.88 Dannyz0r - $23,512.08 + $13,645.50 Rebozeio - $16,760.19 + $16,585.94 Event #122-H: $2,100 Six Max PLO Entries: 265 Prize pool: $530,000 jokkee_apart - $101,164.68 rObertOblancO - $74,986.89 31PokerGod31 - $55,583.06 beastishngry - $41,200.23 kmpk90 - $30,539.07 Fabahaba - $22,636.72
  19. The inaugural WSOP Super Circuit Online on GGPoker wrapped up on Sunday with the $1,000 buy-in Main Event blowing expectations and the $5 million guarantee away and three other events all exceeding the posting guarantee as four WSOP Circuit rings were awarded. Germany's 'schimmelgodx' topped the 9,779-entry field in Event #17 ($1,000 Main Event) to win $1,271,218. The only player which 'schimmelgodx' eliminated at the final table, 'Biereux', came in second place and earned $885,747 for their efforts. The final spot on the podium went to 'Igutu' for a $617,164 score. The 9,779 entries created a $9,290,050 prize pool far exceeding the $5,000,000 guarantee. There was also a Main Event for fans of the great game of Pot Limit Omaha. Event #16 ($1,000 PLO Main Event) had 2,614 runners with 'rubbherducky' outlasting all of them to win $362,619. 'Love2Spew' finished in second place and earned $260,725 and 'jellopy77' ended up in third place for $187,463. Another German player walked away from Sunday's action with a WSOP Circuit ring. The final three players in Event #15 ($200 Monster Stack) chopped up more than $295,000 and after the deal was made Germany's 'waransan' earned $92,866 and the ring for being the eventual winner. Runner-up 'DameDolla' took home $88,153 while third-place finisher 'geladinhaRLS' had the biggest score of $113,898 thanks to having the chip lead when the deal was struck. wnt The final event on the schedule, Event #18 ($500 The Closer) went to Craig 'Goblue' Varnell. Varnell, who already owns a World Series of Poker bracelet, along with World Poker Tour and WPT500 titles, earned $168,276 for sitting alone atop the 2,405-entry field. The final victim on Varnell's path to victory, 'Pokerguy2' earned $119,951 as the runner-up and 'YallaHabibi' added $85,505 to their bankroll for a third-place result. Event #15: $200 Monster Stack Entries: 5,216 Prize pool: $959,744 waransan - $92,866 DameDolla - $88,153 geladinhaRLS - $113,898 icho - $44,386 HowdyTeeexas - $30,522 Laolalo - $20,989 Beishadezhu - $14,433 MisterPro - $9,925 potamophobia - $6,825 Event #16: $1,000 PLO Main Event Entries: 2,614 Prize pool: $2,508,000 rubbherducky - $362,619 Love2Spew - $260,725 jellopy77 - $187,463 RunItOncePls - $134,788 QuarantinPlaya - $96,914 LemonRanger - $69,682 Ducker11 - $50,102 grandmaJill - $36,023 ShunZhu - $25,901 Event #17: $1,000 Main Event Entries: 9,779 Prize pool: $9,290,050 schimmelgodx - $1,271,218 Biereux - $885,747 Igutu - $617,164 Juan Pardo Dominguez - $430,022 tepuseenFD - $299,627 CoRoNaTi - $208,772 MaillouL - $145,466 wy7SG - $101,356 Gius2020 - $70,622 Event #18: $500 The Closer Entries: 2,405 Prize pool: $1,142,375 Craig 'Goblue' Varnell - $168,276 Pokerguy2 - $119,951 YallaHabibi - $85,505 AndyAtTheBike - $60,951 Pato Negro - $43,448 HossaBessa - $30,971 Clyde184 - $22,077 lovemestinky - $15,737 Mustlaaaveit - $11,218
  20. In the pantheon that is Swedish online poker players, Robin 'robinho' Ylitalo just might be the most underappreciated. Fellow Swedes Viktor Blom, Niklas Astedt, and Christian Jeppsson have all recently grabbed headlines and titles and on Sunday, Ylitalo took his turn in the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker. Ylitalo, who reached as high as #2 in the PocketFives Rankings, beat out 1,074 other players to win Event #116 High ($530 NLHE) for the first PokerStars.com SCOOP title of his career. The win came with an $87,775.08 payday. Runner-up 'drew.derzh' finished with a $63,353.62 consolation prize while newcomer '-ANALNATSHA-' finished in third for $45,727.16. In 2017, Ylitalo won a SCOOP title playing on PokerStars.fr and he has multiple Turbo Series of Online Poker titles to his name. The first winner on Sunday was Canada-based 'Jamil11' who outlasted 396 players to win Event #115 High ($1,050 NLHE Afternoon Deep Stack) for $72,321.44. Ukraine's 'Garrin4e' finished in second place and banked $54,249.73 for their efforts while 'chiconogue' occupied the final spot on the podium for a $40,693.92 score. The final mixed game event on the 2020 SCOOP schedule had 262 entries and 'Summ3L' worked their way through all of them to win $25,004.95. Falling one spot short of the title, 'afghan herat' ended up taking home $18,534.49 with 'Tridynamo' finishing in third for - $13,738.45. The biggest single score from Sunday's SCOOP action belonged to Oliver 'sk2ll_m0dR' Weis after he beat out 1,979 other players to win Event #123 High ($530 NLHE Turbo PKO Sunday Cooldown SE) to win $63,435.60 from the prize pool and another $58,487.14 worth of bounties. His final victim, 'Biocid' ended up with $63,434.49 from the prize pool and $10,938.46 in bounties. Third place finisher 'ivanvilchez8' won $37,637.27 and $14,790.99 in bounties. The final event on Sunday's slate, Event #124 High ($1,050 Six Max NLHE Hyper-Turbo Sunday Supersonic SE) had 564 runners. 'chininhaltig' took down the event and collected $101,067 along with the SCOOP title. Second-place finisher 'QueenTen216 ' wound up with $71,014.99 and Samuel '€urop€an' Vousden finished in third-place for $49,899.10. There were 10 other players who won SCOOP titles on Sunday at the Low and Medium buy-in levels including 'r-w patriot' (Event #115-L), 'DaanOss' (Event #115-M), 'polaac_RC' (Event #116-L), 'ogurcon' (Event #116-M), 'jimbomber' (Event #117-L), 'BRAZZMONKEY' (Event #117-M), 'J-Rod Fett' (Event #123-L), 'abendy' (Event #123-M), 'Serenity1404' (Event #124-L), and 'Barksdale111' (Event #124-M). Event #115-H: $1,050 NLHE Afternoon Deep Stack Entries: 397 Prize pool: $397,000 Jamil11 - $72,321.44 Garrin4e - $54,249.73 chiconogue - $40,693.92 SonnyInMtl - $30,525.40 WhatIfGod - $22,897.75 mjw006 - $17,176.12 FreeLancerZZ - $12,884.19 wizowizo - $9,664.68 steakaddict - $7,249.69 Event #116-H: $530 NLHE Entries: 1,075 Prize pool: $537,500 Robin 'robinho' Ylitalo - $87,775.08 drew.derzh - $63,353.62 -ANALNATSHA- $45,727.16 BRzRoll - $33,04.81 leitalopez - $23,822.05 dadowiec - $17,194.19 cheeky4714 - $12,410.39 Olli444 - $8,957.54 Event #117-H: $530 8-Game Entries: 262 Prize pool: $131,000 Summ3L - $25,004.95 afghan herat - $18,534.49 Tridynamo - $13,738.45 Ballertimes - $10,183.45 raidalot - $7,548.33 Iglowka - $5,595.11 Event #123-H: $530 NLHE Turbo PKO Sunday Cooldown SE Entries: 1,980 Prize pool: $990,000 Oliver 'sk2ll_m0dR' Weis - $63,435.60 + $58,487.14 Biocid - $63,434.49 + $10,938.46 ivanvilchez8 - $37,637.27 + $14,790.99 Fabahaba - $26,829.14 + $9,863.27 bencb789 - $19,124.72 + $2,175.78 spaise411 - $13,632.79 + $7,880.85 chiconougue - $9,717.93 + $7,621.10 Nutter17 - $6,927.27 + $2,496.09 Hellen Vargas - $4,938.02 + $2,234.38 Event #124-H: $1,050 Six Max NLHE Hyper-Turbo Sunday Supersonic SE Entries: 564 Prize pool: $572,945.04 chininhaltig - $101,067 QueenTen216 - $71,014.99 €urop€an - $49,899.10 e-tremor - $35,061.83 despedespi33 - $24,636.40 jokkee_apart - $17,310.90
  21. This time last year, Russia's Konstantin 'krakukra' Maslak was celebrating after winning the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker Player of the Series award. This year, Maslak put himself in position to repeat that title after winning his second 2020 SCOOP title. Maslak won Event #118 High ($2,100 Six Max Turbo NLHE PKO) on Sunday to earn $37,899.83 from the prize pool and collected another $35,046.87 in bounties. Slovakia's 'Dajvey' was eliminated in second place and had to settle for $37,899.65 from the prize pool and just $6,906.25 in bounties. Canadian grinder Mike 'goleafsgoeh' Leah finished in third-place for $24,031.12 and $20,640.63 in bounties. Maslak now sits second on the 2020 SCOOP Player of the Series behind Rui "RuiNF" Ferreira with only six events on Sunday before 2020 SCOOP draws to a close. The only other High event that played down to a winner on Saturday was Event #112 High ($1,050 NLHE). 'MRiverAce' beat out 485 other players to win $88,882.35 and the SCOOP title. Runner-up Marty 'TheLipoFund' Mathis earned $65,058.60 while 'T3G3S' took the bronze medal and a $47,620.50 score. The other four players who won SCOOP titles on Saturday were '_m0ney2_89' (Event #112-L), 'Gaul4200' (Event #112-M), 'Wangel666' (Event #118-L), and 'bugiaso' (Event #118-M). Event #112-H: $1,050 NLHE Entries: 486 Prize pool: $500,000 ($14,000 overlay) MRiverAce - $88,882.35 TheLipoFund - $65,058.60 T3G3S - $47,620.50 Remi Lebo_10 - $34,856.45 ALLA_di_BaLLLa - $25,513.65 MonsieurRask - $18,675.05 Mr.Bittar - $13,669.45 VzB_Poker - $10,005.55 hotmark777 - $7,323.70 Event #118-H: $2,100 Six Max Turbo NLHE PKO Entries: 225 Prize pool: $450,000 (including $225,000 in bounties) Konstantin 'krakukra' Maslak - $37,899.83 + $35,046.87 in bounties Dajvey - $37,899.65 + $6,906.25 Mike 'goleafsgoeh' Leah - $24,031.12 + $20,640.63 great dant - $17,866.30 + $6,562.50 wiisssppppaa - $13,282.98 + $6,312.50 O"Pazzzo" - $9,875.43 + $10,000.00
  22. The Super High Roller Bowl Online is a showcase for some of the world's best high stakes tournament players but it's quickly becoming a personal playground for Viktor Blom. On Saturday afternoon the Swedish superstar won SHRB Online title for the third time in the last six days. Blom beat out 54 other entries in Event #21 ($10,300 High Roller) to earn $195,250. Runner-up Isaac Haxton had to settle for a $130,625 score while third-place finisher Steve O'Dwyer earned $83,875. Blom has previously won Event #9 ($10,300 High Roller) for $213,750 and Event #14 ($25,500 Super High Roller) for $407,500. He also finished runner-up to Dan Smith in Event #8 ($25,500 Super High Roller) to push his total winnings across those four events to $1,548,350. Just two days after winning a PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker title for $112,000, Matthias Eibinger outlasted 69 other entries to win Event #19 ($10,300 High Roller) and took home a $217,000 payday. Artur Martirosian ended up in second place and added $150,500 to his bankroll while Team partypoker Pro Kristen Bicknell finished in third place for $98,000. The biggest score on the day belonged to Canadian Sam Greenwood after beating 41 competitors in Event #20 ($25,500 Super High Roller). Greenwood earned $399,000 for the win. Christoph Vogelsang picked up $262,500 as the runner-up while Vyacheslav Buldygin took the final podium spot for $168,000. Event #19: $10,300 High Roller, 8-Max 70 entries $700,000 prize pool Matthias Eibinger - $217,000 Artur Martirosian - $150,500 Kristen Bicknell - $98,000 Joao Vieira - $63,000 Mikita Badziakouski - $49,000 Sergi Lloveras Reixach - $40,250 Christopher Malcolm Fraser- $33,250 Dan Smtih - $26,250 Event #20: $25,500 Super High Roller, 8-Max 42 entries $1,050,000 prize pool Sam Greenwood - $399,000 Christoph Vogelsang - $262,500 Vyacheslav Buldygin - $168,000 Nick Petrangelo - $94,500 Timothy Adams - $73,500 David Peters - $52,500 Event #21: $10,300 High Roller, 8-Max 55 entries $550,000 prize pool Viktor Blom - $195,250 Isaac Haxton - $130,625 Stephen O'Dwyer - $83,875 Mikita Badziakouski - $52,625 Timothy Adams - $35,750 Jacob Carl Schindler - $27,500 Ali Imsirovic - $23,375
  23. For the third time this year Mike 'SirWatts' Watson finished a PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker event as the last player standing. And this time he beat a "god" to do it. Watson beat out 147 other players including his final opponent Borys 'GODofHU' Turitsa to win Event #113 High ($1,050 6+ Hold'em) for $29,997.02. Turitsa, who famously defeated Lex Veldhuis heads-up in PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker Event #30 High ($2,100 8-Max NLHE) last September, had to settle for a $22,831.67 score while 'Bo$$ D4wg' won $17,377.98 as the third place finisher. Watson's first two wins of the 2020 SCOOP were in Event #51 High ($1,050 NL 2-7 Single Draw) and Event #66 High ($2,100 NLHE). The three wins from this year doubled his career total to six. Watson may have been the highest profile winner on Friday, but he wasn't the biggest. That honor belonged to Brazilian Ariel 'ArielBahia' Celestino after winning Event #109 High ($2,100 NLHE PKO Thursday Thrill SE) for $62,126.78 while picking up an impressive $93,570.31 from bounties collected. Fellow Brazilian 'copag holdem' finished as runner-up to earn $62,126.57 with $12,468.75 more coming from bounties. Harley 'Harleyy30040' Thrower finished in third place for $40,864.27 and just $3,875 in bounties. Hungarian Maszat 'noirduck' Marci topped the 356-entry field in Event #108 High ($1,050 NLHE) to win their first SCOOP title and $65,618.99. Pedro 'pvigar' Vinícius Garagnani had to console himself with $49,699.38 for falling one spot short of the title. Third place went to 'Korrinho' for $37,642.08. Andre 'Sira Al Aziz' Santos and 'xnrobix' each locked up six-figure scores after chopping up nearly $219,000 in Event #110 High ($5,200 Six Max PLO High Roller). Santos went on to win the title and banked $111,256.53 as a result while 'xnrobix' took the remaining $107,219.12. 'bmwcoupe' was eliminated in third and drove away with $72,729.85. The final two players in Event #111 High ($530 Six Max NLHE) also chopped. '$w4g4l1c10u$' earned the title and added $59,071.62 to their bankroll while 'KKremate' ended up with a $61,717.78 payday. Just before the deal was struck, 'OMGACEACEACE' was eliminated in third place for $35,640.78. The fastest event on Friday's slate was Event #114 High ($215 Heads-Up Zoom NLHE Turbo Progressive Total KO) which went to 'samuraiUA'. Along the way to the win, 'samuraiUA' collected $34,051.03 in bounties. Runner-up 'bigfishka44' took home $5,747.17. All prize money was in the form of bounties in this event. Other players who spent Friday night celebrating a SCOOP victory included 'geshuou' (Event #108-L), 'crazybombs' (Event #108-M), 'bet121995' (Event #109-L), 'mendieta19' (Event #109-M), 'monopol' (Event #110-L), 'hotmark777' (Event #110-M), duxo 93 Event #111-L), 'BC1989RF' (Event #111-M), 'nemmad' (Event #113-L), 'mrlaing' (Event #113-M), 'Andrej82' (Event #114-L), and 'batai12' (Event #114-M). Event #108-H: $1,050 NLHE Entries: 356 Prize pool: $356,000 noirduck - $65,618.99 pvigar - $49,699.38 Korrinho - $37,642.08 SELOUAN1991 - $28,509.90 Tomatee - $21,593.25 Graftekkel - $16,354.64. leulue399 - $12,386.91 lo-fi dream - $9,381.77 lipe piv - $7,105.68 Event #109-H: $2,100 NLHE PKO Thursday Thrill SE Entries: 390 Prize pool: $780,000 (including $390,000 in bounties) Ariel 'ArielBahia' Celestino - $62,126.78 + $93,570.31 copag holdem - $62,126.57 + $12,468.75 Harleyy30040 - $40,864.27 + $3,875.00 jareth3542 - $31,098.95 + $6,687.50 efkinis24 - $23,667.22 + $11,695.31 ale6ka - $18,011.44 + $15,875.00 Tomatee - $13,707.25 + $8,843.75 megaliciou$$$ - $10,431.64 + $5,187.50 Event #110-H: $5,200 Six Max PLO High Roller Entries: 110 Prize pool: $550,000 Andre 'Sira Al Aziz' Santos - $111,256.53* xnrobix = $107,219.12* bmwcoupe - $72,729.85 LLinusLLove - $55,780.12 RuiNF - $42,780.54 XD89lol<3 - $32,810.52 Event #111-H: $530 Six Max NLHE Entries: 847 Prize pool: $423,500 $w4g4l1c10u$ - $59,071.62* KKremate - $61,717.78* OMGACEACEACE - $35,640.78 thx4urm0n3y - $25,319.66 hopezACE - $17m987.40 lwolfwhite - $12,778.47 Event #113-H: $1,050 6+ Hold'em Entries: 148 Prize pool: $148,000 Mike "SirWatts" Watson - $29,997.02 GODofHU - $22,831.67 Bo$$ D4wg - $17,377.98 Hatrick1991 - $13,226.98 sry2good4u - $10,067.50 Zapahzamazki - $7,662.72 Event #114-H: $215 Heads-Up Zoom NLHE Turbo Progressive Total KO Entries: 1,486 Prize pool: $297,200 samuraiUA - $34,051.03 bigfishka44 - $5,747.17 BADEXTASY - $2,900.00 Powergolf - $3,309.96
  24. Thursday was a lighter day on the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker schedule with just six total events playing down to champions including one of the best in the world emerging with a High Roller title. Matthias 'iambest2' Eibinger was the biggest winner after taking down Event #105 High ($5,200 Six Max NLHE Midweek Freeze High Roller) for $111,703.80. Fellow Austrian Simon 'Igorkarkarof' Ronnow earned $88,064.44 for coming in second place while Giorgos 'Geokarak' Karakousis finished in third place and earned $67,612.03. This is the first SCOOP title for Eibinger. Hungary's 'lildani9' outlasted 569 other players in Event #107 High ($1,050 NLHE PKO) to earn their first SCOOP title and $43,911.79 from the prize pool plus another $47,712.86 in bounties. Runner-up 'kennyct31' grabbed $43,911.34 for his share of the prize pool but just $9,650.39 in bounties. Third-place went to 'Corback_fr' for $27,971.86 and $8,707.03 from bounties. The other four winners on Thursday, which all came from Low and Medium level events, included '11coconuts' (Event #105-L), 'drupa-lucker' (Event #105-M), 'xxgo4goldxx' (Event #107-L), and 'Pet_topgreen' (Event #107-M). Event #105-H: $5,200 Six Max NLHE Midweek Freeze High Roller Entries: 96 Prize pool: $480,000 Matthias 'iambest2' Eibinger - $111,703.80 Simon 'Igorkarkarof' Ronnow - $88,064.44 Giorgos 'Geokarak' Karakousis - $67,612.03 FouEnculePL - $51,909.50 great dant - $39,853.52 shuhpat - $30,598.03 Event #107-H: $1,050 NLHE PKO Entries: 570 Prize pool: $570,000 lildani9 - $43,911.79 + $47,712.86 kennyct31 - $43,911.34 + $9,650.39 Corback_fr - $27,971.86 + $8,707.03 Alexey5758 - $20,857.26 + $4,906.25 Bounatirou - $15,552.25 + $8,007.82 Gedis92 - $11,596.56 + $4,656.25 XMorphineX - $8,646.98 + $13,772.44 Tankanza - $6,447.64 + $1,187.50 gorodski - $4,807.69 + $3,867.19
  25. For the second time this year, Ole Schemion worked his way through a PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker field to stand victorious. This time though, he doubled the payout of the first event and walked away with more than a quarter-million dollars. Schemion beat out 117 other entries to win Event #102 High ($10,300 NLHE High Roller) for a $258,639.29 payday. Runner-up 'megaliciou$$$' narrowly missed out on the title and ended up with a $200,391.37 consolation prize. Macao-based 'limitless' turned up in third place and added $155,261.45 to their bankroll. The final table also included fourth-place finisher Steve O'Dwyer and sixth-place finisher Daniel Dvoress. Schemion's first 2020 SCOOP title came in Event #16 High ($2,100 Six Max PLO) on May 4. His two prior SCOOP titles came 2018 when he won Event #32 High ($10,000 PLO High Roller) and Event #36 High ($530 NLHE Deep Stacked). The final three players in Event #103 High ($1,050 Six Max Pot Limit Omaha 8-or-better) chopped up the nearly $100,000 before 'PlayWMyNuts' took down the title. Their share of the prize pool wound up being $35,022.18 while runner-up 'riverpaigow' and third-place finisher 'mai0h123' earned $31,487.17 and $31,315.45 respectively. Former #1 PocketFiver Patrick 'pads1161' Leonard took home $9,782.79 for finishing in sixth place. Konstantin 'krakukra' Maslak won one of the smallest High events on the 2020 SCOOP schedule. Just 49 players entered Event #106 High ($1,050 Pot Limit Five Card Draw) and Maslak bested all of them to win $19,617.65. Andrei 'Premove' Skvortsov took the runner-up spot and a $12,848.01 while 'lb6121' finished in third place for $8,414.43. The six other titles awarded on Wednesday went to 'jah1923' (Event #102-L), 'Bomber&Granater' (Event #102-M), 'vpisjak' (Event #103-L), 'Narcisus90' (Event #103-M), 'Senkel92' (Event #106-L), and 'Denis XXX007' (Event #106-M). Event #102-H: $10,300 NLHE High Roller Entries: 118 Prize pool: $1,180,000 Ole 'wizowizo' Schemion - $258,639.29 megaliciou$$$ - $200,391.37 limitless - $155,261.45 Steve 'Mr. Tim Caum' O'Dwyer - $120,295.21 srzakgirona - $93,203.71 Daniel 'Oxota' dvoress - $72,213.40 osw666 - $55,950.29 calculer_ = $43,349.77 Event #103-H: $1,050 Six Max Pot Limit Omaha 8-or-better Entries: 218 Prize pool: $218,000 PlayWMyNuts - $35,022.18* riverpaigow - $31,487.17* mai0h123 - $31,315.45* fish_san - $17,607.18 Piquette - $13,124.29 Patrick 'pads1161' Leonard - $9,782.79 Event #106-H: $1,050 Pot Limit Five Card Draw Entries: 49 Prize pool: $50,000 ($1,000 overlay) krakukra - $19,617.65 Premove - $12,848.01 lb6121 - $8,414.43 Chillonlini - $5,510.78 m1pum - $3,609.13

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