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  1. You really think he is going to bet 6k/12k then shove this river for value (66k, which is an overbet compared to what he bet on flop and turn) with just trips or a bluff vs bernard lees perceived range of AK, AA, and KK here 200 bbs effective in a 25k? Think about bet sizing for a minute, it is quite important. Doubt he's shoving with anything less than quads for value vs a nit, in fact i would say that would just be flat out terrible. When i say shoving anything less then quads would be terrible, I meant it as tony probably never has AA or KK given his preflop action. So shoving 88 AA and KK is obviously good, assuming he can be tricky preflop.
  2. I guess I should have been even more specific with my post. Also we have no feel for the table dynamics so I'm going based off of what I know about each player. I think gargano is drunkpplaya who is a v good solid mtt reg and I have never played with bernard lee so I just assume hes a nittier older player (esp. since he folded kk here). I feel like it's ambitious to say he goes for value 175 bbs effective deep in a 25k with anything but quads kk or aa. When he goes from donking 6k flop, 12k turn, then 66k river I feel like those 3 hands make up his range exactly. I feel like with the weaker portion (8xs, ak type hands, guess he could have that too) he would simply bet 24kish again trying to extract as much value from a range that will probably fold to a shove.
  3. Regarding the last sentence , i meant that he would take that same line (betting less) with any suited 8x hand he had and that it fit into the 89s A8s category. Sorry for all the rambling above, hope that makes more sense.
  4. oops i misread it, looks like 66k into 70k ish, still think he would bet a lot less with that part of his range though
  5. It should be 88, 89s, or A8s or air (since we know other player he has KK that isn't in tony's range). I doubt he's ever capable of having air here, having said that he also never takes this line with 89s or A8s for value. What worse hand will call? Good fold He wouldn't overbet the pot with the 89s and A8s portion of his range on the river imo. He could also have some other 8x suited hands and I think he would take the same line with those too.
  6. they give you 12k t$, and yeah get aids ukaliks
  7. Hixx

    The Toilet 0

    was at the table, it was reported correctly...pretty funny hand
  8. u must be hella blazed bro
  9. scottsdale night clubs better watch out
  10. was only a matter of time, kids one of the best
  11. Hixx


    looks fine to me, if you do the stanky leg b4 the turn card falls
  12. Hixx

    Wednesday Fun

    5k shipped to allinstevie on ftp
  13. have you ever had a steak well done with ketchup?
  14. coming thursday, how have the fields been so far? also is there anything to do here besides poker?

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