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  1. The bots are easily beatable many players still do it....if you can beat the bots who cares, they keep the games going....ill give you a tip, they dont like 3 bets or 4 bets....big ones
  2. Anyone who reads this, I got back on for a couple days and took my money off, tried to log back on and same thing happened, the device confirmation thing doesnt send me an email.....acrrep told me to call in and change my number so he can call me and fix the issue..I called in, got hung up on, called in again and the guy tells me to email them. Did that and no response. Acrrep then tells me to email them...well i've emailed them twice and 0 responses, so using problem solving skills that obviously wont fix the problem, and still havent got a response from the first time, a lady told me that tech support was going to reach out and help. I'm only responding to this to let new players who are thinking about playing on WPN, and people who don't believe Joey ingram about suspicious activity..the truth is they dont care and if they are this negligent tech wise where there own device confirmation doesn't work. they got no chance to stop any bots. Some of us can beat them, most can't. if you have any problem regards to logging on, cashouts, they simply don't care. I've never had a issue with them in years, and I have caused 0 problems for them. Play on this site at your own risk.
  3. Still locked out, said theyd transfer to IT department and theyd email me within 24 hours, no emails received.
  4. And now I need to wait for another department to take the case....can a rep just send me the code
  5. Live chat, called in twice and still cant figure it out.......
  6. Anyone else having issues with this? First time its happened to me as I was logging back on late at night and it says it sent a email to my email, and no email to be found... tried it many times....went to live chat and worthless...and now they want me to wait, to be able to play....lmao what a joke
  7. Good read. I agree. Taking those bad beats doesn't seem as bad as our last breath on earth... Sorry for your loss.... - Vegaskid13
  8. a graph that you can ski on, but only if it has jumps

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