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  1. What's up everyone? Here's a little background info about myself. I fell out of playing the game for about a year due to not wanting to play on ACR due to site security issues etc and lack of options being that I reside in PA. I decided to focus on my day career in that time frame. I played a little on Global but there wasn't enough action to warrant a consistent commitment. I've played part time for a living off and on for years, cash and tournaments. Present day I only focus on online tournaments as my day job requires me to be in Pittsburgh regularly with occasional travel. Since PStars has launched in PA in November I've played Sundays every 2-3 weeks getting my feet wet again. Starting a couple of weeks ago I began to play 2-3 nights a week in the evenings bigger guaranteed tournaments. Thus far I've played 36 tournaments, cashing in 9...with a 36th and 15th place finishes in the Sunday Special 100 and a 21st in the Nightly Stars 100, its a small sample size but wanted to give numbers on the short term results.(Really hope P5's tracks PStarsPA soon). I have 65K+ in earnings on Full Tilt, 57K+ with ACR(most of which was won in 2017-2018), and another 8k+ on PStars before they closed to the United States several years ago. I'm getting things rolling again and can afford to buy into most tournaments on PStarsPA on my own dime but sometimes I like to reach out to see about selling some short term action(or long term, I'm opened to anything.) On April 4th the PASCOOP begins and I was looking to sell some shares of my action in this series. It could be particular tournaments, a set of them, the whole series, whatever is agreed upon as I know certain investors like different options. I'm looking to be staked for the tournaments with buy-in ranges of $150 plus but am willing to extend that to other tournaments depending on what is agreed upon. As of now I am scheduled to be at UFC 249 on April 18th(day job), they usually bring us in for the entire week prior so the dates I'm looking for is April 4th-11th, and then April 19th evening(coming home that morning) and April 20th. If the event is cancelled I'd be looking for that particular week as well. Just wanted to give anybody interested the full situation before PMing. If anybody is interested in discussing this further please PM me. thank you and good skills at the tables, stay healthy too. thanks, Chris
  2. Looking for a possible stake today into some BOSS events on Americas Cardroom. Sorry for the late notice but I thought I was going to be working today. I am looking for the following, my bankroll is about that I'm comfortable risking 100 buy ins maximum so I'm looking to sell some action. 3:30 PM BOSS #1 150k GTD. $265 buy in....I'll cover $115, looking to sell $165 for a 60/40 split in favor of the backer. 6:00 PM BOSS #2 125k GTD $530 buy in.... I'll cover $130, looking to sell $400 for a 75/25 split in favor of the backer. 7:20 PM BOSS #3 150k GTD 6 max $320 buy in....I'll cover $120, looking to sell $220 for a 65/35 split in favor of the backer. ****I'm willing to adjust the splits if anybody is interested, I calculated these based upon how much each of us is risking but am willing to negotiate. I'm pretty new to online staking so I'm aware that my splits could be a little off from the standard.****** I'll be checking back on here frequently. Thank You and Good Skills at the tables
  3. limping is for the mediocre
  4. At the risk of being rude, either change your mindset or stop playing tournament poker. It's that simple. You won't profit a dime over the long haul with that strategy.
  5. IMO As played folding this river is very bad. The point of checking back the flop is to get value from his weaker hands and to pot control your medium strength hand, when you call the turn with no commitment to the river your basically just lighting your chips on fire. The only way I'm not c-betting this flop is if I've been recently very aggressive and am looking to change gears for image purposes. Your range is very wide, and both blinds ranges are very wide, against 2 players this needs to be defined on the flop. By checking the flop you give up all fold equity on future streets and obv the flop. Honestly I think you completely misplayed the flop and river. Against 1 player you can argue a check back for more balance, but against 2 I think a bet is pretty much mandatory. Folding the river is WAY too nitty after checking back the flop IMO. I think your overthinking the situation here when concerning the flop play.
  6. I don't think I like a flop c/c here without a plan for bluffing future streets. You only have Ace high 3 kicker and a backdoor flush draw to an UTG raisers range. As played def lead river but you will be called with any value at all. On turn I like a check, if player checks through you realize your equity for free, if player bets its player dependent. If they are aggressive its probably worth the check raise because of the fact that you may win the pot right then. If not you have a solid 12, possibly 15 outs if your Ace is live as well. The check raise also puts extreme pressure because of the bubble dynamics. If they're the more conservative type(especially since its the bubble), call and pray the poker gods are on your side.
  7. hand 1 is player dependent but I would lean towards a fold with no reads, unless villian is willing to shove A10 or AJ your up against a pair or AK, you raising from utg+1 is generally a tighter range, having said that if your opening often AQ could be a good call here, but you stated you just got to table so I'd lean towards a fold. hand 2 i think you shove 99 pre, with 19bb utg a shove is without a doubt +EV, just raising invites people to see a flop and its very likely over cards come. Also, I wouldn't suggest set mining with 20bb, I generally do not like to risk more than 10% of my stack when set mining. You also have to be aware of the villians stack size for set mining to make sure its worth your investment. Your just risking too much of your stack hoping for a possibility that's unlikely.
  8. If I have 20bb in the BB and the B raises then the sb reraises...I'm pretty happy. You were Just unlucky, however the flat pre is a HUGE mistake, def shove this pre with only 20bb, not one winning player would suggest folding QQ here. good luck bruh
  9. #1- I would cbet a little heavier against 2 players, especially since the bb is one of them... on the turn I think IP I would bet heavy say 70% pot to apply maximum pressure against the draws, if they check raise you can unfortunately fold, them checking the turn again a 2nd time OOP shows much more weakness than IP,if they call turn and check river, jam any brick rivers and check through any Ace,4,6,7,8,9. but OOP I would check and play pot control against 2 callers...if the river isn't a 4,6,7,8,9 or Ace I definitely check call river, if it is then its player dependent but lean more towards a fold. #2-I think your sizing is good, if anything maybe a little heavier, I always like to make my 3bet slightly heavier when OOP because people like to be sticky and flat when IP.
  10. if CO has 22-26bb like you suggest I think I like a call for the reason that the CO is raising the BB which is the chip leaders blind which makes their range slightly tighter. I think a raise against this stack size only gets action from hands in which your dominated or have overs once you get it in preflop and I think your too deep at 44bb to shove in case BB wakes up with a hand. Also a specific stack size for the CO would help, that is probably the most important piece of information in deciding what to do against CO's range.
  11. thank you, I'm going to take a look then make a post with the tournaments I'm looking to sell action in
  12. I'm open to discussion but I was figuring a package.
  13. What's up everyone? I'm semi new to the site and very new to posting, but I'm basically looking to see if there is any interest in a short term stake for the OSS on Americas Cardroom the week of March 6-11th.(The series begins March 5th but I will be returning from Vegas that day.) The schedule isn't even up yet so I don't have a set price or schedule obviously but I'm going to play every day the of the week in every event I can. I currently play about 3-4 days a week on ACR 6-8 tabling tournaments. I wanted to just basically get an idea if people would be interested ahead of time as the series is about 4 weeks away. Thank You
  14. Both myself and the villian have been fairly active. I'm on the cutoff with 77 and about 45bb, I raise 2.5x, I'm 3bet by the button who has roughly 35bb....whats the best line here? shove, fold, or call and see a flop??? thank you
  15. you confirmed my exact thoughts, I shoved and ran into KK, I usually don't 10's in here but for some reason I did and was trying to justify it because of the unique situation. That day I found myself playing very impatient for some reason, I took a few days off and am gonna be back it Sunday. See you all at the tables. !! THANKS
  16. I'm interested in everyone's thoughts on how to play this hand I recently had that is giving me some questions, thanks for any comments and advice So I'm sitting on about 60bb in the big blind late in a tournament, I'm in the top 20 in chips with about 135 people left. the cutoff open shoves for 11bb, the Button who has about 57bb min raises to 22bb, the sb then shoves for 12bb. I have wired 10's. Whats the play here? thanks, Chris

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