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  1. Bah, never mind, its the same old obnoxious rep that it always was - I was reading page 1... :'(
  2. Wow is this a new 888 rep? Thank God, I certainly hope you're about 10,000 times better than the last one. How about fixing the 1000s of glitches on your site before posting more promotions and ignoring all the complaints? The last rep found this far too difficult...Perhaps you could give it a try? Let's start with letting me actually click the time bank button instead of software glitching out so the button is unclickable when I need it...Good luck.
  3. This doesn't make any sense...You cannot cap your opponents range unless they have specifically done something to indicate that their range is capped i.e. checking back flop after leading pre, or checking back big blind after sb open limps etc. Any number of behaviours can allow you to cap an opponents range, but you can't cap their range without them having made a play that allows you to do so.
  4. Other people might keep putting up with this kind of disgusting treatment but I sure won't. I have the 2nd highest MTT volume on 888 in the world this year according to SharkScope: Why should I play such high volume on a site that has absolutely no respect for me whatsoever? I have just withdrawn my entire bankroll from your god awful site and will be putting it all on other sites e.g. PokerStars. You guys really suck, especially you 888 Rep!
  5. Yeah but who wants to play on a completely broken site that the 888 employees have absolutely no plan to fix any time soon? Tournament lobbies are completely broken as in the picture below, disconnections have been rife for the last 2 years and counting, random cards are sitting out to the side, the table sizings are now so large that I can only fit 6 tables on my screen since the upgrade and a bunch of the time my time bank becomes broken unclickable and unusable unless I try to close the table and re-open it while 8-10 tabling... 888 sends me some crappy email asking for my computer specs...My computer isn't broken, your site is. You've been sent my computer specs before more than once, nothing changed as a result. Sort it out this is garbage...The lobby says I have busted a tournament in a game that I have a 30k+ chip stack in... And how about no more posting promotions until you get real about fixing these problems for your customers first? http://imageshack.com/a/img911/8931/IS6Qjy.png
  6. You guys just don't seem to get it. I have had this email sent to me before asking the same questions about the same problems,...I sent you all the relevant information before and nothing changed, I am sure not wasting any more of my time organizing this data for you again - particularly when it is totally irrelevant. I am part of two skype groups where every single reg who plays on your site there has told me they are having the same problems. You guys have had severe issues for well over a year now and every time you upgrade the software you are introducing new and irritating bugs...No amount of emails from me with or without my computer specs is going to change that. The regs are growing really sick of the incompetence displayed by 888 and the complete lack of care for the customers when we notify you of these issues. It's just garbage. What I suggest you do is find a board of directors that cares about the direction of the company or stop trading the company publicly because with this sort of operation you guys are going nowhere fast. Thanks for nothing - again. By the way, I'm a nice guy and I really hate having to be this blunt about it with you...But after over a year of no results you've really left me no choice.
  7. And of course we can't go one single day without a new and annoying bug popping up at 888 poker :D...Here is today's new bug: As you can see I have 44k stack in the tournament, yet the lobby says I have already busted in 77th place! I have two questions for 888 rep...The first is, which great new bug should we be expecting you guys to introduce to the software next? And the second is, would your team of programmers like us to order them a fresh banana shipment courtesy of the players? Hoo hoo hoo for yes, and hoo hoo hoo ha ha for no. Thanks.
  8. Great, now my time bank button is completely ceased to function as well as my lobby & table options buttons. What's next?!
  9. Also by the way - when I download the old version that you guys sent me via email, it forces me to update again every time I close 888 and reopen for the following days session so I am endlessly stuck with the new broken version... Is there anything on this site that actually does work anymore?! And after all the crap I go through with you guys I can't even get a deposit bonus lol.
  10. Again, anyone wanna take prop bets on this not getting fixed in a timely manner, if ever at all?
  11. This site has turned to absolute garbage. Anyone wanna take prop bets on 888 rep's response being painfully inadequate and unprofessional?
  12. Agree 100%. I pay approximately $100 in tournament fees every day on 888 and play there for a living currently. The way that they treat us is really poor and this kind of treatment of your customer base would never work in any other industry...Your company would collapse within weeks. I have written to 888 personally a number of times, including to the board of directors themselves. The way that 888 continued to operate whilst having severe disconnection problems for such a long time is criminal in every sense of the word. No other site would continue to operate in the midst of these issues, pokerstars would shut down for updates. The number of bugs and issues that have been endlessly introduced to 888 software over the years is unimaginable. I have played at the final 10 of tournaments in which there are 4 players on one table and 6 tables on the other for the duration of the final table bubble sometimes lasting up to 40 minutes...I have informed 888 of this problem no less than 6 times over a 4 year period and been ignored every single time. With the new updates a variety of new bugs have been introduced that have made the site almost impossible to play on. I can't see chip counts in half of the lobbies now, I can't make my tables small enough to play the number that I used to simultaneously, if I am at the same tournament table for any longer than 30 minutes the lobby, table options & hand history buttons cease to function. I could list a plethora of other issues...What kind of monkey outfit are you running? Who on Earth do you have working on your software updates? Any other company would have fired them years ago. Absolutely disgusting, and as usual I expect the 888 rep to ignore or wave away my concerns with the wave of a hand in true 888 fashion. Thanks for nothing.

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