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  1. Appreciate the kind words Josh- just as an update: My stable is helping me move to Las Vegas, as they think it would be a step in the right direction for me and some of their other American players. I'll be there on February 6th- but will leave this post up regardless in case anyone is visiting and wants to connect! 🙂
  2. Hello P5'ers, My name is Brady Osterman (you all probably know me by my alias DuQueen2Q on WPN). I'm 28 years young, professional MTT player who is looking for a room/shared living situation with another poker player(of any discipline) who is as serious about the game as I am. I've come to the conclusion that living with another player temporarily will be a beneficial next step in my poker journey. I suppose this post could also serve those players who have similar needs as I do at the moment. I've been grinding for a stable for nearly 3 months now- and have seen immense improvement in my game from working closely with these coaches. As you can imagine, my pursuits in poker are more than a full time job for me (studying, playing, helping others within my group) these things are all very time consuming and I regularly work on the computer for 12+ hour days, usually 6 days per week(with some occasional games at the local casino). I'm very dedicated to becoming the best in the game, and i'm looking for someone to room with that understands this and is of the same mind. I've found that non-players often don't understand what it takes to make it in this game, and it's very hard to convince them of the profitability/ potential stability of the game. I'm currently living in Phoenix, AZ moving from place to place here and haven't found a place to settle yet. I am open to relocating to basically anywhere in the U.S.(Las Vegas seems my most logical choice of location) as well as some select places out of the country(I have my passport). I won't be open to signing any leases longer than three months(I can pay 2 months up front in cash) , but I believe my reputation within the p5's and the online poker community in general is certainly good enough to trust. I've met some very good friends in poker along the way, and I look forward to meeting some more aspiring professionals that may want to work together. It's also my hope that this post will serve more than just myself as well! Feel free to either post on this thread to discuss this, or send me a private message! Take care, Brady Osterman (DuQueen2Q)
  3. Thanks for the intel though, GG
  4. Yeah I know you were on my left in it XD. I've been waiting for word on their twitter but apparently that is a mistake bc they don't care about updating their customers so as not to waste their time ha
  5. 2 hours of standby and still no confirmation. SMFH
  6. I say you create a new tournament called the "Daily DDOS Special- 1 Billion gtd." and have everyone get stoked about it, then shut the site down right on the bubble, before you pay anyone out XD
  7. Been a sad week for all the US online poker grinders. This site has been a source of hope for online poker's re-emergence, but that hope fades more each day that WPN has this same issue. There is just not enough action on the rest of the US facing sites to make ends meet. Hopefully they can get this figured out. Until then live poker it is!
  8. Still down? I tried loggin in and it says " an error occurred, please try to login later". Any timeframe on this would be greatly appreciated. Thx ACR Rep
  9. Yes I would rather have KJs opening this position with 100 bb behind. I agree with you it does depend on how you play and how the table plays. I'm just more comfortable playing my hands aggressively and winning chips before showdown and with KJs you can bluff and semi bluff on good boards, and with a hand like ako I find myself just winning or losing at showdown at this stack depth. Just personal preference I suppose
  10. Well as you keep that in mind, also keep in mind that your ranges should change a bit according to table dynamics as i'm sure you know. The range I posted would just be a standard for me, but constant adjustments are key to running deep in tournaments IMO ;)
  11. Probably 66+ aqo+ ajs+ kqs would be my range there
  12. I agree then, 14 from itm and being a top 3 stack at your table already. The last thing you want to do is put yourself in a spot that threatens your leverage at the table approaching the bubble. There will be plenty of spots nearing the bubble that you can use to pressure your shorter opponents, even with only 25 bb. Fold would be my standard here in favor of preserving my position at the table.
  13. I agree with you here flopdeck. My standard would be peel and see a flop against most opponents. Without a read i still think its standard. As played flop is fine, i think its a judgement call on the turn whether you want to play for stacks or not. I don't hate this fold but i tend to use this combo as a check/calldown blocking value ranges with your k and j, and unblocking all draws. I would call and call river on a large number of cards.
  14. I think its a mistake not to open this hand, even from EP. Especially at this stage of the tournament, your primary goal should be to find a way to get in the pot with hands that you can stack your opponents with. I would open any pair here, and most suited connectors, probably all the way down to 56s(I am looser than most). The mistake i see people making is opening too many offsuit hands here(kqo,kjo,a10o etc) I would rather have KJs here than ako 100% of the time. Logic being that i can win a big pot with kjs when i make a flush or straight, ak and the like will win small pots or lose big ones most often. Just my point of view, suited connectors and small pairs rise in value the deeper you are playing, and high card hands and big pairs drop in value.
  15. Well, obviously if we weren't worried about getting snapped off/shoved on from behind we are printing money calling here. To give valuable input i would need to know the stack sizes and stats(if possible) of the players behind. Also, what stage of the tournament is it? I'm going to assume approaching the bubble judging by blinds. Also, what is the average stack in the tourney? Are you right at average? Above? Far below? These are all variables that influence my decisions at all times so I can't really definitively tell you what i would do unless I have this information.
  16. I've tried depositing via bitcoin to betonline several times now within the past week, and I'm getting an error message (page not found) when I select the bitcoin option. Anyone else having the same issue? Or does anyone know what's up with BTC depos on BOL?
  17. We're all here to learn brother! Even posting bad advice is good for our community, it can inspire a deeper thinking and lead to positive changes for all those involved in the convo
  18. Some great advice from negrealanu here, I would like to have more information before I give my input on the hand. If you can, please tell me all the stack sizes of the rest of the players and their relative positions at the table. I always take icm into account in these spots, especially playing against a covering stack that can apply pressure.
  19. I would argue that these drugs are only nasty if their effects on your body are nasty. Alot of people find these drugs to be helpful in their everyday lives. I'm prescribed ritalin and it helps my daily attention and prevents depression. My point is if you view it as nasty, then it's probably not helping you. I would recommend that you not take it ;)
  20. Yeah I agree. I wouldn't base your read on that small of a sample size, because of random card distribution he can certainly be card dead over that whole sample size and finally look down at an open-able hand. But as you said his vpip is a little high he may be a little more weighted towards strength. I think I still favor a rip against this opponent as the short stack at the table, Increasing your stack by about 20% instantly is always favorable in a situation where you need to collect chips to compete/survive at this particular table.
  21. You played this hand fine. When the BB check calls this flop after the preflop action, I would range him mainly on broadway aces, with the occasional AA and KK in the mix although I think these days players just have a tendency to bet all of their overpairs on a dynamic board like this for protection. The other villain can have a much wider range calling here after the preflop limp, his range is still undefined. He will have a lot of 1 pair, or pair + draw type hands like 45 a3 a2 etc. even overs with backdoor flush draws/straight draws are getting a good price to call here. When the turn comes a 3, and the initial raiser checks, I would narrow his range to almost entirely ak-aj and sometimes AA. The other villain sort of clarifies his range a bit on the turn and leads 50 into a pot of 2000. He almost never has 3-x as this hand goes bigger for value, and he rarely has a pair better than your 66. His bet reeks of 2-x, 4-x, and draws wanting to set a cheap river price. Against these two ranges 66 is a slam dunk raise for value on the turn. Just think about it this way: You put in the majority of the chips when your hand was golden and villain only got 50 chips from you when you were beat. Very poorly played by villain, unlucky for you. I would listen to the advice from shrubbery and pokerdude. Flopdeck usually gives good advice but I don't agree with him even remotely on this hand! ha

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