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  1. Line looks fine to me and just need to either bet-fold or check-call river, but I prefer bet-folding when you know you can play perfectly against this type of villain. Reason I say that is you have absolutely no reason to believe this villain has any spazzes against you or a balanced bluff range on this river. This profile of player is simply betting the hand he has. Had you mean against someone that gets completely out of line or has a lot of Ax overplays, I like the check-call to keep in bluffs and all the time they value own themselves.
  2. FT Hand Help $1k Gtd $5 r/a

    You didn't tell us what you had 🤨
  3. Passive postflop line with AA

    Agree with @turbulence almost across the board 1 - Your squeeze has to be larger in this atypical situation. You are way too deep, which often creates a "chip drunk" dynamic where they keep calling. Perfect time to max exploit them. Your equity is so huge here heads-up, but drops dramatically as soon as you go 3 or 4 way. I get the not wanting to blow them out, but you really need to take this heads-up. Alternatively you could take a passive line by flatting pre and work in some check-raises on the flop or turn depending on the texture and run out. But not in between. My suggestion would be to make it like 6k to get it heads-up. I know it feels weird. 2 - Had that flop been A85ddx I would maaaaybe be on-board with the check-overcall, but given your opponents can have a lot of Kx and combo draws, and especially because you unblock the Ad, this must be a c/r at this point and we're playing for stacks. Flatting here has literally no upside and allows multiple opponents to realize the equity of their nut draw hands for free. 3 - Agree in this scenario villains on average have to play much more honestly and are likely to take lower variance lines with their medium-strong holdings as it tends to be a really good thing when there is limited betting frequency. That said, I would disagree that in this scenario multi-way I think a check raise could certainly be for definition from hands like KQs/o, KJs/o, KTs, the occasional AK. 4 - Similar to my thinking in my response to #3, I don't think we're beating "nothing". Villain can still have some Kx here, but it would be good to analyze how many combos he has. I wouldn't rule out that he just flicks the rest in with his Kx and the odds were getting are so great I think we need to sheriff here. I know it feels like compounding mistakes, but at this point it's really not. The biggest mistake was on the flop. Don't mean to beat you up @FlopDeck. Interesting hand, thanks for posting!
  4. 15bb - FT vs weak villain - ICM

    Nice analysis here @turbulence. Given @FlopDeck's stats and observations on villain I think your HRC assumptions are spot on. Definitely surprised to see how big of a loser KQo is, but it makes sense at these stack sizes. Pretty hard to let this one go, especially without a short stack dynamic where we need to tighten up additionally.
  5. Living Situations/ Grindhouses

    I can attest that Brady is an all-around stand-up guy and clearly is doing everything to take his game to the next level. In another place and another time, I would not hesitate to room with Brady. Brady - you might want to contact Poker Refugees as they have helped place a ton of people outside of the US. I'm sure they could connect you with the US ex-pat community and there may even be some open rooms in places like Costa Rica or Malta.
  6. 2019 PocketFives PSPC Fantasy Challenge

    Chidwick Imsirovic Moorman Seidel Maio
  7. Advice for building a bankroll?

    My recommendation for building a bankroll is and always will be playing live 1/2 NL in casinos and table selecting well. Easiest games to beat period with a pretty solid hourly rate even as a modest winner in the game. The strategy is very simple, plug your leaks, showdown the best hand and bet for value like crazy. If you don't have the bankroll to get started there, I would recommend seeking a stake if you can get it.
  8. A question about calling 3 bets with lower than 2/1 STP

    My inner station in position is most likely to flat pre and keep lots of dominated broadways and suited trash in OR range. When solid reg squeezes we have to fold and can't defend. That said we should have some traps here too with hands that we will stack off with like AA/KK/AK/AQs should give us enough combos to flat in this highly favorable spot with hands like KQo, JTs, ATs
  9. QQ Preflop <=30bb

    It would be very easy for me to +1 and say "uhhh yea we're going broke for 30bb with QQ", but that doesn't progress this thread any further. What does is thinking about alternatives and counter arguments. Consider the following: - What is UTG's opening range? You haven't really told us anything about Villains in these spots, but I can assume that your typical opponent is opening 8-10% here. So the question is how much equity does QQ have against a range of 8-10% - Now think about what is your 4bet range? And how much of villain's UTG range is calling off your 4-bet jam? - Let's analyze the villain with 15bb. What is their 3b ripping range? And what should your 4bet iso range look like? I'm happy to provide my thoughts and how to build strategies in these scenarios to determine optimal lines of equity, but I would love your responses first.
  10. Hand advice plz

    Disciplined fold. We should never be flatting in this spot since we don't have the proper odds to set mine and we run the risk of squeezes behind us which stinks since we can never defend 3bets with this hand either.
  11. PocketFives support not answering

    Yea I got bounce backs from that email address as well. Trying sending a message to Kevin Mathers.
  12. Hand review

    Welcome Tri4cBet. Can you help us by answering the following: 1) what is the original raiser’s range from UTG for 10 BB? 2) what is the isolators range from the CO? These are not trick questions. We need to know what you think and then we can tell you the EV of your call.
  13. playing on a Mac on ACR

    @ACR REP - assistance please
  14. 10´s facing a large 3 bet

    Need the standard stats here. In general I think their 3bets are polarized to nutted and bluffs like small pocket pairs and A5s. I don't think they are behind when they call our 4bet jam except when they call off with AK, so range looks like AA-TT, AKs, AKo and maybe AQ. I like peeling the 3bet more than 4betting to keep bluffs in with the option to get away from unfavorable Ace high or KQx type flops. I also think their value to bluff ratio is pretty high, so I don't expect too many bluffs in general. 3bet is large and ICM is huge when villain has a middle stack with 2 very vulnerable short stacks.
  15. Enough fold equity with this 4bet

    Any more info on villain... Are they solid and winning reg or spewy and losing overall? Do you have any notes or info from sites like Sharkscope, etc. Also what were they VPIPing, 3bet % and any other relevant stats like resteal or squeezes? This would give us indicators on how much they are playing back at your button opens which should be 50%+ here. Some villains never have 3bet folds here with ICM and others have tons. We need to assess which type of villain this is. Generally speaking I don't think Villain is that light here given 3 other short/vulnerable stacks at the table. My inner station wants to peel this and commit to flops where we flop significant equity (pair, 2overs with gutters, open enders, 3flushes with gutters, etc.)
  16. ACR $1K Extreme Tuesday $50K GTD on the Bubble

    Appreciate the feedback from everyone. The consensus I got from everyone is the following: Pre: Defend Flop: Sigh-fold or check-raise Turn: Mixed opinions here about leading, check-calling and check-raising River: Mostly give-up, some people like going for it, but it has to be big My thoughts Pre: Nothing controversial about defend. I don't like the small 3bet, but I could get behind a large 3bet under normal circumstances, but not at this stage with huge ICM considerations Flop: I have Villain on opening about 34.2% or 454 combos. Feel free to comment on whether you think this is too loose. It feel a little wide, although it was clear to me that Villain was more active than normal. Don't want to skew you all too much. I could be convinced to reduce Villain's weaker AX combos 9Xo combos and maybe some of the suited 7X combos would bring his VPIP down to about 30%. Looking at ranges and equities... Range 1: AA-22,AKs-A2s,KQs-K5s,QJs-Q7s,JTs-J7s,T9s-T7s,98s-97s,87s-86s,76s,AKo-A5o,KQo-K9o,QJo-Q9o,JTo-J9o,T9o Range 2: As3s Equity 1: 61.719% Win 1: 59.274% Tie 1: 4.889% Equity 2: 38.281% Win 2: 35.837% Tie 2: 4.889% ...we have about 38% equity on this flop. Villain bets 2,600 into 7,650 = 10,250, so we need 25.3% equity to peel (2,600/10,250). We have a hand with a fair amount of turn hot cards (All spades, 2x, 5x, Ax, 7x) and with this much equity I like the peel. Villain will have a pair+ about 40% of the time here with very few 6x, 4x and lower pocket pairs in their range, so I don't love the check-raise. Turn (12,850): I agree this is where we all diverge in our thinking. Some like leading here, some like check-peeling and others like check-raising if given the opportunity. I prefer check-peeling even though it feels like we're playing our hand face up. Check-folding would be lighting money on fire after floating that flop and we can still have plenty of top-pairs and 2pairs in our range looking for a check-raise on the turn given Villain has a lot of quality pairs on the turn to a "total blank", this Villain should be double-barreling most of their value range and for equity denial against tons of draws. Villain has more sets (KK) but virtually no 2pairs (only K6s, not K4s, 64s as we do). The problem with leading is that we could get blown off our equity with a raise, which may not happen too often, but it's ramping up the variance in a spot where we have future game considerations. More specifically, I don't want to give up my leverage against the rest of the table and afterward, severely hurting my chances of a top payout. River: When villain checks back turn I just can't see any hands containing a K, pairs above 6, either spades or clubs 4flushes. I'll give villain 50% weighting of pocket pairs between 77-TT as pot controls that hero river, but I think we fold out a ton of villain's range resulting in something looking like this: A9o,A6o,T9o,A9s,A6s,Q9s,J9s,T9s,98s-97s,86s,76s,[50%]TT-77 = 4.8% or 48 combos I agree that sizing should be large to make villain indifferent and hopefully disinterested in calling. Also when we do have flushes here, which we have many of them and villain has virtually none because they didn't double barrel, villain would assume that we will bomb rivers anyway. When villain checks back the turn we can bomb all of our 2pair combos as well with impunity. I bet 15,821 (10.55 BB) and Villain tank-folds. Biggest question that I have now is whether this Villain's river calling range looks right?
  17. ACR $1K Extreme Tuesday $50K GTD on the Bubble

    We're on the bubble with 16-17 left, 15 pay. We're 3rd in chips with about 4 players ~10 bigs. Min-cash = 1.38x buyin. We've been very tight although our reputation is LAG. Not sure how relevant it is against villain, given no real history. We're running a 18/11/5 this tournament. Villain is a very good reg (lol tough field, we sattied in) and over 138 hands I have them at a 20/15/6. Looking for feedback on all 3 streets. Winning Poker Network Game: No Limit Holdem (750/1,500/150) Table: Extreme Tuesday - $50,000 GTD 8-Max Seat 1: Villain 3 (43,487) Seat 3: Villain 4 (18,088) Seat 4: Villain 5 (11,955) Seat 5: hero - BB (61,728) Seat 6: Villain 1 - UTG (74,995) Seat 8: Villain 2 (44,797) *** HOLE CARDS *** hero: dealt [3s As] Villain 1: raises 3,000 hero: calls 1,500 *** FLOP *** [Kc 6c 4s] hero: checks Villain 1: bets 2,600 hero: calls 2,600 *** TURN *** [Kc 6c 4s] [2s] hero: checks Villain 1: checks *** RIVER *** [Kc 6c 4s] [2s] [9c] hero: ?
  18. Tough MTT spot and bet sizing help

    Hand 2: I like everything about this line and sizing. Good example of how sometimes in poker 2 people pick up monsters and just can't fold away their equity.
  19. Tough MTT spot and bet sizing help

    Hand 1: Well played and I take a very similar line with sizing. When you bet large on the turn however, you have to realize you fold out a lot of bluffs, if not all. What you are left with would be a combination of his overplayed hands like pair+flush draws and KJ/KT. When you get raised it's pretty gross and as FlopDeck nailed this, it's an exploitative sigh-fold. You have got to find the fold button as "they always have it here". With all of that said, your line to size up on the turn has merit against sticky players (read: calling stations), but actually gives merit to checking against more competent players to induce bluffs or get value out of 2nd best hands on rivers.
  20. Opinions please

    Well played. You got max value. Very loose play by villain and I have no doubt you'll get your money back with interest in no time. ;)
  21. Live Win

    congrats. any interesting hands? any epiphanies you had?
  22. 99 flop play, 3 way pot tough spot $5 MTT

    I understand the flat but don’t love it. We’re going to be check sigh folding quite often to a very high frequency large cbet. I like the small 3bet pre to iso and then cbet small most of our range. The stats you provided are pretty much meaningless given how small the sample size is.
  23. Maurice Hawkins lol

    The french dude crossed the line when he made it about his race. He should have just called him an asshole if he was being an asshole. Racist remarks are intolerable.
  24. Live tourney structure - how would you play it ???

    Hmm you have 2 forces working against each other here. The blind levels basically make this a turbo, but the fact that antes don’t kick in until much later suggests you should play tighter for a few hours. Given the fact that after 2 hours a starting stack is only 25 BB I would try to run up a stack early so you can put a lot of pressure on others late game when the antes kick in and totally screw everyone up.
  25. Good Spot to Semi Bluff?

    If he will over fold a lot of broadways and Ax type hands leading or check raising is fine. If he is sticky and never believes you leading as a semi bluff or check calling flop is better and go nuts when you make your hand. Don’t bluff stations and people that can’t ever locate their fold button. Keep it simple and take them to the cleaners when you have significant equity. Range advantage concepts are lost on stations like this, don’t feed into it.

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