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  1. How many hands did you have on the initial opener? Just because his pfr is 9 doesn't mean that you shouldn't shove on the boyo. The only consideration for flatting would be if you had a large sample size on the villain that showed his pfr to be 9 over 200+ hands, or if icm was a heavy factor. More info please :)
  2. I pay the 99 a month, but sometimes I will just buy it for a several month span to study and then downgrade my membership to cut costs. The free version is an ok starter to get familiar with the site, but the "Elite" version has insight from a wide variety of top online professionals in all different game types. My favorite coach for MTT's is Sam Grafton, I can say he's really made the biggest difference in my game. But there are tons of pro's who specialize in different areas. They are all very friendly and willing to chat with all of the elite members, and in general you can ask them any questions and they will provide detailed and thought out responses in a timely manner. If you sign up, I would recommend watching some of the videos by James Obst first. He has some special mental game videos that have really changed the way I think about myself and others. He's brilliant in fact. Let me know if you have any more questions!
  3. Poker is a game that's tough to stay on top of mentally, especially if you play MTTs regularly. Even the best players in the world struggle with mental game leaks from time to time. The reason why they are the best is because they find ways to plug their leaks and continue to make good decisions despite everything. I can't give much advice on cash game strategy, as my expertise is in MTT's. I would recommend lowering your average buy in levels for MTT's enough to the point where one bad day will not have the financial impact to affect your mind in a negative way. Also, poker strategy and theory is an ever evolving beast, so in the few years that you've been on break, other regs have advanced their games immensely. It's not uncommon in poker to step away, and come back only to get "owned" by regs with superior skill. It sounds like you need to get current with the game in order to restore mental confidence. There are so many resources and good training sites out there that you could be taking advantage of to bring you back to speed. I would recommend runitonce.com, as i have used the library of videos for two years to stay on top of my game. It's pricy but worth it imo. I also hear good things about Upswing Lab, although i've never used it myself. You've taken the first step into admiting that your game may need work, now find the motivation to act on it and find a way to improve! These p5's forums are full of people willing to help those who are serious about poker. Good Luck!
  4. Certainly not collusion. I have played thousands of hands with the hero, he is a very competitive, very solid player. Hero correctly assumed that how the hand played out, villain's line isn't the most credible as far as repping enough value hands (ie flushes/straights) to be able to shove this river after checking back the flop. I like his call with the 66, as he unblocks all of the broadway hands that would surely be firing turn and river to get him to fold hands like ak, aq, and aj(which are a large part of hero's range)
  5. Just ordered my DX Racer! super pumped for it to get here haha I've been sitting on POS chairs, floors and beds for way too long now. Thanks to those in this thread for the recommendations!
  6. You are playing for your opponents 20 bb stack, as a general rule of thumb.. just play AK as the nuts sub-30bb imo. Your opponent is going to shove a lot of worse a-x and small-medium pairs against your 3bet. You are doing fine against that range. There is really no other line you can take here given the stack sizes. As people noted, flatting or folding are both non-options.
  7. ya I like making it 6-6.7k at this stack depth, my range is going to be super polarized from the bb here.... I either have the preflop nuts essentially or the furthest thing from, and I like getting folds when I have k3o 3betting here. But that's just me
  8. I think that if you're going to be bet folding the river, you should probably not be folding a hand as high up in your range as K5.. maybe choosing to bet large and fold with your weakest 5-x would be fine, just speaking from a pure value standpoint. Your opponent can definitely have 77, 99 or AA, but is the number of times he has those enough to offset the number of times he has, say A9, AK, and is value shoving light, or just a complete airball(often the case in 5.50 buy ins) But as Negrealanu stated, its kind of hard to give any advice when we don't have too much specific information
  9. This is my preferred line here also. You are getting great pot odds to see a favorable flop, and this is just about as good as it gets, 2nd nut flush draw and overcards.... I think this hand is a bit too trashy to rip over the raise and calls preflop By open ripping the flop, you give yourself a decent chance to just take it down right there, which would greatly help your situation, giving you a stack above 20 bb which you can have fold equity to ship lighter over your opponents opens. Combine this with the fact that you will usually have very good equity when called, and this spot becomes even more of a rip on the flop
  10. If you are looking to get back in the swing of things, i would start with ignition.. Its soft playerpool will help you get back into the game. I play most of my games on Americas Cardroom (WPN) because i like their tournament selection / software alot better. Also, playing on WPN is more exciting for me. The level of competition far surpasses that of any US site currently. It helps keep me motivated to continue improving my game Good luck and see you on the felt!
  11. Looking for a one time stake for the ACR MDS tournament. The buy in is 540$ My roll is short right now and I want to make sure that I can play the tournament. I am a long term winning player on WPN, and my screenname is DuQueen2Q. I have a high 168% ROI over 4,000+ games, and consider myself a mid stakes professional. I am also an avid Run It Once subscriber, and frequently study and improve my game. I am looking for is full stake 70you/30me with stake returned after the win, and no makeup (unless someone would care to offer me a long term staking deal). Also, the skin that I play on is America's Cardroom for transfer purposes, but I would be willing to create a screenname on a different skin if it is more convenient for the investor. Thanks for reading and looking forward to a response! DuQueen2Q
  12. Check requested 10/08/16..... still pending.......
  13. Is anyone else experiencing long wait times for ACR bank drafts? I requested mine on 9/25/16.. Contacted an ACR rep last week and they said my check was sent to me in the mail on 9/29... It is now 10/20 and I haven't recieved my check. Pretty frustrating, as I have recommended 3 friends to the site and I play there quite frequently. On of them recieved his first check in 3 days and his second in less than a week. Does ACR selectively choose whom to provide better service to? Seems like it. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  14. These aren't even bad beats and in half of the scenarios you should have folded pre-flop if you had any decent understanding of the game
  15. Qjuice is right on as far as how you should be starting out. I also agree that 3-4 months is not a large enough sample size to determine profitability/skill and your potential for success as a poker player. I have been playing poker for several years seriously, but only recently have I made the jump to supporting myself with poker winnings alone. I always had a full-time job as my backup plan to make up for the extreme variance that is inevitable when becoming an MTT pro. My point is it takes quite a while to reach a skill/ comfort level with the game to become confident in your ability to support yourself on it. As for a good training site, I would recommend Runitonce.com. I have been a suscriber there for about a year now and the site and coaches there are top notch. There are enough training videos on the site to keep you busy studying endlessly and they update with two new pro videos per day. The elite membership is a little pricey at 100$/ month, but its well worth the spend to learn how the best players in the game are playing against the player pool today. Hope this helps you and good luck on the dream, from a fellow dreamer!
  16. ^ It also depends how deep you are in the tournament and what the ICM implications are.. This is a guide I often use to make my decisions.
  17. Get it in pre after 3 betting, or flat pre... depending on the stats of the players behind. I think flatting this spot occasionally is good because you can induce a light squeeze from an aggressive opponent in late position. Then you can re-evaluate once MP2 decides how to combat this squeeze. If he flats you have a super profitable jam, if he jams you will make your decision based on his tendencies and your perception of him.
  18. Seriously, it's so bad. I was in the 25k a few days ago with a top 20 stack with about 300 left. Site shut down, and by the time I got it running again I was bust in 201st. Anytime I try to email customer service about anything they give me a vague "blah" response. So frustrating.

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