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  1. just play the fish in a freeroll bout to start one now. I like the idea bout CHP . It opened in the markets good then dumped already which nothing to worry about. Ive put a lot into the ICO, and enjoying the CHP on Hitbtc exchange, and waiting for the trends to shoot to the Moon. Bitcoin is jumping back to it. I hope things work out for you and woud like to see more post on CHP and the site itself.
  2. Looking for a short term staker online . I just started My HOLDEM MANGER2 had the 30 day free trail and Poker Tracker4 and also used Poker Co-piolet for a while. Honestly I just getting serious agian im 34 and been playing online since I was 17 or 18 back on Stars and PartyPoker, Even cashed back then alot more offen. But shit has changed so much so fast , I moved from Dayton Ohio to LA hoping for a better life for my 3 children and also to sober up before I died. Ive lived a Herion addict from 05 -2015 and always played holdem and plo. Live and online Lets go on with it .
  3. i feel the same .... im done plyin over their
  4. Same here i was in a 22$ hyper tourny and lost conn. Im feed up with this shit and those guys . Im gonna be moving my roll to another site . Im in cali and dont witch site is best for my location. Please help a poker player out anyone
  5. Hello ACR Rep ive email and called many times. You guys just email me and stated that you wasnt gonna refund my buyins only totaling the amount of 45$ and thats Jackpot SNG 1 25 and 2 10$ buyins. Lost conn. during and not do to my conn. as you guys can see in the uploads i sent . Its stoped and i couldnt reconn.just said confiurgering. WHats the problem with your clients conn. Ive despoited almost 7,000 usd on ur site and cant even get 45 $ i got cheated out of and thats just what I know about. So from this day foward i wont be sending a penny and Ill be on every poker forum online to make sure every user that sees the threads thats thanking something is fishy with WPN. Look up my account and look for urself for the days i emailed about the issues and they match the days your conn problems. Smok5 Js and my BCP Smok3Js
  6. justinhero i know what saying about acr and moving to another site. I started use them about 9 months ago and loved the 3 man jackpot sng and the ranking sys. but lately they have had some problems with conn. i got cheated out of a 25 buyin and 2 10$ jackpot games with their conn. issues email a bunch of time over these isses even called a couple times and they just now sent me a email stating that they are not refunding me any of my buyins.Ive lived in cali 2 years now from ohio and wanna find a different site to play. Makes you thank about all the unbeleavable suck outs, and the 6k ive spent buying in between Blackchip and ACR.

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