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  3. With PokerStars SCOOP just around the corner, we wanted to give all PocketFivers another way of getting into the action. We've created a Fantasy SCOOP contest that pays out over $1,000 in prizes thanks to our sponsor, StakeKings.com. It's free to enter and relatively simple. Simply draft a team of eight players using their PokerStars screenname before action kicks off on Event #2. Your team earns points based on how many PocketFives Leaderboard points they earn in each event based on the PLB formula found here. The Rules Participants must select eight players for their team, using that player’s PokerStars username. Teams with less than eight or more than eight will not be counted. Participants must submit entries before the start of SCOOP Event 2 (May 7, 8:00 am ET). Players earn points for in the money finishes, based on the PocketFives PLB calculator (https://www.pocketfives.com/plb-calculator/) Points are based on SCOOP Events 1 through 57 (Low, Medium, High). Participants must be a member of PocketFives as of 5/7/2017. Prizes 1st - $200* 2nd - $150* 3rd - $100* 4th - $80* 5th - $70* 6th - $60* 7th - $50* 8th - $40* 9th - $30* 10th - 15th Place $25* 16th - 20th Place $10* + PocketFives T-Shirt 55th Place $20* *Prizes are paid out in StakeKings Cash Enter your team in this thread by posting the screennames of your eight team members. Changes will not be allowed AFTER SCOOP begins. We'll be updating the standings each morning right here: https://www.pocketfives.com/contest/2017-fantasy-scoop/signup Good luck everybody!
  4. Final Standings: 1 William Cannada 101 165 (29 away) 26104321 North Carolina 2 Kevmath 100 154 (18 away) 25115221 North Carolina 3 smithbk 98 152 (16 away) 28104221 North Carolina 4 gutsy19 91 158 (22 away) 25105320 Gonzaga 5 oddsmaker 91 99 (37 away) 25124211 North Carolina 6 Smokin Zags 90 145 (9 away) 26125111 North Carolina 7 Lankyyanky 90 159 (23 away) 25105211 North Carolina 8 TheBigEarn 89 134 (2 away) 2994211 North Carolina 9 jalove23 89 133 (3 away) 24105211 North Carolina 10 mondomania 89 263 (127 away) 2683221 North Carolina 55 Tdot 78 126 (10 away) 2394111 North Carolina We will be reaching out to all winners on Wednesday to coordinate your prizes! Congrats to William Cannada for winning it and PocketFives' own Kevmath for taking down that highly coveted runner-up spot.
  5. Halfway through the Sweet 16 1. truesyalose - 61 (Duke) 2. John Bishop - 59 (Villanova) 2. PokerBeat - 59 (Arizona) 2. philflush90 - 59 (Villanova) 5. Hardweek - 58 (Gonzaga) 5. hockeywonk - 58 (Kentucky) 5. cashdaddy69 - 58 (UCLA) 5. 603goose - 58 (Arizona)
  6. We have three players tied for first heading into the Sweet 16 - but two of them have Duke winning it all. PTS CHAMP PICK rlw8 52 North Carolina shortbus 52 Duke truesyalose 52 Duke IfUFoldTerroristsWin 51 North Carolina PokerBeat 50 Arizona Smokin Zags 50 North Carolina AALegend 50 Gonzaga Eb893 50 North Carolina michiganct 50 Kansas John Bishop 50 Villanova Paboo 50 Florida State
  7. Standings heading into Sunday. There are seven players tied for first. PTS POSSBLE CHAMP PICK Smokin Zags 40 128 North Carolina AALegend 40 125 Gonzaga Eb893 40 125 North Carolina michiganct 40 125 Kansas truesyalose 40 125 Duke rlw8 40 112 North Carolina Paboo 40 92 Florida State
  8. I've double checked - triple checked even - and all of Friday's games are now over, so I can post the updated standings. Nobody went 32-0 and there is one person alone on top right now - 'polaris769' stands lone with 30 after the first round. His only two incorrect selections from the first round were Seton Hall and Maryland and he had both losing in the next round anyway. Six others are tied for second with 29. polaris769 - 30 (Villanova) ajw24211 - 29 (Kansas) Cthrilla - 29 (Villanova) GoHskrs - 29 (Gonzaga) allani12 - 29 (Villanova) TheBigEarn - 29 (North Carolina) uncleTK71 - 29 (UCLA)
  9. Noooooooooow I can post it ... Six people went 16-0 on Day 1 AALegend - 16 (Gonzaga) allani12 - 16 (Villanova) Cthrilla - 16 (Villanova) HolyFrigPecker - 16 (Villanova) TheBigEarn - 16 (North Carolina) utterczar - 16 (Villanova) Had a total of 342 entries. Good luck everybody
  10. Yeah - I'm asleep at the wheel right now. Will post proper results in the AM.
  11. Once again PocketFives is a running a free March Madness Bracket Contest for our members and giving away over $450 worth of prizes. Fill out your bracket before the games start on Thursday, March 16 - and no, we don't count the play-in games. Prizes: 1st place: $100 Amazon Gift Card + a PocketFives Hoodie 2nd place: $60 Amazon Gift Card + a PocketFives Hoodie 3rd place: $40 Amazon Gift Card + a PocketFives Hoodie 4th place: PocketFives Hoodie 5th place: PocketFives Hoodie 6th - 10th place: PocketFives T-shirt 55th place: PocketFives T-Shirt Entering your bracket is ridiculously easy. 1. Go to http://www.runyourpool.com/join.cfm 2. Enter the following information: a. In the "Pool ID" box, enter the number 15713 b. In the "Pool Password" box, enter 'fives55' (without the single quotes) 3. Create an account on RunYourPool, including a personal user name and password. Rest assured this information will not be sold or utilized for spam under any circumstances. If you already have an account on RunYourPool, you should log into your existing account instead of creating a new one. 4. Make your bracket picks. You must use your PocketFives user name as your bracket name. Maximum one entry per person. Entering more than one time disqualifies ALL of your brackets.
  12. And yes, as Antonio pointed out on Twitter earlier tonight - there is one more condition to the bet that I had forgot to mention: I have to wear the shirt if anybody other than my wife and daughter come to our house.
  13. LOL that you think I'm washing it 300 times sir ... That's what Febreeze is for my friend. It *might* get washed 50 times.
  14. Everybody's entitled to have their take. How Antonio (or anybody for that matter) spends their own money really is only up to them. Was more than happy to take the challenge and have some fun in the process. Though, I'm curious what you mean by "a guy like you".
  15. Okay, a few folks have asked me for the details on the prop bet I made with Antonio Esfandiari during the WSOP so I figured I’d put it here and let you guys ask any questions you might have. The Bet Antonio Esfandiari offered me an $8,000 freeroll that I couldn’t wear the same dress shirt for exactly one year. I accepted. How About 30 players from the money in the 2016 WSOP Main Event, I was standing with Donnie Peters and Remko Rinkema of PokerNews covering the play leading up to the bubble. Antonio was being rather talkative and as he’s prone to do, sitting in his chair barefoot. Somehow the conversation turned to the fur-lined Gucci slippers he wore to the Rio that day. (Note: they’re pretty awful) I asked him how much he’d pay me to wear them for a year and he told me I couldn’t “pull off the look” (I don’t disagree). He then asked me how much for me to wear the dress shirt I was wearing for one year. Now, for background, Donnie Peters had a bet like this with Antonio and Jason Mercier a few years ago that he couldn’t cut his hair for 18 months. His price was $5,000. He accepted and won. At this point I knew two things: 1) Antonio wasn’t accepting my first bid 2) He would likely balk at any further negotiation off of his price and I’d be left with $0. I wanted $10,000 - that was the number that was in my head, but knowing #1 above, I asked for $15,000. Antonio said that was “too rich” and I told him to counter the offer. He came back with $8,000. It was lighter than I expected but close enough to what I wanted that I wasn’t going to lose an $8,000 freeroll over the $2,000 difference. I snap-accepted. Antonio told the table he would have gone as high as $10,000. I don’t think he would have. What The shirt is a dress shirt. I’ve had it for about a year or so. Why It’s a freeroll. If I fail to pull it off, I’m just the guy who lost out on a free $8,000. When The bet was made on July 14, 2016. I have to wear it until July 14, 2017. The Ground Rules These are important, and a big reason why I felt like I’m a massive favorite in the bet. 1. I only have to wear the shirt when I’m outside of my house. (the one exception being when I’m swimming, but I do have to wear the shirt at the pool if I’m not in the pool). I work - for the most part - from home. If I was in an office five days a week with a commute, no chance I do this bet (or at least, for “just” $8,000). 2. Yes. I can wash it. My biggest concern is that the shirt might not last the full year. I’ve done some reading on best ways to take care of the shirt and make sure I get 365 days out of it. So I’m relatively confident I’ll make it. 3. I like the shirt so it’s not going to bother me to have to wear it. 4. No, I can’t go buy a bunch of the same shirt and wear that. Antonio signed the inside of the collar to make sure that it’s THE shirt. Also worth noting, the company that made the shirt is no longer in business. 5. How will Antonio know I’m wearing it? Well, I’ve known him for 10 years (he was one of our columnists when I ran BLUFF) and I’m pretty sure he trusts me. I’m posting regular updates on Twitter. (Follow me @Lance_Bradley)
  16. So Fedor Holz has won over $18,000,000 in the last 14 months. Now he's saying he's done with poker - at least as a pro. http://www.pocketfives.com/articles/wsop-bracelet-hand-fedor-holz-retiring-poker-592443/ Do we believe him or is this just another player saying they're walking away only to find themselves drawn back to the game like Shaun Deeb and Mike McDonald?

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